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1897 Ladies Register to Vote

In my genealogy go-over, I’m trying to add images for resources used many years ago. One of those resources that I’m trying to re-locate is a printout of the cemetery lot records for Maple Grove cemetery in Dodge City. I know I used that record in Dodge City. However, I think I also used it at the Kansas State Historical Society in Topeka. In trying to locate that document, I found a microfilm of the cemetery lot register in the manuscript collection of the Historical Society. Also in that collection were voter registration records for Dodge City.

Knowing that I could add information for my Dodge City ancestors, I spent an afternoon at the Kansas archives reading microfilm of voter registration logs from the 1890s. (Microfilm Ford County:  Voter register, 1886-1902 (by wards) [MS 160])

Imaging my SURPRISE, when I found not only my male ancestors, but also some of my FEMALE ancestors.

Yes — the Ladies registered to VOTE in 1897 in Dodge City, Kansas.

On this list is my great-grandmother, Josie Winifred Crawford (Crawford JW) and my great-great-grandmother, Mary Crawford (Crawford M).

What a wonderful surprise!