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Ancestry Indexing Update

Earlier this month, Ancestry issued a statement about issues users were experiencing on the site. According to the statement, those issues included Ancestry search. They included an expected resolution date in their statement. That date is tomorrow, May 31, 2018.


Even though the statement did not speak to indexing of member trees, I was hoping that the public member trees would be indexed. I just used a free account to search public member trees for my great-grandfather, Judson Foster Crawford. I set the search parameters to search for an exact match. As usual, this search returns 24 public member trees. My tree, Heartland Genealogy, still isn’t showing up in the list of results.

I’ve called Ancestry multiple times on this issue. Each time, support has confirmed that public member trees were last indexed in October 2017. This is an ongoing issue! My blog post, “Ancestry Indexing Saga Continues” contains a lost of blog posts on the topic.

Ancestry, PLEASE index the public member trees!