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Outside a Circle

I haven’t paid much attention to Ancestry DNA’s ‘New Ancestor Discoveries’. Today, I decided to investigate why Richard Beckerdite was showing up as a ‘New Ancestor Discovery’ when I already have Richard Beckerdite in my tree.

When I clicked on Richard Beckerdite to see my ‘connection’ to this potential new ancestor, I found that I match a lot of people in the circle, but I am outside of the circle.

To try and figure out why Ancestry is proposing Richard Beckerdite as a potential new ancestor when he is already in my tree, I turned to Ancestry support for more information.

According to support the following must be ‘true’ for me to be in the circle.

  • (TRUE) – attach DNA to a public tree
  • (TRUE) – DNA matches at 2nd cousin level or further out
  • (TRUE) – DNA matches have public member tree attached to their DNA test(s)
  • (should be true) – share a common ancestor with their tree

So the question becomes, why hasn’t Ancestry matched the Richard Beckerdite in my tree with the Richard Beckerdite in their tree. Since some of my matches to the circle are known cousins, I elected to use our DNA match to try and figure out why I’m outside the Richard Beckerdite circle instead of being part of the circle. My cousin’s DNA screen shows that my cousin is a member of several circles related to my RUSH/BECKERDITE line.

However, when I scrolled down, it was obvious that something isn’t working correctly. Even though we have Alexander Briles and Sarah Rush as common ancestors, her match screen is showing her pedigree and our common surnames instead of the shared match.

Another factor that may be pushing me out of the circle is my ‘lack of sources’ for Richard Beckerdite. I have sources attached to Richard Beckerdite. However, they are all ‘other sources’ and not Ancestry sources.

This lack of Ancestry sources would keep Richard Beckerdite from being indexed – if and when my tree actually gets indexed. That lack of indexing might be the reason I’m being pushed out of the circle.

So, my theory is that the indexing (or lack thereof) is affecting my being placed outside of the circle.

What’s your theory?