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Newspaper Issue

I love Newspapers.com and other services that are digitizing newspapers. I enjoy finding those tidbits of information that help me understand more about an ancestor’s life.

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered an issue with my documentation of those tidbits of news. In crafting a citation, I have used the page number at the top of the screen with the name and date of the paper. When I started finding the society news on page 1 in the Emporia Gazette, I began questioning that page number. Below is a screenshot showing the information about the paper along with the top of the paper showing the actual page number.



After discovering this issue, I started adding the source information when clipping an article.


Now that I know about the issue, I probably need to add more detail to the clipping so I know which page number the article is on.  (https://www.newspapers.com/image/10216479/?terms=Smalling#)

2 thoughts on “Newspaper Issue

  1. That’s interesting. I download a lot from Newspapers.com and have not seen that happen. I’ll be more alert. I LOVE that site!! I’ll have a post out this Sunday with lots of little clips in it.

  2. I’m hoping it is just an issue with the Emporia paper. I don’t know that I’ve seen the issue with other newspapers. I’ve been reading articles for second cousins today in the Emporia Gazette and almost all articles have an incorrect page number.

    Eilene — I look forward to reading your next post!

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