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Ancestry Indexing Update

It has been a couple of months since I last called Ancestry support regarding tree indexing, so I called again today.

Screen Shot 12-19-17 at 07.37 AMFor background, my Heartland Genealogy (public) tree on Ancestry does not show up in a search of ‘Public Member Trees’. I first became aware of the issue last October when I found out that my tree created by uploading my RootsMagic data would not be indexed if I did not have any Ancestry sources linked to individuals in my tree. Thus, I started accepting the shaky leaf hints — even though I already had my own citation for that source — and waiting for my tree to be indexed.

The person on the other end of the phone today was very nice – and very efficient. Her first question was, “How long have you had your tree?” My answer was “about a year.” She then commented that it “takes some time for a tree to appear”. I asked if she could verify the last date in which public member trees were indexed. She promptly replied, October 10, 2017. I then asked if she knew when trees would be indexed again. She said she had no idea when that will happen.

For those unfamiliar with this ongoing issue, below are links to various blog posts, forum posts and other places the issue has been discussed:

The wait continues!


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  1. Thanks for pursuing this, Marcia. Like you, I add my own sources many times, especially because Ancestry does not have the family documents that our attics hold. Also, I’ve grown my trees and added new trees since last year. Wouldn’t you think that Ancestry would recognize that many of their DNA customers will want to search for trees that might have changed in the past year?

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