Data Review – Preble County Ohio Marriages

Have you ever gone back thru some old research to discover that you’ve missed some details that might help break thru a brick wall?

Well, I decided to review my research of Polly Crawford and her family. Polly is the sister of my ancestor, Nelson G. Crawford. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of research for Polly and her family.

I decided to begin my review by looking at marriage records from Preble County, Ohio to see what I could learn about Polly and her children.

In looking thru my notes, I discovered that I had pulled records for Crawford, Duggins, and Sellers surnames from Ancestry’s database Marriage Records Vol. I 1808-1830 and Vol. II 1831-1840 for Preble County, Ohio.

In looking thru this data, I recognized names for children of several known residents of Preble County Ohio: James and Sally Crawford (my ancestor, James and Martha Crawford, Nathan Sellers, and William and Sarah (Crawford) Sellers.

However, there were several Crawford and Sellers names that I didn’t recognize. Thus, I decided to use the tree on FamilySearch to see whether I could figure out who all of these people are. To my surprise, I discovered some additional families whose children were married in early Preble County, Ohio.

  • Joseph Sellers / Rachel Summers – Joseph is a brother to Nathan Sellers and William Sellers (Joseph Sellers FamilySearch LBK3-VH6)
  • David Lloyd Daniel Crawford (FamilySearch L2QD-4RS)
  • William Crawford / Isabella McClure (FamilySearch L8WF-J2M)
  • Thomas L. Crawford (FamilySearch KZYF-WRL)

Even though I can connect Joseph Sellers and his family to other Sellers families in my data, I don’t know enough about these three Crawford families to place them in my vast pool of Crawford data.

Information on FamilySearch for David Lloyd Daniel Crawford and Thomas L. Crawford indicates that these two families had at least some tie to Maryland. FamilySearch has both of these men as sons of David Crawford II (1740-1812) and Lydia Loyd and grandson of David Crawford I (1710-1785) and Jane Douglas.

On the other hand, William Crawford has Virginia ties – BOTETOURT Virginia ties. FamilySearch shows William as the son of John Crawford (1720-1796) and Margaret Jane Brown.

At this point, I have nothing to tie these three Crawford families to the other Crawford families living in Preble County, Ohio prior to 1830: James Crawford and wife Sally Duggins and James Crawford and wife Martha Knight.

So now, I not only need to update my research of Polly Crawford Stoner and her children but I need to research these other Crawford families in early Preble County, Ohio.

Below is a listing of the various families. Bold text indicates that their marriage record was found in the Ancestry resource.

Nathan A. Sellers / Sarah Finley

  •   Mary Sellers md 1797 Benjamin Neal Bourbon KY
  •   Elizabeth Sellers md 1797 William Snodgrass Bourbon KY
  •   Flones Eleanor Sellers md 1807 Daniel McCoy Bourbon KY
  •   Jannet Jane Sellers md 1811 Henry Duggins Preble OH
  •   Sally Sarah Sellers md 1805 Bourbon KY
  •   Margaret Sellers md 1809 John Bell
  •   Nancy Sellers md 1810 John Hawkins
  •   Elsa Ann Sellers md 1810 Preble James Cox
  •   Nathaniel Finley Sellers md 1822 Mary Barnes Preble OH
  •   Rebecca Finley Sellers md 1818 Alexander McCracken Preble OH

William David Sellers / Sarah Crawford

  •   Nathan Douglas Sellers md 1818 Susanna Hawk Preble
  •         Anna M Sellers md 1840 George Morrow Preble
  •   Rebekah Crawford Sellers
  •   Nancy Sellers md 1817 John Scott Sellers Preble
  •   John Howard Sellers md 1825 Catharine Auter Preble
  •   Mary (Polly) Sellers md 1830 Jacob Swihart Preble
  •   Margaret Sellers md 1832 Harvey Wilson Preble
  •   Celia Amanda Sellers md 1837 William West Preble
  •   Jane Hunter Sellers

Joseph Sellers (FS LBK3-VH6) / Rachel Summers

  •   Mary Elizabeth Sellers md 1810 George Hardy ?Preble
  •   Mary Sellers
  •   Sally Sellers md 1818 Jacob Hawk Preble
  •   Nathan Sellers
  •   Robert A Sellers md 1819 Elizabeth Ward Preble
  •   John Scott Sellers md 1817 Nancy Sellers Preble
  •   Joseph Sellers Jr md 1821 Elizabeth Ward
  •   Jane Sellers md 1821 Ebenezer Bridge Preble
  •   Nancy Jane Sellers md 1820 Benjamin Goldsmith Preble
  •   David Sellers md 1838 Isabella Shields Preble
  •   Elizabeth Sellers
  •   Orpha B. Sellers md 1837 David Johnson Cass IN
  •   William B Sellers md 1831 Rebecca McLane Cass, IN

James Crawford / Martha Knight

  •   Elizabeth Crawford md 1816 Moses Lincoln
  •   Sarah Crawford md 1817 David Shankland Preble, OH
  •   Mary Polly Crawford md 1831 Oliver Swank Warren IN
  •   John Douglas Crawford md 1819 Mrs. Sarah Crawford 1819 Preble
  •   William Allen Crawford md 1827 Letitia Snodgrass Preble
  •   Rebecca Crawford md 1854 William Hatton Warren IN
  •   Nancy Crawford md 1832 Washington Pugh Warren IN
  •   James S. Crawford md 1835 Rachel Shelby Knox IN
  •   Harvey Harrison Crawford md 1834 Mary Pugh Warren IN
  •   Celinda Crawford md 1840 John French Warren IN

