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Tombstone Challenge Accepted

This week’s ‘Saturday Night Genealogy Fun‘ challenge was to figure out how far back a line can be traced thru tombstones. My immediate reaction was that it was probably thru my dad’s CRAWFORD line

There are 4 generations of CRAWFORDs buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Dodge City, Kansas

  • Dad: Eugene Crawford
  • Granddad: Leon Russel Crawford
  • Great Grandfather: Judson Crawford
  • Great Great Grandfather: Washington Marion Crawford (headstone and footstone shown)

My 3rd great grandfather is buried in the West Lebanon cemetery just outside of West Lebanon, Indiana.

My 4th great grandfather is buried in the cemetery at Eaton, Ohio.

2 thoughts on “Tombstone Challenge Accepted

  1. Preble County Ohio is not far too from me. An hour or so. Eaton has a genealogy reading room but it was not open when I drove over there. I am sure you have found the online presence of their library?

    • Mary – thanks for the reminder about local resources — especially local libraries. Since it has been a while since I’ve been in Eaton to do research, I probably should re-check the local resources to see if there what has become available recently or if there is anything I missed.

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