Photo Lineage

287f3-genealogyfunThis week’s #SaturdayNightGenealogyFun Challenge involves family photos.

How many generations do you have photographs or portraits of your ancestors and descendants? It can be any line…it just can’t be broken!

When thinking about this, I realized that I have several generations of photos on my Crawford line.

Nelson G. Crawford (1808-1864)



Washington Marion Crawford (1838-1889)



Judson Foster Crawford (1866-1949)



Leon Russel Crawford (1894-1976)



Eugene David Crawford (1927-2006)


David Crawford


Mathew Crawford



That’s seven generations of Crawford line photos.




Facebook Group Changes

Do you belong to a Facebook group? Perhaps you’ve seen a post (or two or more) about getting ‘removed’ from the group if you don’t participate? I started seeing these posts yesterday and was concerned, not only about all the genealogy groups I belong to, but also about the family groups I administer.

Since I was unsure what this meant as a group administrator, I did some research. The following articles helped me understand what is happening.

I then turned to Facebook to see if I could figure out how this is affecting the family groups I administer. The first thing I saw when I went to one of those groups was an announcement from Facebook, “Changes to Your Members List.”


Curious as to how this is working with one of my family groups, using my phone, I clicked on the number of members in the group. This took me to an ‘About’ screen with the members at the bottom of the screen.

At the bottom of the screen, there was a ‘SEE ALL’ prompt. When I clicked that, it took me to a full list of the members. One of the tabs across the top is for ‘INVITED’ members.


When I clicked on INVITED, I discovered four people on the list. According to the instructions, I should send them a message re-inviting them to the group. If they don’t accept the invitation, then they will eventually be removed from my list.

Since this is all new to me, I wondered how someone ‘accepts the invitation’. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure this out from my phone. However, it was obvious from my computer. When I clicked on GROUPS on the left side of my home screen, PENDING INVITES appeared at the top of my list of groups. This PENDING INVITE included the option to JOIN or to DECLINE.


For now, I think I have this change in FB groups figured out. Hopefully, FB will continue to allow ‘consumers’ of information from FB groups and not require every member to be a ‘producer’ of content (either thru posting or commenting).

James Crawford of Preble County

One of my brick walls is also one of my same name challenges. In her Jan. 16, 2019 podcast, Can You Identify Your Ancestor, Amy Johnson Crowe talks about finding information to make sure one is tracking the right person.

I’ve used most of her tips in my research, but I have one case where almost all of the details are the same.

James Crawford James Crawford
Birth 1770 1772
Residence 1820 Preble County OH Preble County OH
Marriage Year 1793 1799
Marriage Place Lincoln County KY Garrard County KY
Occupation Farmer Farmer
Wife’s name Martha Sally

The easiest way for me to distinguish these two men (and several other James Crawford) is by their wife’s name. Since the wife’s name often appears on a deed where land has been sold, I have used land records to help separate these two families.

In 1821, these two James Crawford both sold land to William Sellers. The two pieces of land were in the same section, township and range in Ohio.


Preble,Ohio. Deeds, 1819-1824. Preble County Recorder of Deeds, Eaton, OH. digital images. Family Search.