James Sellers / Mary Crawford

  •   John Crawford Sellers md 1821 Fannie Brown Garrard, KY
  •   Rebecca Sellers md John Finley Seller (son John Selelrs & Elizabeth Finley) Garrard, KY
  •   Nathan Sellers me 1824 Mary Yowell Lincoln KY
  •   Sarah Sellers md 1826 William Elder Garrard KY
  •   William Harvey Sellers md 1830 Mariah Williams Putnam, IN
  •   Harrison Perry Sellers md 1833 Margaret Vanlandingham Putnam, IN
  •   James Nelson Sellers md 1838 Matilda McCoy Missouri

James Crawford / Sally Duggins – my line

  •   Nelson Crawford md in Warren County, IN
  •   Polly Crawford md in Preble County, OH
  •   Henry Duggins md in Preble County, OH
  •   William A. Duggins md in Preble County, OH

David Lloyd Daniel Crawford (FamilySearch L2QD-4RS)

  •   Jacob Crawford md 1818 Mary Miller Preble OH
  •   Rachel Crawford md 1817 Thomas Cassady Preble OH
  •   Abigail Crawford md 1817 Valentine Phillips Preble OH
  •   Evan A Crawford md 1823 Mildred Roebuck Preble OH
  •   Elizabeth Betty Crawford md 1825 Robert Webb Rush IN
  •   Lydia Crawford md 1826 James McManus (no place given)
  •   David Henry Crawford md 1834 Nellie Eleanor Roberts Clinton OH — NOT SURE HE BELONGS IN THIS FAMILY
  •   Sarah Crawford md 1831 Samuel Stallard Rush IN
  •   David Aperman Crawford md 1835 Margaret Cassady Rush, IN

William Crawford (FamilySearch L8WF-J2M)/ Isabella McClure

  •   Elizabeth Crawford md 1809 Jacob Lybrook Preble, OH
  •   Mary Crawford md 1811 Samuel Hanna no place given
  •   Eleanor Crawford md 1813 James Hanna Franklin, IN
  •   Phoebe Crawford md 1819 William Hanna Franklin, IN
  •   Anna Crawford md 1819 Jacob Miller Franklin, IN
  •   Sarah Crawford md 1821 John Hanna Franklin, IN
  •   Martha Crawford
  •   Maria Crawford md 1824 John Shultz IN
  •   Isaac Crawford md 1829 Mary Ann Shroyer Union, IN
  •   Martha Crawford md 1825 Samuel Eikenbary Franklin, IN
  •   Rebecca Crawford md 1827 Thomas Wolverton, Union, IN
  •   Isabella Crawford md 1832 Jeremiah Bake Union, IN

Thomas L. Crawford (FS KZYF-WRL) md Mary “Polly” Carney

  •   John Crawford – possibly John Crawford who married Polly Hawk in 1817
  •   Mary Crawford md 1822 Joseph Olmstead Preble, OH
  •   Susanah Crawford md ~1820 George Loy OH
  •   Samuel Crawford md 1823 Elizabeth Loy Preble, OH
  •   Evan Crawford
  •   Sarah Crawford
  •   Thomas Crawford md ? Delilah Teford

Below is the data I abstracted from the Ancestry record for Preble County Ohio marriages. I have added probably family ties based on my the family structures found on FamilySearch. Preble County, Ohio Marriage Records Vol. I 1808-1830 and Vol. II 1831-1840 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2006.Original data: Short, Anita. Preble County, Ohio Marriage Records, 1808-1840 2 vols. in 1. Baltimore, MD, USA: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1994.

Image 19 0f 161 — Image saved to Crawford\Ohio folder OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-VolOne-image19-Crawford
Crawford, Evan A. to Allillia Roebuck 11-13-1823 by George Chideler, M G. page 119 [FS Evan Crawford LZ69-FZC Evan is son of David Lloyd Daniel Crawford]

Crawford, Jacob to Polly Miller 2-12-1818 by Richard Shourt, J. P. page 72 [FS Jacob Crawford LK7S-QH6 Jacob is son of David Lloyd Daniel Crawford]

Crawford, John to Polly Hawk 11-13-1817 by John Hardy, M. G. page 60 [FS John Crawford KCHX-RHV]

Crawford Samuel to Elizabeth (no last name given) 4-6-1823 by Peter Banta, J. P. page 118 [FS Samuel Crawford LTSL-DXY], Samuel is son of Thomas L. Crawford and Mary Carney]

Crawford William, A [FS 2SHS-ZG6] to Luticia Snodgrass 3-15-1827 by Robert Rhea, J.P. page 157 [William son of James and Martha]

Image 35 saved as OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol1-Im35-Crawford
Huet, Philip to Hannah Crawford 11-4-1813 by Martin Ruple page 34 [FS Philip Huet KZDJ-6Q2]

Image 40 saved as OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol1-Im40-Crawford
Lincoln, Moses J to Elizabeth Crawford [FS 4JKG-G67] 9-19-1816 by R. Dooly page 54 (Elizabeth Crawford is the daughter James and Martha)

image 50 saved as OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol1-IM50-Crawford
Olmsted, Joseph to Polly Crawford 3-21-1822 by Isaac Stephens, J. P. page 108 [FS Joseph Olmsted LK7D-2ZR Mary is daughter of Thomas L. Crawford and Mary Carney]

Image 52 saved as OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol1-Im52-Crawford
Philips, Valentine to Abigale Crawford 11-6-1817 by John Quinn, J. P. page 63 [FS Valentine Philips LK7S-CZP Abigail is daughter of David Lloyd Daniel Crawford]

Image 59 saved as OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol1-Im59-Crawford
Shanklin, David to Sally Crawford [FS K2CT-K2Z] 9-27-1817 by John Hardy, M. G. page 66 (Sally Crawford is the daughter James and Martha)

image 23 saved as OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol1-Im23-Duggins

Duggin, Willian to Sally Neal 4-29-1819 by John Hardy, M. G. page 89 [William Duggin is step-son of James Crawford, son of Sarah Smith Duggins Crawford]

