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Happy Dance!

The Seneca Free Public Library is an affiliate Family Search library!

create240I only have to drive a few blocks to access the restricted resources on Family Search! That means I have access to deeds, marriages, wills, probates and a wide variety of other resources at my local public library.

About a month ago, the ‘genealib’ mailing list was discussing the new application to become an affiliate library. I shared that information with the director of the Northeast Kansas Library System. She shared it with the directors of public libraries in northeast Kansas. My local librarian completed the application and notified me today that everything was approved and configured.

Upon learning this fantastic news, I packed up my laptop and to-do list and headed to the library. In a couple of hours, I was able to download over 20 Thompson deeds from Warrick County, Indiana. These deeds were dated prior to 1900 and will help me sort out the two Thompson family lines living in Warrick County, Indiana about 1840. I spent less time accessing these deeds at my local library than it would have taken me to drive to and from what previously was the nearest affiliate library.

From my afternoon of research, I have some tips for others wishing to use the Seneca Free Public Library to access restricted records on Family Search:

  • Use a library computer (the open wireless network evidently didn’t access the Internet via the same IP address as the library computers)
  • Use a computer in the genealogy room
  • Images are downloaded to the DOWNLOADS folder – can be copied/pasted onto a thumb drive
  • Saving to the SOURCE BOX on Family Search is a LINK to the record. The image is not viewable from home.

See my post, Affiliate Library, for information about the application process and join my HAPPY DANCE!