Preble County Ohio
Deed Book 5 page 85

James Crawford to Wm Sellers Deed Recorded 3 January 1822
This Indenture made the Eleventh day of December
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty one
Betewen James Crawford of the county of Preble and State of Ohio
of the one part and William Sellers of the county and state aforesaid
of the other part witnesseth that the said James Crawford for an
in consideration of the sum of eighty dollars lawful money of
the Untied States to him in hand well and truly paid by the said
William Sellers the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged has gran
-ted bargained sold conveyed and confirmed and by these presen
-ts doth grant bargain sell convey and confirm unto the said
William Sellers his heirs and assigns forever all and singu-
lar the following tract or parcel of land It being a part of the
South West quarter of section No. fourteen Township No.
Seven of Range two East in Preble County and Begin
-ning at the North west corner of said quarter and running thence
East five degrees north 147 poles to a stone on the side of the hill
thence South 20 degrees west 64 poles to a stone thence west four
degrees South 119 poles to a walnut thence north 5 degrees west
49 poles to the place of beginning containing forty acres
more or less And all the estate right title interest
claim and demand of the said James Crawford of in and to the
said premises hereby granted and every part thereof together with
all and singular the rights members previleges and appurtenances
to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining and the rents issue
and profits thereof to Have and to hold the premises afores
-aid hereby bargained and sold or ment or intended so to be with the
appurtenances to the only proper use and behoof of the said William
Sellers his heirs and assigns forever and the said James Crawford for
himself his heirs executors and administrators doth covenant grant
and agree to and with the said William Sellers his heirs executors
administrators and assigns that he was the true and lawful owner
of the premises hereby granted and had good right full power and
lawful authority to sell and convey the same in manner and form
aforesaid and further that the said James Crawford his heirs exec-
utors and administrators will warrant and forever defend
the aforesaid premises with their appurtenances and every part and par-
-cel thereof unto the said William Sellers his heirs and assigns against
all persons claiming or to claim by from or under them or any of them or
by from or under any other person or persons whomsoever.
In witness whereof the said James Crawford and Martha his wife
has here unto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and
year first above written.
James Crawford
Martha Crawford (her mark)
Sealed and delivered in the presence of us
Isaac Stephens
James Sumers


Preble,Ohio. Deeds, 1819-1824. Preble County Recorder of Deeds, Eaton, OH. digital images. Family Search.

Preble County Ohio
Deed Book 5, page 86

James Crawford Junr Deed to Wm Sellers recorded 3 Jan 1822
This indenture made the eleventh day of December
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twen
ty one between James Crawford Junr of the county of Preble of
the one part and William Sellers of said county of the other
part witnesseth that the said James Crawford for and in cons
sideration of the sum of three hundred dollars to the said
James Crawford in hand paid the receipt of which is here
by acknowledge has granted bargained aliened conveyed and con
firmed and by these presents do grant bargain sell alien con
vey and confirm unto the said William Sellers his heirs and assigns
forever all the following described lot tract or parcel of
land lying in the county of Preble and State of Ohio
being the East half of the NorthWest quarter of section
No 14 in township no seven of range two east
of the meridian line
To have and to hold the said granted and bargained premeses
with all the privileges and appurtenance to the same belonging or in
in any wise appertaining to the only proper use benefit and behoof
of the said William Sellers his heirs and assigns and the said James
Crawford for himself his heirs executors and administrators do hereby
covenant promise and grant to and with the said William Sellers his heirs and assigns that before the unsealing hereof he the said James
Crawford was the true sold and lawful owner of the above bargained
premeses and was lawfully seized and possessed of the same
in his own right as a good perfect and absolute estate of inheri
tance in fee simple and had in himself good right full
power and lawful authority to grant bargain sell convey and con
firm the said bargained premeses in the manner aforesaid
And that the said William Sellers his heirs and assigns
shall and may from time to time and at all times for
ever hereafter by force and virtue of these presents
lawfully peaceable and quietly have hold use occupy possess and enjoy
the said demised and bargained premeses with the appurtenances fee
and clear and freely and clearly acquitted exonorated and discharged
of and form all and all manner of former or other gifts grants
bargains sales or incumberances of what name or nature soever
that might in any measure or degree obstruct or make void
this present deed
Furthermore the said James Crawford for himself his heirs executors
and administrators doth covenant and engage the above demised
premises to him the said William Sellers his heirs and assigns against
the lawful claims of any person or persons whatsoever. Forever
hereafter to warrant secure and defend by these presents
In testimony whereof the said James Crawford and Sally his
wife have hereunto set their hands and seal the day and year first above written.

Sealed and delivered in the presence of us
Nathan D Sellers
Isaac Stephens

Signed by
James Crawford (Seal)
Sally (her mark) Crawford (seal)

The State of Ohio Preble County
Before me the undersigned a justice of the peace
in and for the said county came personally James Crawford and Sally
Crawford wife of the said James Craford the within named grantors she
being examined separate and apart from her said husband they acknoled
ged the within deed of conveyance to be their voluntary act and deed
for the uses and purposes therein mentioned.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and
seal this 11th day of December 1821
Isaac Stephens, J.P.

As I’m preparing my application for a brick wall consultation, I am also going back thru all of the data I’ve collected. It is my hope to find pieces of information that will help me locate more records on these two men and their families.