Dugin, Henry to Jannet Sellers 5-16-1811 by John Hardy page 19 [Henry Dugin is step-son of James Crawford, son of Sarah Smith Duggins Crawford] [Jannet Sellers is daughter of Nathan A. Sellers and Sarah Finley]

image 13 OH-PReble-Marriage-Records-Vol1-Im13-Sellers

Bridge Ebenezer to Jane Sellers 4-5-1821 by Isaac Stephens, J.P. page 103 [Jane Sellers (FS K2MJ-ZXM) is daughter of Joseph Sellers and Rachel Summers]

image 19 (saved with Crawford surname)
Cox, James to Elsa Sellers 1-2-181- by James Crawford, J. P. page 8 [Elsa Sellers is daughter of Nathan A. Sellers and Sarah Finley]

image 28 saved as Oh-Preble-Marriage-Records-vol1-im28-Sellers

Goldsmith, Benjamin to Nancy Sellers 3-16-1820 by James Crawford, J. P. page 94 [Nancy Sellers (FS LHRG-WGJ) is daughter of Joseph Sellers and Rachel Summers]

image 30 OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol1-Im30-Sellers

Hardy, George to Polly Sellers 1-16-1810 by Samuel Westerfield page 8 [Polly Sellers is Mary Elizabeth Sellers (FS MVRB-7LX) daughter of Joseph and Rachel Sellers]

Image 32 saved as OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol1-IM32-Sellers

Hawk, Jacob to Sally Sellers 9-1-1818 by James Crawford, J. P. page 77 [Sally Sellers (FS LWBM-2JD) is daughter of Joseph Sellers and Rachel Summers]

Hawkins, John to Nancy Sellers 7-9-1810 – lisc [Nancy Sellers (FS LKT4-GHD) is daughter of Nathan Sellers and Sarah Finley]

image 35 OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol1-Im35-Sellers
Huffman, Simeon to Nancy Sellers 12-14-1828 by Thomas Winters, M. G. page 173

Image 42 saved as OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol1-Im42-Sellers
McCracken, Alexander to Rebecka Sellers 4-16-1818 by John Hardy, J. P. page 72 [Rebecka Sellers is dauther of Nathan A. Sellers and Sarah Finley]

Image 58 OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol1-Im58-Sellers
Sellars, Nathan D to Susanah Hawk 9-22-1818 by James Crawford, J. P. pag e78 [Nathan D Sellers (FS LWBM-R9L) is son of William David Sellers and Sarah Crawford]

Sellers, Ephrain to Katharine Boffworth 1-9-1817 by William Williams, M.G. pge 56 [Ephraim Sellers may be Ephraim Zellers (FS LCPK-6WC)]

Sellers, John to Nancy Sellers 12-11-1817 by John Hardy, M.G. page 69 [John Sellers (FS 27FC-TWH) is son of Joseph Sellers and Rachel Summers] [Nancy Sellers is daughter of William David Sellers and Sarah Crawford]

Sellers John H to Catherine I Auter 3-8=1825 by Robert Rhea, J. P. page 136 [John Sellers (FS L4TB-PGX) is son of William David Sellers and Sarah Crawford]

Sellers, Joesph to Elizabeth Sellers 7-27-1821 by James Crawford, J. P. page 108 [Joseph Sellers (FS L8Q1-LV3) is son of Joseph Sellers and Rachel Summers; Elizabeth Sellers is widow of Robert Sellers]
Sellers, Nathan F to Mary Barnes 11-5-1822 by Isaac Stephens, J. P. page 106 [Nathan F. Sellers is son of Nathan A. Sellers and Sarah Finley]

Sellers, Robert to Elizabeth Ward 5-13-1819 by James Crawford, J. P. page 90 [Robert Sellers (FS L8Q1-LVL) is son of Joseph Sellers and Rachel Summers]

Image 63 – page 57
Swihart, Jacob to Mary Selelrs 6-24-1830 by David Bridge, J.P. page 201

image 132 OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol2-Im132-Selelrs
Sellers, David to Isabella Shields 1-23-1838 by Henry Kumler, M. G. pge 360 [David Sellers (FS L8QR-KPZ) is son of Joseph Sellers and Rachel Summers]

image 142 saved as OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol2-Im142-Sellers
West, William H. to Celia Amanda Sellers 8-3-1837 by I. Stephens, J. P. page 334 [Celia Amanda Sellers (FS L4TB-5DY) is daughter of William David Sellers and Sarah Crawford]

image 144 saved as OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol2-IM144-Sellers
Wilson, Harry H. to Margaret Sellers 2-2-1832 by David Bridge, J. P. page 234 [Margaret Sellers (L4TB-5Q4) is daughter of William David Sellers and Sarah Crawford]

image 145 saved as Oh-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol2-im145-Sellers
Zeller, Isaac (FS KH4V-2GF) to Levinia Enochs 3-1-1838 by Henry Kesling, J. P. page 347

Zellers, David A to Susan E Sellers (FS KHH7-KNG) 11-17-1840 by George Bonebreak, Eld. page 384

image 122 saved as Oh-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol2-Im122-Sellers
Morrow, George [FS LCXK-QR5] to Anna M. Sellers 11-5-1840 by John M. Gray, J. P. (no page # 390-391) [Anna M. Sellers is Fannie Marie Sellers (FS LK5P-Q3C), daughter of Nathan Douglas Sellers and Susanna Hawk]

Image 61 OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol1-Im61-Crawford
Stoner, John to Polly Crawford 1-18-1821 by R. Dooley, M.G. page 109 [Polly Crawford is daughter of James and Sally Crawford]

Image 41 OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol1-Im41-Crawford
Lybrook, Jacob to Elizabeth Crawford 8-17-1809 by Train Caldwell page 6 [FS Jacob Lybrook KD71-FPZ Elizabeth is daughter of William Crawford and Isabella McClure]

image 17 OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol1-Im17-Crawford
Casada, Thomas to Rachel Crawford 12-23-1817 – lisc [FS Thomas Cassady Jr LK7S-Q13 Rachel is daughter of David Lloyd Daniel Crawford]

Bride’s Index image 74 – OH-PReble-Marriage-Records-Im74-BridesIndex
Bride’s Index image 75 – OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Im75-BridesIndex

Image 11 OH-Preble-Marriage-Records-Vol1-Im11-Crawford
Black, Jacob to Sally Crawford 1-1-1829 by N. Benjamin, J.P. page 174 [FS for Jacob Black LZXB-W85]

Crawford – Duggins Marriage Bond

Garrard County, Kentucky, Courthouse, Bond for marriage of James Crawford and Sally Duggins, #101, James Crawford, 12 September 1799; County Clerk, Garrard County, Kentucky, Lancaster, KY.

