Have you ever seen a name in a deed or court document and thought to yourself, ‘Hey, I’ve seen that name before?’ Well that was my situation when I was looking at tax records for Barren County, Kentucky.

Since I found James Crawford with 200 acres of land on the Marrowbone listed on the 1800 tax list for Barren County, KY, I started looking for other people owning land on the Marrowbone. That’s when I found Moses Dooly Junr also owning 200 acres of land on the Marrowbone.

Not only was Moses Dooly Junr in Barren County, but so was his father and brothers.

I remembered the Dooly name from my Garrard County map of the original land owners. Moses Dooly had a land grant (#912) for land in the line fork of Sugar Creek.

This land is near the Mary Crawford land purchased from Richard Cave. Mary’s land would be to the East of Moses Dooley’s land. Just to the Southwest of Moses Dooley’s land is the land grant for Jacob Myers. Some of this land was sold to George Douglas. George Douglas then sold a portion to Rebekah Crawford.

So when I saw Moses Dooly Junr as a potential neighbor to James Crawford, I started paying attention to the Dooly family. Since James and Martha Crawford sold 200 hundred acres of land on the Marrowbone (see Barren County Connection), I believe the James Crawford in the tax record is the James Crawford married to Martha Knight. However, I haven’t found the deed for James’ purchase of the land. Thus, I can’t say for certain which James Crawford is listed in the tax record.

As I was researching the two James Crawfords in Preble County, Ohio, I discovered the Dooly family on the tax records in Preble County, Ohio. The 1816 Preble County, Ohio tax list shows Moses Dooley Senr and Moses Dooley along with several other members of the family.

Since I’ve found the Dooley family and likely both James Crawford families in Barren County, KY and Preble County, OH, I began wondering if Moses Dooley was on the tax lists for Lincoln or Madison Counties. Thus, I returned to the tax lists for Lincoln County, KY where I had previously found George Douglas and Rebekah Crawford along with some Sellars families in 1787. I didn’t find any Dooley names living near Rebekah Crawford in 1787. So, I checked Madison County, KY where I found Moses Dooley and John Doly in 1787.

This places Moses Dooley in the same taxing district as Mary Crawford, James Crawford and William Crawford in 1787. 

This may all be coincidence, but it appears that the Dooley clan followed the same migration path from the Garrard County, Kentucky area in 1787 to the Barren County, Kentucky area in 1799 to Preble County, Ohio in 1816.
Thus, I’ve added the Dooley surname to my FAN club.

James Crawford Will

The will of James Crawford, husband of Martha Knight, was entered into court records on 12 February 1834 in the Probate Court of Warren County, Indiana.

Indiana, Wills and Probate Records, 1789-1999, James Crawford, 5 Sep 1931; database with images, : viewed online March 2019.

page 11

Record of

[State of Indiana Warren County

Be it remembered that on the 12th day of February
AD 1834 there was filed in the office of the Clerk of
the Probate Court of said County a will and tes
tament of James Crawford late of said county
deceased which will & Testament and affidvit
or probate anexed thereto reads in the words &
figures following to wit]

“In the name of God amen I James Crawford
of the County of Warren and State of Indiana being at
present of sount and disposing mind and memory
do make and publish this and no to be my last will
and testament in manner and form following to wit
is to say — First I give and bequeath unto my
beloved wife Martha the whole of the farm where
on I now live that is to say Eighty acres across the
north end of the quarter section No 21 R8 W T21 N
Together with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging
and I do fur : give and bequeath unto her all
the stock and other property belong to said farm
together with all my household furniture all of
which is to be for her use and disposal during her
natural lifetime – And at the death of my
above name wife Martha I then give and bequeath
unto my beloved daughter Celinda the whole of
the above described eighty acres of land whereon
I now live to be for her use and disposal forever
And I do further will and bequeath unto my
beloved son Harvey H Crawford all the south
half of the above named and described quarter
section so soon as he becomes of full and lawful
age to be at his sue and disposal forever – And I
further give and bequeath unto him a young
horse known by the names of Poney to be at his
disposal forever.