Indexing and DNA

Over the past year, I’ve blogged several times about issues regarding the indexing of my Ancestry tree. That is just one of several Ancestry issues discussed by Randy Seaver in his blog post, Dear Are You Fixing These Problems?

In addition to the problems mentioned in his blog post, I have been encountering an issue with my DNA matches that I believe is related to the tree indexing issues.

I have known cousins who have an Ancestry tree and appear on my DNA match list. When I look at their match in my list, I do not see a shaky leaf. When I view our match, it shows the tree for this cousin.


This cousin descends from Alexander Briles and Sarah Rush, thru their son Robert A Briles. I descend from Alexander Briles and Sarah Rush thru their son Noah Briles.


One might argue that our two trees must have a difference since Ancestry isn’t matching up our common ancestor. However, I manage my mother’s DNA test. When I look at the match for my mother, the trees are matched up.


I have reported this issue to Ancestry twice. The first time was with a different cousin and somehow now displays the comparison of our trees. The second time, I reported this match and it still isn’t displaying correctly. Since I have a large tree and a large number of DNA matches, I have no idea how many 4th or distant cousins aren’t showing up as having ‘hints’.

Note: I just tried searching for my tree and the expected 24 trees are back — but my tree is now missing from the results. I tried the following search on my account and on a free account.


This search results in 24 trees — all containing my great-grandfather, Judson Foster Crawford. Missing from the list is my Heartland Genealogy tree.


I have worked hard over the past year to accept Ancestry hints so my tree would be indexed. I currently  have 7,074 records attached to individuals in my Ancestry tree.


I use RootsMagic’s TreeShare to upload data from my database to Ancestry. I currently have 50,832 citations attached to individuals in my RootsMagic database. Those citations are copied to Ancestry and appear as ‘Other’ sources.


Thus, it looks like the indexing of the trees is broken again.

So, I join with Randy Seaver in asking When are you fixing these issues?

Research Logs

Do you have one task that ‘genealogy experts’ recommend that you just don’t seem to be able to tackle? For me, that tends to be a research log.

Even though I have a ‘research log’ from my early days of research, I haven’t been consistent with keeping that log — especially with Internet searching. And, I really could use a comprehensive research log now!

I have the opportunity to apply for a ‘brick wall’ consultation at the upcoming Topeka Genealogical Society conference in April. As part of that application, I need to submit a list of sources already checked. With forty years of research and a lot of same name issues, I could really use a complete research log!

For this application, I am going to submit James Crawford (1772-1854) of Preble County, Ohio as my brick wall ancestor. James married Sally Duggins in 1799 in Garrard County, Kentucky before migrating to Ohio by the early 1800s. The research question I would like assistance with is “Who is James Crawford’s father?

Seems simple enough, right. Unfortunately, there are a lot of same name issues with researching this ancestor.

  1. Next door neighbor in Preble County, Ohio was James Crawford (1770-1833) who married Martha Knight in 1793 in Lincoln County, KY. This James Crawford migrated from Preble County, OH to Warren County, IN where he died. Also migrating to Warren County, IN from Preble County, OH at about the same time was Nelson G. Crawford, the son of James and Sally (Smith Duggins) Crawford.
  2. There is a third James Crawford (1758-1836) living in Madison and Garrard counties in Kentucky prior to 1800. This James Crawford was married to Rebecca Anderson and migrated to Jennings County, IN and then to Jefferson County, IN.
  3. Garrard County KY histories refer to a Rev. James Crawford. There was a Rev. James Crawford (1752/3 – 1803) at Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church in Fayette County, KY. Rev. James Crawford was married to Rebecca McPheeters.
  4. DAR applications by descendants of James Crawford and Rebecca Anderson appear to have records mixed up with a James Crawford (1757-1836) who resided in Fleming County, KY. This James Crawford was married to Sarah Vansant.

So, I not only need to identify sources I’ve checked for James and Sally (Duggins) Crawford, but also sources I’ve checked for all of these other James Crawfords.

To start re-creating such a research log, I used RootsMagic to print an individual summary report, complete with bibliography for each of these James Crawfords. I then copied the bibliography entries into Notepad where I could remove the leading punctuation and clean up any other errors.