This is to certyfy that I am willing
to join in marriage with James Crawford
given under my hand this day duly [signed]

Know all men by these presents that
we James Crawford and James Sellers are
heto and firmly bound unto James Garrard
Esq. Governor of Kentucky in the just and
full sum of Fifty pound currant money
to which payment will and truly to be
made we bind our selves our heirs & jointly
and severally firmly by these presents [sealed] and
dated this 12 day of Sept. 1799

The condition of the above obligation
is such that whereas there is a marriage shortly
into to be solemnized between the above bound
James Crawford and Sally Duggins for

which a license has issued now if there
be no lawful cause to obstruct the sd
marriage then the above obligation so
be void Else to remain in full force and

James Crawford (seal)
James Sellers (seal)

Crawford yDNA

My brother’s BigY test recently verified what I and others have believed for a long time: that my James Crawford is somehow related to the James Crawford (1758-1836) of Garrard County, KY that was married to Rebecca Anderson. These results also indicates a relationship to Edward Crawford (1762-1826) of Overton, TN.

One of my yDNA 67 matches is a descendant of William Nelson Crawford (1829-1907). I am also an autosomal DNA match with descendants of William Nelson Crawford. This descendant also shares autosomal DNA with a descendant of James Crawford (1770-1833) who married Martha Knight and with a descendant of William Crawford (1748-1809). James Crawford (1770-1833) and William Crawford (1748-1809) were both in the Garrard County, KY area at the same time as my ancestor.

A descendant of Alexander Crawford (1715-1764) is grouped in the R1b group on the Crawford project.

The researcher who is a descendant of William Crawford (1748-1809) believes that his William Crawford is a 1st cousin once removed from Alexander Crawford.

The above photo is an attempt to show how this researcher believes these various lines might be related. Note that my James Crawford line is not connected. Nor is the Edward Crawford line.

Source Mystery

Do you like to dig into old deeds and court records to figure out family ties? If so, has the closure of libraries and Family History Centers impacted your ability to access those records? My answer to both questions is YES. Of course, I could be using Ancestry databases to research other branches of my tree, but the pull to research my Crawford line is very strong — and that means accessing Virginia records.

Even if the Family History Centers were open, I’m under a county ‘Stay at Home’ order. Thus, I’m digging thru my files from previous Virginia research to see if I can make pull any new information from that research.

Out of curiosity, I searched my Crawford files to see if I had any records mentioning Overton, Tennessee. (One of my brother’s BigY matches is to a Crawford family from Overton County, Tennessee.) Since I’ve never done any Tennessee research, I didn’t expect to find much. Thus, I was surprised when I found a document titled: Crawford Families of Virginia and Overton County Tennessee.

What I have is a scanned image of a photocopy.

Based on the third page of the scanned image, this document was found by my mother and came from

Johnson, Frank W. A History of Texas and Texans  Vol. V. Chicago: The American Historical Society, 1914.

scanned image of this book is on the Internet. The book is also available on Ancestry. However, I have not found anything in the book that matches the photocopy. Unfortunately, I’ve found that the research my parents helped me with is not always well sourced. This must be one of those ‘unfortunate’ times.

Not only does this document connect a Crawford family in Botetourt County, Virginia to a Crawford family in Overton County, Tennessee, but it identifies three generations of this family and cites a will and deeds to support the family.

Crawford Families of Virginia and Overton County Tennessee
by George and Lydia Fetzer, 1624 Rio Vista, Dallas, Texas 75208
The Crawford Family is of Scottish ancestry. They were among the earliest settlers of Augusta County, Virginia. The Crawfords first arrived in Pennsylvania and came from Pennsylvania to Orange County and Augusta County, Virginia about 1740. Two brothers, said to be sons of Colonel William Crawford and Mary Douglas who were married in Scotland and migrated to the north of Ireland were: Alexander Crawford and Patrick Crawford.
Patrick Crawford (1) died in 1787; married Sally Wilson. He came to Orange County, Virginia and proved his importation on July 24, 1749, bringing with him Ann, James, George, Margaret and Mary Crawford (Order Book II, page 211, Orange County, VA). His will was dated December 4, 1786 and recorded December 18, 1787 in Will Book VII, page 31, Augusta County, VA. It mentions sons, George, John, James and William (twins); daughters Martha and Mary; grandson George McChensey; and other children have received their part.” Executors: sons, George and John
—— Early Western Augusta Pioneers, by Geo. W. Cleek, Staunton, VA 1957 (DPL)
John Crawford, the Elder (2) born about 1726 (estimated by GIF) Probably born in Ireland. Children: John Crawford, Sr. (3) and William Crawford, Sr. (3)  and others.
John Crawford, Sr. (3) William Crawford, Sr. (3)
 ba 1748 Est d 1796   ba 1750 Est d after 1813
Wife: Margaret Wife Margaret (Dean?)
   James (4) ba 1770    William Crawford, Jr. (4) b1787 d 1860
   Samuel (4) ba 1772    Joseph Crawford (4)
   John, Jr (4) ba 1774
   Andrew (4) ba 1776
   William (4) ba 1778
   Margaret (4) ba 1780-?
Last Will of John Crawford, Sr. (3) of Botetourt County VA
John Crawford of Botetourt County VA, being weak in body, made a will 9-24-1796. His wife, Margaret, was to live on his plantation until it was sold. If land was sold, then she shall live with one of my three youngest sons, John, Andrew or William; She shall chose which; the other two to share her expense. 
My father, John Crawford, dec’d (2 – the elder) did will that the land I and my brother William Crawford now lives on shall be equally divided between me and my brother William. John Crawford Sr. authorized his son James to divide the land equally and to make a deed to my brother William for his half of said land.
John Crawford left personal properties to each of the six children named above. To daughter Margaret he left a mare, a saddle, some cows and her bedroom furniture. 
Further: my daughter Margaret shall be maintained by John, Andrew and William until she marries.
My negro woman, Kate, to my wife. My rifle gun to James. My family bible to John. 
My youngest sons, John, Andrew and William to live on my plantation until William is 21 years of age; then, all my land to be divided between John, Andrew and William, who are to pay James fifteen pounds current money as soon as they can procure it on the land.
Executors: James and John. Will proved December court 1796. signed by mark
James Crawford carried out the wishes of John Crawford, the elder, (his grandfather) and the wishes of John Crawford, Sr. (his father). On June 11, 1797, James deed to William Crawford, Sr. (the brother of John (3)) 95 acres of land, which was one-half of 190 acres. This tract had been purchased by John the elder from John Craig on the north side of Craig’s Creek. Deed Book 6, page 313

