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Finally Indexed! But ?

Due to my husband’s fight with pneumonia, I have been away from genealogy for a couple of weeks. This evening, I decided to see if my tree would show up in a search of public member trees. (See Ancestry Indexing Update from Aug 2018)

To my surprise, my tree, Heartland Genealogy, appeared in the results.

Since I’ve been waiting over a year for my tree to be indexed and thus show up in a search of public member trees, I should be celebrating. Unfortunately, I’m not sure the search mechanism is working correctly. For the past year, I have been using this same search (for Judson Foster Crawford EXACT all fields) and getting 24 results. Thus, I believe there are at least 25 public member trees with Judson Foster Crawford in them. Thus when the same search provided me with 104 results, I was very excited – until I scrolled down a bit and realized that the EXACT part of the search did not work.

Even though the search produced 104 trees, it did NOT find all of the 24 trees that had been showing up in my search results for the past year. Thus, I tried another search to try and find these 24 trees: Judson Crawford with a death year of 1949 (EXACT). This time, the report indicated 1 result but showed 3 trees (including my tree).

One of the 24 trees that isn’t showing up in the results list is the tree maintained by my dad’s first cousin. I found that tree and verified that it contained Judson Foster Crawford with a death date of 1949.

So, Ancestry, thank you for indexing my tree.

BUT, could you fix the issues with searches pulling trees that don’t match as well as not pulling trees that do match the search criteria.