From Notepad, I copied the entries into Excel. Since there were blank lines between each bibliography entry, those blank lines copied over to Excel. To eliminate the blank lines, I sorted by the bibliography column. This pushed all of the blank lines to the bottom of the list.


Unfortunately, that only gets sources that I’ve cited in RootsMagic. I had drawers full of research that would need to be added to this list of sources used. Fortunately, I have scanned most of that research. Unfortunately, I named the scanned files with the Dollarhide code I used to file the paperwork.


Since the code was part of my citations in Master Genealogist, I can find the paperwork when working from a source in my program. However, these file names don’t tell me where I got the information in each of those files. When I open the file, it is usually a handwritten document (remember my research is up to 40 years old).


Unfortunately, I don’t have a full citation on these old notes. However, I usually have a fairly accurate title. When I started working my way thru my Ohio notes, I was just Googling the title. Part way thru, I realized that I could probably find the information faster using WorldCat.


In some cases, I didn’t have enough of the title to find it via WorldCat. In those situations, I used the FamilySearch catalog and searched for the place associated with the resource. Then I drilled down to the type of information (history, tax, deeds, probate, etc.).

familysearchbibSo far, I’ve been able to find the bibliographic information thru either WorldCat or FamilySearch. This bibliography information was added to my Excel spreadsheet along with the filing code.


In the process, I also took the opportunity to change the file name so that it included an abbreviated version of the title of the resource.


In some cases, these files were actual copies of records. In those cases, I changed the file name to indicate the type and source of the record.


Yesterday, I managed to make it thru the process of identifying and renaming my Ohio files for Crawford. However, I still need to do my Kentucky files and my Virginia files. Since I have done some FAN club research, I should also add the files for Duggins and Sellers along with the bibliographies for the females appearing on the early Kentucky tax lists: Rebecca Crawford and Mary Crawford.

Lesson learned:

Use better file names

Keep a research log!




Pauline E. Briles

Emporia Gazette
Wednesday, July 18, 1984
page 2 column 4-5

Film E1506

KS State Historical Society

Pauline E. Briles
Funeral services for Mrs. E. O.
Briles, who died Tuesday at her
apartment in Horizon Plaza, will
be held in the chapel of Roberts-
Blue-Barnett Funeral Home. Ser-
vices will be Friday at 10:30 A.M.
conducted by the Rev. William Im-
hoff of the Christian Church.
Burial will be in Memorial Lawn
Memorial contributions may be
made to the First Christian
Church, to which Mrs. Briles be-
longed, and may be sent in care of
the funeral home.
Pauline Edith Mentzer was born
March 28, 1896 at Yates Center,
the daughter of Charles O. and Net-
tie Wells Mentzer. She married
E. O. Briles on Oct. 29, 1915, at
Yates Center, and he died May 28,
1956. Mrs. Briles had lived in
Emporia since 1930.
She is survived by two daugh-
ters, Roberta Crawford, 2314 West
21st Ave., and Letha Doolittle of
San Bernadino, Calif.; a brother
Leslie Mentzer of Neosho Falls,
and 12 grandchildren and eight
Mrs. Briles was a member
of the Whittier Extension Home
Unite and the Birthday Club.
She was preceded in death by a
daughter, Barbara Thompson;
two sons, Walter Briles and Ken-
neth Briles; her parents and sever-
al brothers and sisters.

150 Years Ago

287f3-genealogyfunThis weeks ‘Saturday Night Genealogy Fun’ challenge is to determine which ancestors were living 150 years ago (Jan 1869).

In order to figure this out, I had to look at the data I had for each likely ancestor. Working from the pedigree view in Roots Magic, I clicked on each potential ancestor to open their data.


With that information on one side, I then worked with a spreadsheet on the opposite side and entered their information.


By using the spreadsheet, I was able to collect all of the information into one place. I tried to copy/paste the spreadsheet into my blog post but it reset the column widths making it difficult to read. So, I’ve resorted to screen shots of each generation.




4th great

By having this information in a spreadsheet, I was able to sort it by location.






The second part of the challenge asked whether I have a picture of their residence in 1869. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is mostly NO. However, I do have a picture of the Briles residence in Coffey County, Kansas.


This home was built on the original homestead. The land has been passed down thru the generations and is still owned by members of the BRILES family.

This was an interesting way to look at my data. Thank you Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings for this challenge!