page 12

And I do also give and bequeath unto my beloved
daughter Polly Swank the East half of SW quar
ter section no five T21N R8West – to be at her
sole use and disposal forever to make her equal with
my daughters Betsey Lincoln and Sally Shanklin
John D Crawford and William A Crawford and
James S Crawford – and I do also give and beque
ath unto my beloved daughter Rebekah all the west
half of the above described section No five T21 N R
8 west to be at her sole use and disposal forever
And I do also give and bequeath unto my beloved
daughter Nancy all the East half of the Northwest
quarter section eight T21 N R8W to be at her
sole use and disposal forever — And I do more
over give and bequeath unto my beloved sons James
& Harvey Crawford one hundred dollars out of a
note which I hold on Adam Swinehart which
money is to be laid out for an eight acre lot of
band to be equally divided between them both and
be at their disposal forever
And I do hereby ratify and confirm this and no oth
er to be my last will and testament. In witness
whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal
this fifth day of Sepber in the year of our Lord
1831. And I do hereby constitute my Friends Will
iam Pugh and D. D. Hall to be my executors of
this my last will and testament.
James Crawford (seal)
John C Irvin
James Higgenbottrom
State of Indiana Warren County Sct
Warren Probate Court February Term Ad 1834
Be it remembered that on the 12th day of Februa
ry aforesaid being the third judicial day of the
aforesaid term of the court into open court

page 13

came John C Irvin and James Higenbottrom the
subscribing witnesses to the anexed will and testament
of James Crawford who being duly sworn upon their
oaths say that they saw the said James the testator
sign and seal said will and heard him proclaim
it to be his last will and tesament and that they
verily believe at the time of his doing the same he
the said James was of sound and disposing mind
memory and understanding and that they at that
time subscribed their names as witnesses thereto at his
the said Testators request.
John C. Irvin
James Higginbottrom
Sworn to and subscribed in open court this twelfth
day of February AD one thousand eight hundred
and thirty four
James Cunningham Clerk
By J Kinkennon depty
Recorded the twelfth day of February in the year
of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and
thirty four
James Cunningham Clerk of the
Probate Court of Warren County Indiana

Will of James Crawford

Preble County, Ohio
Wills V.1, B-C 1808-1854
FS Film 564860 DGS 5868427

Image 555
page 389

James Crawford Will
The State of Ohio Preble County
In the Matter of James Crawfords Will
Be it remembered that heretofore to with before
the Probate Court within and for the County of Preble
and State of Ohio, held at the Court House in Eaton the
28th day of July Eighteen hundred and fifty four, by
John V. Campbell Judge of said Court the last will
and testament of James Crawford late of Gasper Township
in the County deceased was this day brought before
the Court and was proved by the oaths of Isaac Stephens
and Edward Laning two of the witnesses thereto whose
examinations were reduced to writing, and it
appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that the said
James Crawford at the time of executing said will
was of full age of sound mind and memory
and not under any restraint. It is ordered that
said will and the proof so reduced to writing be
recorded. And thereupon our motion of Nelson G. Crawford
the Executor in said will named. It is ordered that Letters
Testamentary be granted to the said Nelson G. Crawford
who thereupon gave in Undertaking with William
Duggins senr. and Nathaniel R Lockwood security
to the acceptance of the Court in the penalty of
Eight hundred Dollars conditioned according
to law whereupon it is ordered by the Court that
Joseph L. Campbell, John Halderman jr and
Thomas Stephens appraise the personal property
of said estate said will is in the words & figures
following to wit. I James Crawford, of Preble
County Ohio, do make and publish this my last
will and testament in the manner following
and first. It is my will that all my just debts
and funeral expenses be fully paid out of my estate
and secondly, I give devise and bequeth

Page 390

to my wife Sally Crawford the full use privilege and
benefit of all my estate both real and personal to be held
used, occupied and enjoyed by her during her natural life
for the purposes of affording her a comfortable and competent
support and maintainance during her said natural life and
for no other use or purpose. I give and bequeth to my
grand daughter Mary Ann Wikle fifty dollars to
be paid to her out of my estate within a reasonable
time after the death of my said wife. I give and
bequeth to my grand daughter Martha Jane Stoner
fifty Dollars to be paid to her out of my estate at the
time last above mentioned. And lastly, I give, devise
and bequeth to my son Nelson G Crawford all the residue and
remainder of my estate both real and personal of every kind
and description whatever to be held used occupied and
enjoyed by him and his heirs and assigns forever as an
absolute estate of inheritance subject however to the
incumbrance of the life estate herein created in favor
of my said wife and the two legacies herein before mentioned
to my said grand daughters. I wish it distinctly understood
that at the decease of my said wife and on payment of the
two legacies above mentioned my said son Nelson is to
have all of my estate and property, real and personal
of every kind and description whatever as I have said
before and I do hereby appoint my said son Nelson
G. Crawford Executor of this my last will and
testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and seal this 25th day of October 1851
James Crawford (seal)
Signed and sealed in the presence of us: I Stephens E Laning
said testimony is in the word and figures following to wit
The State of Ohio Preble County Probate Court of Preble
County July 28th AD 1854. Personally appeared in open Court
Isaac Stephens & Edward Laning of lawful age, who being duly
sworn depose and say that the paper writing now exhibited in Court
is the last will and testament of James Crawford late of Preble County deceased
That they saw him sign and heard him acknowledge the same; that they
signed the same as witnesses in his presence and at his request and that at the time
of executing the same, he was of full age, of sound mind and memory, and not
under any restraint. I, Stephen E Laning, Sworn & subscribed
in open Court the 28th day of July AD 1854, John W. Campbell, Probate Judge
And afterward to wit: before the Probate Court aforesaid, to wit
on the 3rd day of October AD 1854 Sally Crawford widow
of James Crawford late of this county deceased this day
appeared in open court and made her election to take
the provisions of her deceased husbands will in lien
of her dower.

