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A Pink Boots Weekend

PinkBootsSmallMy calendar declared that this weekend was LAKE WEEKEND. ‘Lake Weekend’ is when my family gets together at Acorn Resorts on Lake Milford. A typical ‘lake weekend’ involves food, fire, football, and puzzles.

Fire240Our weekend typically begins with a shared meal Friday evening followed by gathering around the fire to visit. Even with the light from the fire, the view of the night sky can be amazing. With clouds moving overhead we were able to see a few stars peaking out from behind the clouds. Unfortunately, the youngest member of our party was disappointed in that she couldn’t find her favorite night sky object — the MOON. (Even without clouds, she wouldn’t have found her ‘moon’, since it was a new moon.)

As the evening progresses, we have to convince the fire bosses to let the fire die down to coals so we can have dessert. Then the marshmallow sticks and pudgy pie makers come out and the contest to see who can roast the best marshmallows or make the best pudgy pie begins. (For dessert, our pudgy pies are white bread and pie filling.)

In the past, most of our Saturday has been spent outside whether going for a walk, being on the lake, playing outdoor games or just sitting around the patio visiting. Unfortunately, this weekend we woke up to light rain. We had expected a rainy weekend, but the original forecasts had indicated that the rain would mostly be overnight. With breakfast over and everyone’s desire to be outside, the conversation often turned to the radar. The words, ‘It should end in xx minutes.’ were heard throughout the morning.

PinkBootsBig240The puzzle crowd was content as they finished the National Park puzzle and started a new one. The book crowd was also content as they pulled out their favorite book and found a corner to read.

The youngest of the group decided to go play in the rain. She put on her pink rain boots, hat and coat and headed outside. For her, it was pure joy to get to stomp around in the grass or to find a water puddle and stomp in it.

Duke240Not to be outdone by her younger cousin (first cousin once removed), the youth in the group elected to take her dog, Duke, to the lake to play. Duke’s joy of playing in the water was captured by Acorn Resorts and posted on their Facebook page.

Those predictions of the rain ending finally came true that afternoon and the fire was quickly lit. The party moved to the fire pit for conversation and of course listening to the football game on the radio. Although we are divided as to our favorite college team, we all enjoy listening to the K-State game. As the game came to a disappointing end, so did our time around the fire as the rain returned.

Our evening in the cabin was spent in a variety of ways. Some sat around the coffee table working the puzzle, some watched the Sporting KC game on TV while others played a game of Phase 10. Although we couldn’t spend the evening around the fire, we had an enjoyable evening in the cabin.

Even though it was cool and rainy, we had a great time at the lake and have put it on our calendars for again next year!

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