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Still Not Indexed

Do you search public member trees for hints?

Do you search public member trees to try and connect with others researching your ancestor?

If so, did you realize that only trees with Ancestry sources attached to the tree will appear in the list of results? It doesn’t matter how many other sources are attached, the tree won’t appear in the search results.

Did you also realize that any trees created since October 10, 2017 won’t appear in the list of results. That means that the search results won’t contain trees created by DNA testers in the last year.

I have no idea how many public trees are hidden because of the lack of an updated index. However, I do know that my Heartland Genealogy tree is one of those that is hidden.


I would love for others to be able to find my tree.

I called Ancestry support (again) about this issue. The support technician was very sympathetic. She verified that it has been a year since indexing occurred. She also stated that Ancestry is ‘overdue for indexing’ of the public member trees.

For those that haven’t been following this issue, my blog post, Ancestry Indexing Update, summarizes the issue.

Hopefully, trees will be indexed soon and my wait will be over.