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Relationships and TreeShare

I have slowly been working my way thru a ‘go-over’ of the descendants of my great-great grandparents. This process includes

  • Reviewing citations to make sure they are complete
  • Accepting Ancestry hints (often for sources I have already cited)
  • Adding new facts / citations as found

In the process of doing this review, I sometimes discover that I have a child with the wrong parents — particularly with a wrong mother. Yesterday, I made such a discovery. I had Effie Briles Flake as the mother of three sons: Leland, Clifford and August.


While working thru the shaky leaf hints for Effie’s husband, John L. Flake, I came across a 1900 census record that likely has a different mother for Leland and Clifford.


Unfortunately, I hadn’t paid attention to my own research when I indicated that the mother of J. Leland and Clifford was Effie Flake. I have a marriage record for J L Flake and Effie Briles dated 16 Jun 1905. By analyzing both the census record and the marriage record, it is obvious that Effie is not the mother of J. Leland and Clifford Flake.

Thus, I added Annie as a wife for John L Flake with a marriage date of around 1894. I then changed the parents for J. Leland and Clifford W to John and Annie Flake. I also added the daughter Lola to this family group.  This left Effie as the mother of August Flake.


Since all of the relationship changes were done in RootsMagic, I’m wondering how the relationships will get changed with TreeShare. When I looked at the TreeShare for Clifford, I discovered that I could add the new mother, Annie, and remove the incorrect mothe, Effie J Briles.


So I used TreeShare to add Annie to my Ancestry tree. After adding Annie to Ancestry, I discovered that Annie was listed as Clifford’s mother. Thus, I only need to delete Effie as his mother to correct the relationship.


Unfortunately, TreeShare only has the option to ‘Add as new mother’ on the Ancestry side. Thus, I can’t use TreeShare to remove Effie as the mother. I had to switch to the father, John Flake, to see both mothers and the children.


After switching to Effie J. Briles, I pulled down the Edit menu to access the Edit Relationships menu for Effie Briles Flake


After clicking the X to remove J Leland Flake and Clifford W Flake as children of Effie J Briles, the families now match between RM and Ancestry.


From this, I have learned that I have to edit relationships on both RootsMagic and Ancestry instead of relying on TreeShare.

NOTE: I only work from RootsMagic to Ancestry. Thus, it is possible that TreeShare would be able to update a relationship for someone that works from Ancestry to RootsMagic. I have not tested that scenario.


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