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Which Alexander Moore

Do you ever check other people’s trees to see what they have on someone you are researching? I know I do. I check them for hints. I also check them to see if my work supports their conclusions.

I’m in the position of needing hints from others in my research of Mary Crawford, wife of Alexander Moore.

1811 Garrard County Kentucky Land records indicate that Alexander Moore moved from the Garrard County area of Kentucky to Fleming County. (Garrard County, Kentucky, Deed Book E, page 306). Since Mary doesn’t sign the deed and isn’t mentioned in the body of the deed, there isn’t evidence that Mary was in Fleming County, Kentucky

In Fleming County, Kentucky, I have found Alexander Moore on tax lists showing he owned land on Triplett Creek  in 1811. In 1821, Alexr Moore is shown also owning land in Greenup County.

Census records place an Alexander Moor in Fleming County, KY from 1810 thru 1850. In 1810, the family consists of 1 male 26-44, 2 females under 10 and 1 female over 45. If this is the same Alexader Moore from Garrard County, KY, then the female over 45 might be Mary Crawford.

In 1820, the family dynamic changes for Alexander Moore. Instead of two female children, there is a male between 10 and 15 and a female under 10. The household contains a male 45 and over and a female 45 and over.

By 1830, it appears that the adult female shown in the 1820 census may have died. The family now includes a male under 5, a female under 5, a female 20 thru 29 and a male 60 thru 69.

The family continued to grow. The 1840 census indicates the family consisted of a male 5 thru 9, a male 10 thru 14, a male 70 thru 79, 3 females under 5, 1 female 5 thru 9, 2 females 10 thru 14 and a female 30 thru 39.

Alexander Moore is still living when the 1850 census was taken. He is shown as an 82 year old male on the 1850 census. Included in the household is Elender, age 40; James, age 17; Elender, age 14; Miram, age 11, Mecthe, age 8 and Dorothy, age 4.

A search of Ancestry for a marriage of Alexander Moore in Fleming County, Kentucky shows an 1826 marriage to Eleanor Wood. This marriage fits the information from the census:

  • marriage date is between 1820 when the adult female was over 45 and 1830 when the adult female was 20 thru 29
  • the name Elender on the 1850 census could be Eleanor

My research of land records, tax lists and the census, leave me with questions:

  • Was Mary Crawford deceased in 1811 since her name isn’t on any of the deeds for the sale of land?
  • Is the Alexander Moore shown in the tax lists and census records of Fleming County, KY the same Alexander Moore who sold land in Garrard County, KY?
  • Is the female over 45 in the 1810 and 1820 census for Alexander Moore in Fleming County, KY Mary Crawford?
  • If Mary Crawford is the female in Alexander Moore’s household, did she die in Fleming County, KY between 1820 and 1826?

Thus, I’m turning to other trees to see what I can learn about Alexander Moore and Mary Crawford. Unfortunately, there are several different trees that could tie into this research.

  • On Family Search: Alexander Moore (1757-1827) [947N-XFM] and Mary Crawford (1778-1829) [KZ6M-SR5]
    • This couple in Family Search has the Madison County, KY marriage record from 1793 attached as a source. 
    • This Alexander Moore is said to have died in Marengo County, Alabama. So far, I haven’t found any record tying Alexander Moore of Madison/Garrard Counties, Kentucky to an Alexander Moore in Alabama. Instead, the land records suggest the couple moved to Fleming County, KY
    • This Mary Moore is too young to have appeared on the tax lists in 1787 in Madison County, KY
  • On Ancestry: Alexander Moore (1778-1852) and Eleanor Wood (1807-1856). In these trees, Alexander Moore dies in Owen County, Kentucky. An 1850 census record for Owen County, Kentucky is also cited.
    • At this time, I have no records tying the Alexander Moore of Fleming County to an Alexander Moore in Owen County, KY
    • The 1850 census record does not include Eleanor even though the tree has her living past 1850.
  • On Family Search: Alexander Moore (1768-deceased) [KZQY-YSR] and Eleanor Wood (1805-deceased) [KNSB-XFZ] and a similar tree on Ancestry
    • Ancestry tree includes the 1810 and 1820 census records as sources for Alexander Moore
    • Neither tree shows a second wife for Alexander Moore

Since none of the above trees ‘match’ the data I’ve collected on Alexander Moore prior to 1825, I’m not sure they will be of much help. However, I am going to contact the tree owners to see if they might have any clues to prove/disprove a relationship to Mary Crawford.