The remaining 95 acres out of the 190 acre tract became the property of John, Andrew and William, under the terms of the will of John Crawford, Sr. who died 1796.
John Crawford (4) on April 9, 1799 sold to Thomas Allen his land on the north side of Craig’s Creek, which land was devised to him by the last will of his father, John Crawford, Dec’d. DB6-730. Proved September Court 1799. Deed signed by mark.
Andrew Crawford (4) on April 9, 1799 sold to Thomas Allen one-third part of land owned by Andrew by virtue of last will of John Crawford, dec’d, being 93 acres of an old grant formerly occupied by John Crawford, dec’d adjoining the land of William Crawford. Signed by Andrew. Proved April Court 1799. DB6-662
William Crawford (4) apparently signed a deed to his interest in the land, but the deed can not be found of record. Perhaps he was under 21 years of age, and the court would not approve the deed for recording. The following deed will clear this point four our purpose: Thomas Allen and wife, Polly, On Oct 20, 1807, sold to Malcom Allen a tract of land which was conveyed to Thomas Allen from Andrew and William Crawford, heirs of John Crawford, dec’d on the north bank of Craig’s Creek, adjoining the land of William Crawford. DB? page 384.
Margaret Crawford (4) is to be maintained by her brothers John, Andrew and William, under the terms of the will of her father, until she marries. She has the right to choose which brother she will live with, and the other two are to share in her expense. Her name is not among the names on the marriage records of Botetourt County. We have no further record of her until Census 1820 of Overton County, TN. On this date, we are almost certain that she is the Peggy Fetzer who is listed next to William Crawford on the census report. Margaret was a first cousin of William K. Crawford (4), son of Williams Crawford, SR. (3). These two families lived side by side nearly all of their lives. Proof of her relationship with William K. Crawford of Overton County TN follows:
William Crawford, Sr. (3) and his wife Margaret on June 2, 1813 in consideration of $1.00 and love and affection deeded to their sons William Crawford, Jr. and Joseph Crawford a tract of land on the south side of Craig’s Creek, a branch of the James River, containing 44 acres of land. This land had been granted to William Crawford, Sr. by patent August 3, 1771. Note that this land is on the south side of Craig’s Creek, while all land previously discussed was on the north side of the creek. Deed Book 11, page 165.
William K. Crawford (4) of Overton County TN for $250. sold to his brother, Joseph Crawford his one-half interest in 44 acres which had been given to them by their father, William Crawford in 1813. Deed Book 16, page 262. Deed signed by Wm K. Crawford in Overton County TN on 11/16/1824
William K. Crawford (4) and Elizabeth his wife, both of Overton County TN signed another deed conveying 44 acres on the south side of Craig’s Creek to Joseph Crawford. Deed dated October 4, 1841. Deed Book 25, page 335.

I would love to connect with anyone researching this John Crawford (the elder) family or anyone that can help identify the actual source of this information.

Crawford Marriages

Have you ever felt the need to go back thru your genealogy research hoping that some new insight can be obtained from those notes and records located years ago? That’s where I’m at with my Crawford research. I started with some marriage records from Augusta County, Virginia.

Vogt John & T. William Kethley, Augusta County Marriages, 1748-1850 (N.p.: Iberian Publishing Company, 1986).

While reviewing these records, I found that I already had most of these Crawfords in my database. However, I often was missing their spouse and/or documentation of their marriage.

In the process of re-looking at these records, I also took the time to find them on FamilySearch so I could see what other researchers might have on these families.

Below are my notes for Crawford males and females married in Augusta County prior to 1801.

Augusta County Marriages 1748-1850


by John Vogt & T. William Kethley
Iberian Publishing Company, np, 1986

Only transcribing marriages prior to 1801

page 66 – Men’s Names

Alexander Crawford [FS LZN5-951 – grandson of Alexander & Mary(McPHeeters) Crawford] & Rachel Lessley [Leslie FS 2W3B-9BV] – 20 Feb 1793 consent William Bell

Andrew [FS 9jHH-3KJ] & Rachel Hunter [FS MYMQ-2MC] – 22 Aug 1799 d William who consents & Mary Hunter who consent test – William Crawford Andrew of age b – William Benson

George [FS KLBL-VM2 – son of Patrick Crawford] & Nancy Winters [FS LZLH-G9W] – 22 Jun 1789; b – Robert Gamble Min – Benjamin erwin – 23 Jun 1789