12 Generations

Last week’s ’52 Ancestors’ prompt was ’12’ Based on that prompt, I decided to try and figure out what 12th generation ancestors I had identified. I have 7 generations identified on all lines. However, do I have any 12 generation ancestors.

I was somewhat surprised to find that I do have TWELVE generations for a few of my lines.

Hammond Line

  • Thomas Hammond (1603-1675)
  • Henry Kingsbury – father of Joseph Kingsbury, grandfather of Nathaniel Kingsbury (1684-1763)

Briles Line

  • Martin Breuel (1622-1691)
  • Anna Duerr (1600-1682)

Ricketts Line

  • Thomas Ricketts Sr (1659-1722)
  • Margrit _____ (? – 1707)
  • John Nicholson (abt 1651-?)
  • Rebeckath_____ (1655 – ?)

These lines are NOT the lines I slave over trying to find information. Instead they are lines others slaved over – and either published or shared their research. 

Certificate of Disability

Pension File of Washington Marion Crawford

Officer’s Certificate of Disability of Soldier
Invalid Pension

Pension Office – Circular No. 6 – Act of July 14, 1865

Army of the United States
To All whome It May Concern

It is hereby Certified, that (1) Washington M Crawford late a Private
of Captain [Jame] Irvin Company H of the 2nd Regiment of (2)
New York, Cavalry vols, in the War of 1861 was
enrolled into the service of the United States at Washington DC in the State of
___________________________ on the 3rd day of August A.D. 1861 to serve
for a period of 3 years, and was honorably discharged at New York City
in the State of New York on or about the 8 day of April
A.D. 1865 by reason of (3) ________________________

and by occupation when enrolled a farmer. That during the service of the said
(1) Washington M Crawford he became disabled form performing the duties of a soldeir
on or about 22 day of Sept A.D. 1863, in consequence of (4)
being captured by the enemy on 22d Sept
1863 and released on Dec 10 1864.
incurred in the service aforesaid and whilst in the line of his duty, in the manner and at the time and place, as follows:
He was captured near Liberty Mills Va. Taken by Enemy
to Libby Prison thence Belle Island, thence Andersonville
thence Charleston, thence Florence SC thence back to
Liberty and released Dec. 10 1864. That while
in Prison he contracted disease of the throat
bronchitis from excessive exposure and ill
treatment in prison during fifteen months
and he is thereby not only incapaciated for military duty, but in the opinion of the undersigned, is (6)
disabled from obtaining his substance by manual labor. That the said soldier was in good health at the time he entered the service
and the disability above referred to affected him while in the service and at his discharge, as follows, (7)
He was unable to do duty after his release
from prison, in consequence of the disease
aforesaid of the throat and [prostration]that
resulted from prison life and exposure
during the same.
This certificate is based upon official information and personal knowledge of facts. That the undersigned is
disinterested in making the certificate of facts.
[Smie] Irvin
Capt Co H 2 N Y Cav
Given at Chambersburg
Date Feb 25 1870

Miller Affidavit

The following affidavit by James H. Miller is part of the pension file for Washington Marion Crawford.

