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Simple – yet Huge

Finally Get Organized Checklist — Jan 17th – 23rd

Only Two Tasks: Transcribe / Refile – Should be manageable, right?

Task 2: Take the surname binder for my dad’s line and put in chronological order starting with my parent’s family at the time of their marriage, working back for 3 older generations.

I can happily say that I have completed the re-filing task for my father, grandfather and great-grandfather — in THREE separate binders. Thankfully, I ordered a couple of larger binders (4″ D ring). Otherwise, the binders were overstuffed and page turning would be difficult.

Task 1: Transcribe every document for the first four generations

This is where I get an ‘F’ for the week. This is also where the quantity exceeds the available time. My bulging notebooks also mean lots of time spent transcribing. I am using the free program, Transcript, to read some of the handwritten documents. I am putting the transcription in the ‘detail text’ field for the source. I am also creating a word document with the transcription followed by the image. The word document is being saved as both a .docx and a .pdf file. This takes a few extra clicks but is similar to ‘backing up’. I’m getting the transcription saved in multiple places / ways.

I have adopted a file naming system similar to Dear Myrtle‘s but slightly different. This system was suggested by another participant in the Genealogy Do-Over Facebook group.



Since I have several lines where the same name appears throughout the line, I need a way to keep the individuals separate. Thus, I rejected a lot of other file naming suggestions. At first, I was going to reject the one above, but after thinking about it in relation to four generations of Hiram Currey’s I’ve elected to adopt it.

My naming convention will keep an individual together and then put the documents in chronological order. The convention that Dear Myrtle uses will put the documents in chronological order – similar to the binders.

Since I already have the ‘F’ for the 17th-23rd tasks, I’m going to move on to one of the tasks for this next week – volunteer indexing. Then I’ll come back and continue working my way thru the huge pile.