James & ?? 30 Oct 1762; license only

James & Mary Crawford  27 Dec 1786; b – George Crawford wit – _____ Urquhart min – Archibald Scott – 18 Mar 1786 min- Archibald Scott – 31 Jan 1797

John (FS LHNZ-MB7) & Rebecca Allen (FS M1QM-1MW) 5 Jul 1791; d James, who consents wit – David Hanna & Daniel Early b – James Allen min – John McCune 5 Jul 1791

John (FS KZYZ-8X8)& Sally Newman (FS LC7L-3JW) 11 Fe b1797; widower Sally (of age) d Leavy b – Joshua Parry min – Archibald Scott – 24 Feb 1797

Robert(FS LHXT-KP8) & Anne Allen (FS K67S-K3J) 9 Jan 1787; b – Andrew Anderson certificate by William Craig min – William Wilson – 10 Jan 1788

Samuel (FS LKR7-VMY) & Elizabeth Craig (FS G79H-T62) 9 Oct 1790 ; d Margaret, who consents wit – Alexander & James Craig b – William Crawford min – archibald Scott – 12 Oct 1790

William (FS G9VM-S44) & Martha Cooper (FS KH5R-B3X) 16 Jun 1786; min – Samuel Shannon – 16 Jun 1786

page 263 – Women’s Names


Ann (FS LY4M-KRK) & William Robertson (FS 27S1-FBK) 2 Jun 1788; b – John Crawford min – William WIlson – 3 Jun 1788

Florence (FS LH5N-4DC) & Christian Surface (FS LZNG-P51) 17 Jul 1799; “Sirfes?’ both of oage b- Martin Surface, bro of Christian

Isabella (FS LHD8-6JW) & James Ritchey (FS LHD8-6TT) 16 Fe b1798; d James Crawford, dec. con – Hugh Fulton test – Robert Fulton James Ritchey from Rockbridge b – John Fulton min – Archibald Scott 22 Feb 1798

Margaret (FS KCRZ-JDT) & Daniel Fall (FS LYHW-VD6)30 Aug 1797; d John who consents test – John Rees b – James Brown min – William Wilson – 31 Aug 1797

page 264

Martha (FS LZZ1-66K) & Andrew Anderson (FS l41L-V37) 12 Mar 1788; b – John Miller min William Wilson – 13 Mar 1788

Martha (FS LCZF-9NC) & Robert Poage (FS LCZF-936) 16 Sep 1791; d James who consents b- Robert Crawford & John Robertson b – William Crawford min – William Wilson – 15 sept 1791

Martha (FS KGMT-W76) & Andrew Stull (FS KVLK-9VL)  7 May 1798; Minister’s return spells name as ‘Andrew Steele’ d William b – William Crawford min – William Wilson – 9 May 1798

Mary (FS MYM7-8DX) & William Bell (FS MYM7-8D9) 1 Mar 1796; Mary (of age) d James Crawford, dec. b – Alexander St Clair Approbation of Jane Crawford min – William Wilson – 3 Mar 1796 –

Nancy (FS LCZH-DXP) & James Tallman (FS LCPB-226) 4 Dec 1790; Bond lists James’s name s Tolman d William b – John Armstrong s Benjamin, who consents wit – William Tallman & THomas Hunter min – Archibald Scott – 10 Dec 1790

Polly (FS KL6W-NRL) & John Armstrong (FS KLYG-VFZ) 4 Dec 1790; d William B – James Tallman min – Archibald Scott 10 Dec 1790

Rachel & William Bell 17 Sep 1799; widower & widow (of Charles) b Alexander Crawford

Rachel [Barclay? FS LHZ6-DL2 widow of John Crawford [FS LCMX-T8Y] & John Poage [FS LBKT-RF5]26 Nov 1792; b – THomas Wilson  min – William Wilson – 27 Nov 1792

Sarah [FS GSMP-GLR] & Theobald John Campbell [FS MYMH-CVN] 7 Aug 1792; Minister’s return spells name as ‘Polly’ b – John Campbell Sr mini William Wilson 9 Aug 1792

Violet (FS LHGZ-WMK) & David Gwinn (FS LHJ6-RHM) 11 Nov 1790; Minister’s return spells name as ‘Grim or Ginn’ d William who consents b – J Lyle Jr min – John Montgomery 11 Nov 1790

I am thankful that I reviewed this lists of marriages and took the time to figure out how each of these couples connected to the various Crawford lines in Augusta County, Virginia. Now to see if I have something else hidden in my files to help me piece together these families.

Hey Crawford Researchers – Let’s Get This Right!

Anyone who has been doing genealogical research will eventually run into ‘same name’ issues, where two people of the same name are found in the same vicinity or same records. With my Crawford research, my same name struggle has been with my ancestor, James Crawford (1772-1854).

James is a common given name in Crawford research and my James seems to be surrounded by other James Crawfords during his adult life. Even though most of the time, I’ve been able to separate out the various families, I haven’t been able to find siblings or parents for my James Crawford.

However, I have encountered a lot of what I’m going to call ‘latchkey’ trees. With pre-1800 Crawford research in Virginia and surrounding areas, it is fairly easy to find published family histories for various Crawford lines. This would include David Crawford, Col. William Crawford and brothers, Alexander and Patrick Crawford. Since given names like James, John and Mary are found in many Crawford families, it is tempting to take a proven ancestor named James, John or Mary Crawford and ‘latch’ onto one of these families to identify parents of our ancestor.

With my Crawford research centered in Kentucky and Virginia, I encounter a lot of trees for these early Kentucky Crawford families connecting to Alexander Crawford and his wife Mary McPheeters or to Alexander’s brother Patrick. Some of these trees match the information in the well documented book, Descendants of Alexander and Mary McPheeters Crawford by Amanda Forbes. Unfortunately, many trees lead back to Alexander and Mary McPheeters Crawford when the documents for the child in the tree contradicts known documentation for the family of Alexander Crawford.

