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With the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower approaching, there is renewed interest in identifying the descendants of the Mayflower passengers. Even though my family does not have a story about being descended from the Mayflower passengers, I’ve often wondered if it was possible. Of my 16 great-great grandparents, five lines go back to colonial New England: Hammond, Hutchinson, Harding, Wells and Crandall. With the addition of the female ancestors on these lines, it is possible that a link to a Mayflower passenger would pop up.

Thus, when the We’re Related app indicated that my common ancestor with Abraham Lincoln was Jonathan Brewster, I thought I might have found the link to a Mayflower Ancestor. A quick Google search revealed that Jonathan Brewster was not a passenger on the Mayflower. However his father, William Brewster was on the Mayflower.


If I could prove that the We’re Related app was correct, then I would have my link to a Mayflower passenger. A quick glance at the app showed my link to Jonathan Brewster going thru Abigail White’s line. Abigail was the wife of Green Wells and mother of Ozias Wells, my 3rd great grandfather.

My research on my White line is based on family papers I received from Michigan. At this time, I have not done a thorough search for records to support these papers. However, these papers do support the lineage given in the We’re Related app back to Deacon Nathaniel White.


According to the app, Deacon Nathaniel White’s mother, Elizabeth is the daughter of Jonathan Brewster. According to Wikipedia and the Family Search tree, Jonathan Brewster did have a daughter named Elizabeth. However, the Family Search tree indicates that Elizabeth Brewster was not married to Captain Nathaniel White. According to the Family Search tree, Nathaniel White‘s wife was Elizabeth Bunce. Without a lot of further research, I will not be able to prove/disprove the We’re Related app lineage. However, it appears that my Elizabeth White is not descended from a Brewster.

I haven’t given up on having a Mayflower ancestor, but I don’t believe I’ve found a valid connection.