State of Il
County of Macon

I James (H) Miller a resident of Decatur
County of Macon State of Illinois late
Private of Company H of the 2nd Regiment
of N.y. Cavalry vols; on oath depose
and say that I was well acquainted with
Washington M Crawford lad a sergeant of Comp
any H of the 2nd Regiment of New York Cavalry Vols.
in the war of 1861 and while in the military service
of the United States in the line of his duty and
without fault or improper conduct of his own
while confined in Andersonville prison in the
State of Georgia from March 1864 to the 9th
day of September same year said Soldier
contracted disease induced by starvation and exposure
which was usually  termed scurvy and rheumatism
but having no technical knowledge of such diseases can
only say that he was affected very much as a great
many others were by extreme loss of flesh and delib
itated condition and with swelling of the extremities
I was with him in other prisons besides Anderson
ville and it was the common talk among comrades of
my company that we never expected to see him get out
alive and my impression was when I saw him last
that he would not then live a month.
I pass this judgment on the symptoms he seemed
to have

2nd page

in comparison with men who died from the effects
of starvation
I am fully convinced in my own mind that his
entire dibility was caused
by lack of proper food and other cruelties perpetrated on
prisoners at Andersonville as he was always healthy
and ready for duty when with the company.
Such a length of time having now lapsed I do not
know that I could enumerate all the prisons
that he was in with me but if any stronger statement
is necessary on my part I shall cheerfully give it.
I know the facts above stated from my own
personal knowledge as I was with him before is
capture, during his incarceration and at the time of
his release, but cannot now state where I parted
with him after release.

I am not in any way interested in this claim for
pension my post office address is Decatur, Macon
Co. Ill. Box 167
James H Miller
A. G. Present

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 21st
day of November AD 1883 I certify that I read the
foregoing affidavit to the affiant before execution
and that the affiant is to me well known and
is respectable and worthy of full credit as a witness
and that I am not interested in this claim for
G. P. Hardy Clerk
(official signature)

Heirs of James Crawford

While obtaining a digital image of a deed, I decided to re-do my research of land records in Warren County, Indiana for the Crawford surname. Not only does my ancestor, Nelson G. Crawford, and his descendants have land records in Warren County, but also the James Crawford married to Martha Knight and his descendants have land records in Warren County.

One of the finds (or re-finds) from this deed research was a deed identifying the heirs of James Crawford and Martha Knight.

Warren County Indiana

Book 8 – Deed records, v. 8-9, 1844-1848 FS film 1977053

Image 174
Page 282

This Indenture made the twenty first day of October in the year of our Lord
Eighteen hundred and forty four between James S Crawford and Rachel
Crawford his wife, Harvy H Crawford, Polly Crawford his wife William
H Crawford and Lutitia Crawford his wife and Moses J Lincoln and Eliza
beth Lincoln his wife formerly Elizabeth Crawford David Shankling and
Sarah Shankling his wife formerly Sarah Crawford Washington M Pugh and
Nancy Pugh his wife formerly Nancy Crawford Oliver Swank and Mary
Swank his wife formerly Mary Crawford John French and Celinda French his
wife formerly Celinda Crawford and Rebecca Crawford the Heirs of James
Crawford Deceased of the County of Warren and State of Indiana of the first
part and John Alexander of the County and State aforesaid of the other part
Witnesseth that the said above named persons for and in consideration of
the sum of Three Hundred Seventy five dollars to them in hand paid by the
said John Alexander the receipt whereof thea doth hereby acknowledge hat gran
ted bargained sold conveyed and confirmed, and doth by these presents grant
bargain sell convey and confirm unto the said John Alexander his heirs and
assigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land in the County of Warren afore
said it being the East half of the South East quarter of S35 in T21 N of Range 9

next page (page 283)

of Warren County Indiana
West lands subjected to sale at Crawfordsville estimated to contain eighty
acres to be the same more or less together with all the appurtenances thereunto
belonging and the  reversions remainders and profits thereof and all the estate
title and interest of the said above named persons in and to the same
To have and to hold the premises aforesaid with all the appurtenances to
the only proper use benefit and behoof of the said John Alexander, his
heirs and assigns forever. And the said above named persons for himself his
heirs executors and administrators doth covenant and agree to and with
the said John Alexander their heirs and assigns that he the said above
named parson is lawfully seized in fee of the premises aforesaid that
they are free from all incumbrance, and that they has good right to sell
and convey the same in manner and form aforesaid and further that
they and their heirs executors and administrators shall and will war
rant and defend the said premises to the said John Alexander his
heirs and assigns against the lawful claims of himself and his heirs
and also against the lawful claim or claims of all and every other person
or persons whatsoever. And the said Rachel Crawford the wife of
James S Crawford and Polly Crawford the wife of Harvey H Crawford
and Lutitia Crawford the wife of William A Crawford and Elizabeth
Lincoln the wife of Moses J Lincoln Sarah Shankling the wife of David
Shankling Nancy Pugh the wife of Washington M Pugh Mary Swank
the wife of Oliver Swank Celinda French the wife of John French and
Rebecca Crawford doth hereby relinquish all their right and title of
dower of and in the premises aforesaid In witness whereof the said above
named parsons have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year
above written.