Unfortunately, these ‘latchkey’ trees create problems for everyone researching their Crawford line.

  • They lead other Crawford researchers down an incorrect path
  • They complicate the interpretation of DNA results

With autosomal DNA and features like ThruLines, an incorrect ancestor in my tree can lead all of my DNA matches down a wrong path.
Not only is this an issue with autosomal DNA but with yDNA research. In the Crawford DNA project, there were several tests with Alexander Crawford identified as the paternal ancestor. One of those is a fairly close match to my brother’s yDNA indicating that our lines might connect at some time in the past. However, there were other tests identifying Alexander Crawford as the paternal ancestor that are not related to my Crawford line. Based on information from an administrator of the Crawford project, these yDNA tests were significantly different and could not all have descended from Alexander Crawford. 
So, I’m asking for all Crawford researchers to help get this right. Let’s work together to document our Crawford lineage to make sure our trees are well documented — including parent-child links. Let’s

  • Search out wills, probate records and court records that identify family connections
  • Search out deeds that not only document residency but can also show movement from place to place or identify family members
  • Utilize collaborative trees such as FamilySearch or WikiTree to connect with other researchers 
  • Share our findings and the supporting documents on these collaborative trees or in public trees on genealogy sites

Please join me with this effort — and if your Crawford research takes you to Garrard, Madison or Lincoln counties in Kentucky prior to 1800, please contact me — I might be able to help you.

yDNA – Big News

In your genealogy research, have you ever suspected a relationship but never could find evidence to support your suspicions?

Well that’s been the case with my James Crawford research and I now have yDNA evidence to support that suspicion!

My brothers yDNA has been placed in the R-Y88686 haplogroup. My first match was to descendants of Edward Crawford of Tennessee. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to verify that our two lines resided in the same area at the same time let alone discover a family connection.

With today’s notice of a new Big Y match, I now have a match with a familiar line. The new match is a descendant of James and Rebecca (Anderson) Crawford.

The James and Rebecca Crawford family is one of several Crawford families in the Garrard County area of Kentucky prior to 1800 that I’ve been researching. Although I have been able to piece together a lot of information on these various Crawford families, I’ve never been able to find anything connecting my James Crawford who married Sally Duggins in 1799 in Garrard County, KY to any of these other families.

These DNA results not only support my suspicions but give me incentive to continue researching these various Crawford families in hopes of someday figuring out how my Crawford line connects.

These families include:

  • My line: James and Sally (Smith Duggins) Crawford who migrated from Kentucky to Preble County, Ohio. Their son, Nelson Crawford, migrated from Ohio to Warren County, Indiana around 1830. Most of Nelson Crawford’s children, including my ancestor, Washington Marion Crawford, migrated from Indiana to Dodge City, Kansas.
  • James Crawford and Martha Knight – James and Martha were married in 1791 in Lincoln County, KY. They owned land in Barren County, KY before migrating to Preble County, Ohio. Around 1830, James and Martha and their children migrated to Warren County, Indiana. Their grandson, Harvey Harrison Crawford, migrated to Ford County, Kansas and eventually settled in Dodge City, Kansas.
  • James Crawford and Rebecca Anderson were married in 1779 in Montgomery County, Virginia. James purchased land from Thomas Kennedy along Paint Lick Creek in what was Lincoln County, Kentucky at the time. By 1811, James and Rebecca along with most of their children and families had migrated to Jefferson County in Indiana Territory. THIS IS THE LINE WITH A yDNA MATCH.
  • Rebekah Crawford purchased 100 acres of land on the headwaters of Sugar and Boons Creek in 1786. She is listed as a widow on the Lincoln County tax records in 1787. Rebekah is believed to be the mother of the James Crawford who married Martha Knight along with Mary Crawford who married James Sellers and Sarah Crawford who married William Sellers. It is also believed that Rebekah was the sister of George Douglas and widow of John Crawford. More evidence is needed to prove all of these relationships.
  • Mary Crawford is listed as ‘exempt’ on various tax records in Madison County, Kentucky prior to 1800. In 1791, Mary purchased 100 acres of land on Sugar Creek in what became Garrard County, Kentucky. In 1793, Mary married Alexander Moore in Madison County, KY. Alexander and Mary Moore migrated to Fleming County, Kentucky, which is where it is believed that Mary died.

Perhaps with the help of the Crawford yDNA project and other Crawford researchers, we will be able to figure out this branch of the Crawford family!

Chasing Edward

When doing your genealogy research do you sometimes feel like you are going down a rabbit hole or chasing your tail? That’s what I sometimes feel like when I research descendants of a Crawford who is not my ancestor.

So yesterday, I was chasing my tail by researching the children of Edward Crawford (1762-1826) of Overton, Tennessee. Even though I don’t have any paper research connecting my Crawford line to Edward or even to Overton County, Tennessee, there is a DNA connection. Descendants of Edward Crawford have also done a Big Y DNA test and we have been assigned the same branch of the Big Y Haplotree: R-Y88686.

When I first received these DNA results, I couldn’t find a connection between my Crawford family in Garrard County, Kentucky and Edward Crawford of Overton County, Tennessee. However, I remembered that I had found an Edward Crawford in the 1795 and 1796 tax lists for Madison County, Kentucky. Wondering whether the Edward Crawford in the tax lists of Madison County, KY is the same Edward Crawford who died in Overton County, TN.

Thus, I’ve been researching the children and grandchildren of Edward Crawford of Overton County, Tennessee — hoping to find some clue that would lead back to Kentucky. As I was finding records for Edward’s children and their family, I was comparing my findings to the Edward Crawford [LD9R-8KW] family on the FamilySearch tree. During this comparison, I discovered that other researchers believe that David Crawford [9KMN-WNK], son of Edward and Abigail (Trowbridge) Crawford was born in Clark County, Kentucky.

