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A Random Clue

Yesterday, I had the privilege of driving a friend to the airport in Kansas City. Since she had an early flight, I decided to take the advantage of being in the Platte City area and do some research on my BURKE line. I was looking for information on the siblings of Henry F Burke (RootsMagic version) who might have been in the area at the time. Unfortunately, court was in session and there wasn’t a parking space to be found around the courthouse.

PlatteLibraryThus, I decided to start at the Platte City Library. I knew they had the ‘old’ cemetery books but was surprised to find a large collection of microfilm of probate records — and an index. With this microfilm, I was able to find the probate file for Alva Graves mentioned in the Annals of Platte County.

Since I’ve yet to transcribe the probate record, it was the cemetery books that contained a gem of a clue. On the same page as the entry for Henry Burke in the Weston City Cemetery was an entry for Sarah I Vance Parrott.


I’ve yet to verify that Henry F. Burke’s grandmother was Judith Parrott Graves. However, one of Henry’s brother was named Franklin Parrott Burke, so the relationship is possible. Since Parrott is an unusual name, I decided to see if there was any mention in the Annals of Platte County. There, I found an entry for Henry M. Parrott followed by brief information on his brothers, David and Joseph.


This Parrott family may not be related to Judith Parrott Graves, but they are living in the same town. Thus, it is possible that they followed the same migration paths from Virginia to Missouri. If so, these short biographies provide clues on where to look – especially in Virginia – for more records on the BURKE family.

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