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Indexing and DNA

Over the past year, I’ve blogged several times about issues regarding the indexing of my Ancestry tree. That is just one of several Ancestry issues discussed by Randy Seaver in his blog post, Dear Ancestry.com: Are You Fixing These Problems?

In addition to the problems mentioned in his blog post, I have been encountering an issue with my DNA matches that I believe is related to the tree indexing issues.

I have known cousins who have an Ancestry tree and appear on my DNA match list. When I look at their match in my list, I do not see a shaky leaf. When I view our match, it shows the tree for this cousin.


This cousin descends from Alexander Briles and Sarah Rush, thru their son Robert A Briles. I descend from Alexander Briles and Sarah Rush thru their son Noah Briles.


One might argue that our two trees must have a difference since Ancestry isn’t matching up our common ancestor. However, I manage my mother’s DNA test. When I look at the match for my mother, the trees are matched up.


I have reported this issue to Ancestry twice. The first time was with a different cousin and somehow now displays the comparison of our trees. The second time, I reported this match and it still isn’t displaying correctly. Since I have a large tree and a large number of DNA matches, I have no idea how many 4th or distant cousins aren’t showing up as having ‘hints’.

Note: I just tried searching for my tree and the expected 24 trees are back — but my tree is now missing from the results. I tried the following search on my account and on a free account.


This search results in 24 trees — all containing my great-grandfather, Judson Foster Crawford. Missing from the list is my Heartland Genealogy tree.


I have worked hard over the past year to accept Ancestry hints so my tree would be indexed. I currently  have 7,074 records attached to individuals in my Ancestry tree.


I use RootsMagic’s TreeShare to upload data from my database to Ancestry. I currently have 50,832 citations attached to individuals in my RootsMagic database. Those citations are copied to Ancestry and appear as ‘Other’ sources.


Thus, it looks like the indexing of the trees is broken again.

So, I join with Randy Seaver in asking Ancestry.com: When are you fixing these issues?