Wait! A child of Edward was born in Kentucky – in Clark County, Kentucky? Since none of my research had taken me to Clark County, Kentucky, I had to look it up on a map. That’s when I discovered that Clark County was on the northeast border of Madison County.

Thus, I’ve started digging into Clark County records to see what I could learn about Edward Crawford. I started by looking for marriage records involving an Edward Crawford and I found reference to a marriage bond between an Edward Crawford and an Abigail Trowbridge.

Crawford, Edward and Abigail Trowbridge; surety, Silas Trowbridge 1798 Dec 3

Besides the marriage bond  of Edward Crawford, I found information for several other Crawford family marriage bonds on page 85.

page 85
Crawford, Cassillah and George S. Miller; surety, Moses Gentry 1810 Sep10

Crawford, Ceile, and Jehu Cole; surety, Jesse Cole. Jehu Cole guardian of Ceile Crawford 1806 Sep 23

Crawford, Edward and Abigail Trowbridge; surety, Silas Trowbridge 1798 Dec 3

Crawford, John and Dolly Fourt, daughter Peter and Mary Fourt (consent); witness, THomas Hansford; surety, James Ward 1796 Jun 28 [John Andrew Crawford 1765-1851 and Dorothy FOrt 1775-1846 in RootsMagic]

Crawford, Velentine and Susan Wray; surety, Archibald Crawford, consent of Benjamin Wray; witness, George Sharp 1800 Jan 10

Not only did I find information linking the an Edward Crawford of Kentucky to the Edward Crawford of Overton, Kentucky, but I have several other Crawfords to add to my FAN club and another Kentucky county to research.
George F. Doyle, Marriage Bonds of Clark County, Kentucky from the Formation of the County in 1793 to 1850: compiled from the original bonds in the office of the clerk of the Clark County Court, digital image (Winchester, Kentucky: Clark County Historical Society, 1933), page 85; digital image, FamilySearch, Film 183194 DGS 7896907 : viewed online 15 February 2020.

Crawford yDNA

Did you know you can get a yDNA haplogroup from your Ancestry DNA? Until an administrator of the Crawford yDNA project posted directions on the Clan Crawford Association Ancestry and DNA Research Forum Facebook group, I didn’t know anything about this.

To do this, one needs to download Ancestry DNA and save the ZIP file in a known location. The file needs to remain ‘zipped’.

The blog post, Updated Method to Get yDNA Haplogroup from AncestryDNA Results explains the process.

The second step is to use the Y-SNP Subclade Preditor. After giving consent for the use of the data, a screen will open to upload the zipped file containing AncestryDNA results

Once the data is uploaded, a screen will appear prompting you to prove you are not a robot and again asking for consent to use the data.

The processing is quick and opens a screen showing the results. Look for the box highlighted in green on the left side of the screen. That is the predicted haplogroup.

If you wish to share the findings with other CRAWFORD researches, you may either post your results as a comment to the Facebook post or as a comment to this blog. Please include the following information in your comment.Earliest known ancestor

  • Birthdate and place if known
  • Deathdate and place if known
  • Spouse’s name
  • Copy of information in the green box on the left (your haplogroup)

If your yDNA comes back any variety of R1b, I would be very interested in seeing if our research connects.

Always Learning – Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

Do you like to pick up tips and tricks from other researchers? I know I do! I especially like those surveys or challenges that cause me to look at my data in a different way. That’s one of the things I like about Randy Seaver’s “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun” challenges. Not only does Randy challenge me to look at my data differently – but he often provides the instructions on how to do it.

That is especially true of last night’s challenge.

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music, please!):

Go into your Genealogy Management Program (GMP; either software on your computer, or an online family tree) and figure out how to Count how many surnames you have in your family tree database.

2)  Tell us which GMP you’re using and how you did this task.

3)  Tell us what the top 20  surnames are in your database and, if possible, how many entries.  How many different surnames are in your family tree?

4)  Write about it in your own blog post, in a comment to this blog post, in a status or comment on a Facebook post.

Since like Randy, I use RootsMagic 7 to manage my genealogy research, I simply have to follow his directions to figure out my top 20 surnames.

So within RootsMagic 7, I pulled down the REPORTS menu and clicked on LISTS for the type of report. Then I just scrolled down the right side of the window to locate the SURNAME STATISTICS LIST.

When the REPORT SETTINGS window opened, I needed to change the ‘Sort List by’ to ‘FREQUENCY OF SURNAME’.

With 53 pages of surnames, I have to admit I have a lot of different surnames in my project. My top 20 surnames include some surprises:

  • Crawford — 1128
  • Ricketts — 903
  • Foster — 400
  • Briles — 359
  • Curry — 339
  • _____ — 291
  • Wells — 277
  • Thompson — 258
  • Hammond — 214
  • Sellers — 185
  • Currey — 178
  • Mentzer — 168
  • Broyles — 140
  • Smith — 134
  • Burke — 124
  • Young — 112
  • Rush — 101
  • Allen — 100
  • Ralston — 89
  • Miller — 83

So, what were some of the surprises?
Well, the _____ and the blank surnames shouldn’t have surprised me, since I have a lot of spouses without a surname. I just didn’t expect them to show up in my Top 20.
What is really surprising is the FAN club surnames that made my Top 20. This would include SELLERS, YOUNG, ALLEN and MILLER. 
So, I wondered where the ancestral surnames of my 2nd great grandparents appeared on the list. So, here’s the list of those ancestral surnames and where they appear on the list:

  • Crawford — 1st
  • Foster — 3rd
  • Hammond — 9th
  • Ralston — 19th
  • Currey — 11th (withCURRY at  5th)
  • Burke – 15th
  • Hutchinson — 23rd 
  • Harding – 26th
  • Briles – 4th
  • Thompson — 8th
  • Ricketts — 2nd
  • Christy — 78th
  • Mentzer — 12th
  • Minnick — 77th
  • Wells — 7th
  • Crandall — 33rd

Thanks Randy for the challenge!