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Ancestry Indexing Update

Well, it is the first of the month and time for my monthly call to Ancestry.com about my public tree (Heartland Genealogy) not showing up in searches. Prior to making the call, I used a free account to search for my tree.  I have been using the following search criteria:

  • First Name: Judson
  • Last Name: Crawford
  • Death Year: 1949
  • Match all terms exactly

My search returned 24 trees — none being my tree.

I was very pleased with the Ancestry associate on the other end of the phone. She took time to verify the issue and research the cause. Unfortunately, I didn’t get her name, so I can’t thank her publicly.

Unfortunately, she verified that trees were last indexed on October 3, 2017. She also indicated that it was Ancestry’s practice to index the trees every 3 to 4 months. Hopefully, she was correct in saying that the trees would be indexed in the ‘next few weeks.’

Since I had her on the phone, I also asked about my DNA results. I manage my mother’s DNA test which is attached to my (unindexed) tree. That DNA test has very few ‘hints’. My DNA test has about half of the hints it had prior to connecting the DNA tests to my Heartland Genealogy tree (published in late July 2017). I explained that I could see cousins in my mom’s match list that had public trees that share a common ancestor. However, these cousins aren’t showing up when I click on the DNA leaf (hints). She was able to verify that my unindexed tree was likely the issue.

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  1. Thank you for continuing to pursue this, Marcia! Maybe we should all be calling Ancestry until this situation improves?

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