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9/11 Memories

towersmemoria480.jpgToday is a ‘where were you’ kind of day. In the past, the question, ‘where were you’ was asked in regards to Pearl Harbor and Kennedy’s assassination. Today, is a similar time when we recall where we were on that fateful morning when the towers fell.

I don’t remember how I found out about the attack on New York. However, I have vivid memories of that morning. I’m guessing that the school office had the radio on that morning and that I was in the office and heard the news. My memory begins with my setting up a TV in the library along the west wall and turning on CNN. Shortly after turning on the TV, the library was full — full of teachers and students.

My library was about 20′ by 56′ feet. Subtracting the bookshelves and counter, the room was more like 15′ x 40′. My memory says that about 60 students and staff worked their way into this space to stare at the TV screen. This wasn’t a large, flat screen TV of today, but a large for its time, bulky TV on a cart. I’m guessing it was a 32″ TV – and all eyes were on it.

For the most part it was a quiet room. Occasionally, someone would ask a question and Mr. (Dennis) Hermreck, our new social studies teacher, would respond. When the newsmen started talking about the hijackings of other planes and the potential for more, a student broke out in tears worried about her parents who were to fly home from California that day.

As if a normal school day, the bell rang. Slowly everyone left to go to their next class. However, it didn’t take long for the room to fill back up as they returned to sit in front of that lone television.

We watched as the second plane hit. We watched as the people fell. We watched as the people ran. We watched as the towers fell. We watched as reports came in of a plane hitting the Pentagon. We watched as reports came in of a plane crash in Pennsylvania. We watched.

What are your memories of that morning?

Were you watching it on TV?

Were you in the library that morning?