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Protestor in the Family – E O Briles

40yrsagoThe Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) states that as a genealogist I should do reasonably exhaustive research. So, when my grandmother left me a group of ‘Years Ago’ clippings stating that my grandfather, E. O. Briles had been arrested, I did what I thought was reasonably exhaustive research.

First, I visited the Kansas State Historical Society to read the Emporia Gazette from the time period. I then obtained the police and district court case files. I have looked in the obvious places to find documentation of my grandfather’s protest movement.

About two weeks ago, I was handed another source – a clipping ‘from a recent shopper.’ I would never have thought of looking thru shoppers for information! (In Kansas – particularly in smaller communities – a shopper is a weekly publication full of advertising.) Evidently, the Flint Hills Shopper has a ‘History of Lyon County’ column provided by the Lyon County Historical Society titled True Tales from the Tallgrass.

The March 6, 2018 issue of the Flint Hills Shopper contained the story of my grandfather, E. O. Briles.


Lessons learned:

  • Research never ends
  • Look everywhere — including the local ‘shopper’