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Mark your calendar for February 27th thru March 2nd and join me #NotAtRootsTech!

This will be my third year of #NotAtRootsTech and I can’t wait. Having been away from genealogy for several years, I was unaware of RootsTech when I returned to my genealogy. During my first year of retirement, I somehow learned about the RootsTech conference and its Live Stream schedule.

I watched all of the sessions that year and was very thankful for the opportunity to view them. I’ve thought about attending in person, but the idea of winter travel isn’t that appealing. As I watch it snow on one of the coldest days of the year, I can’t imagine having to drive a couple of hours or longer, depending on conditions, to an airport or train station for a trip to Salt Lake City.

Thus, I’m preparing for being NotAtRootsTech again in 2019. RootsTech is making it easier for those of use who can’t (or in my case won’t) travel to Salt Lake City to participate. They are offering a ‘Virtual Pass’. By purchasing my ‘Virtual Pass’ I will have access to the recordings from several RootsTech classes.

I’m also preparing by

  • Downloading the RootsTech app to my cellphone
  • Updating my profile on the RootsTech app
  • Checking out the Live Stream schedule
  • Identifying bloggers and vendors who might be posting from RootsTech and making sure I am following both their blogs and their Facebook accounts
  • Turning on notifications for Facebook Live broadcasts so that I can catch those bloggers and vendors who happen to host such an event
  • Going over the entire schedule looking for sessions of interest
  • Locating handouts (via the app) for sessions of interest
  • Following the #NotAtRootsTech hashtag on Twitter to learn more ways to enjoy RootsTech

For more information on the RootsTech Stream, watch this Family History Fanatics video, A Teens Take on the 2019 #NotAtRootsTech LiveStream Schedule.

Join me #NotAtRootsTech in February.