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Don’t Just Copy – Give Credit

I’ve been doing genealogy for some time and have been willing to share my info — even publicly on the web. Unfortunately, when I find my work posted by someone else without giving me credit or even contacting me, I get perturbed.

Today, I ran across my work saved as a story for Mary Thurston.


I realize that this info isn’t all that unique and could come from many other researchers. However, the citations point to my work. A long time ago, I started using the Dollarhide numbering system. Thus, when I see “Wells.MI.023”, I recognize my work.

Knowing that this came from my site, I decided to try and prove it. I went to the Wayback Machine and searched for my domain, heartlandgenealogy.org. Using that URL, I was able to find a 2016 copy of my site. On that version of the site was my info for Mary Thurston.


Not only was this info copied from my page, it was shared by several other researchers.


This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered my work shared by others. Not only have people copied the stories from my old site but they have also copied and shared the photographs.

Unfortunately, the person who originally copied the information did not include a citation or any attribution to the original author. The lack of a citation prevents other users from connecting with me. Thus, I am prevented from working with them to add to the family story.

When you find an online genealogy, please give credit to the poster of the genealogy so that others can connect with the author.



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