Moses J Lincoln (seal)
Elizabeth her mark Lincoln (seal
Oliver Swank (seal
Mary Swank (seal)
Washington M Pugh (seal)
Nancy Pugh (seal)
David Shankland (seal)
Sarah Shankland (seal)
Rebecca her mark Crawford
James S Crawford (seal)
Rachel Crawford (seal)
William A Crawford (seal)
Lutitia Crawford (seal)
John his mark French (seal)
Celinda French (seal)
Harvey H Crawford (seal)
Polly D Crawford (seal

Singed Sealed and Delivered
in presence of
J [N] Wilson

State of Indiana Warren County to wit
Be it remembered that the within named James S Crawford and Rachel his
wife Harvy H Crawford and Polly his wife William A Crawford and Lutitia
his wife, Moses J Lincoln and Elizabeth his wife, David Shankling Sarah his
wife Washington M Pugh and Nancy his wife Oliver Swank and Mary Swank
his wife John French and Celinda his wife and Rebecca Crawford this
day personally before me the undersigned Justice of the Peace of the County

Page 284

Record of Deeds
of Warren and acknowledged that they signed sealed and deliv
ered the within indenture as their act and deed for the purposes
therein specified and the said above named persons being of
full age and being by me duly examined separate and apart from their
said husbands and the contents of the said indenture being made known
to her declared that they relinquished all their right and title of dower in
and to the lands and tenements in the within indenture set forth
and described and that they voluntarily and of their own free will and
accord and without any coercion or compulsion of their husbands sig
ned sealed and delivered the said indenture as their act and deed for
the purposes aforesaid. Given under my hand and seal at Williamsport
in the County aforesaid this 21 day of October in the year of our Lord eigh
teen hundred and forty four. J. N. Wilson a Justice of teh peace (seal)
Recorded December 30th AD 1845
Wm R Boyer Recorder of Warren County Indiana

Birth Order

Do you ever look at your genealogy information in a different way — just for the fun of it?

I find that doing Randy Seaver’s  ‘Saturday Night Genealogy Fun’ blog posts helps me see my data in a different way — even though I’m just doing it to participate in a fun activity.

This week’s challenge, should you accept it:

  1. Pick one of your ancestral lines — any one — patrilineal, matrilineal, zigzag, from a famous ancestor, etc. Pick a long one if you can.
  2. Tell us which position in the birth order that your ancestor was in each generation. For example “third child, first son.” Also list how many children were born to these parents.
  3. Share your Birth Order work with the community on your own blog post, in a comment to Randy’s original post, or in a comment on Facebook, et.

I thought about doing my Germanna line (Briles) but switched to my DAR line.

  1. Marcia Crawford, eldest child and only daughter
  2. Eugene Crawford was the second child of three, eldest son of Leon and Winnie Crawford. Eugene’s siblings both died young.
  3. Leon Russel Crawford (1894-1976)was the second child of seven of Judson Foster Crawford and Josie Winifred Hammond. Leon was the eldest son.
  4. Josie Winifred Hammond (1874-1954) was the 7th child of 9 of Richmond Fisk Hammond and Sarah Ellen Ralston. Josie was the youngest daughter. She had 2 younger brothers.
  5. Richmond Fisk Hammond (1840-1928), was the 10th child of 11 of Horatio Hammond and Louisa Fisk. Richmond was the youngest son.
  6. Horatio Hammond (1798-1879) was the youngest of six children of Jason Hammond and Rachel Hale. 
  7. Jason Hammond (1762-1830) was the eldest child of 9 children born to Nathaniel Hammond and Dorothy Tucker.
  8. Nathaniel Hammond (1733-1817) was the eldest child of 4 children born to Elijah Hammond and Mary Kingsbury.
  9. Elijah Hammond (1711-1800) was the youngest of seven children born to Isaac Hammond and Ann Hendrick.
  10. Isaac Hammond (1668-1715/6) was the fourth of seven children born to Thomas Hammond and Elizabeth Stedman.
  11. Thomas Hammond (abt 1630-1678) was the oldest of four children born to Thomas Hammond and Elizabeth Cason.
  12. Thomas Hammond (1603-1675) was my immigrant ancestor on this line. I do not have much information on Thomas and his family.

Most of the information on this family came from two books. 

  • Genealogy of the Family of Horatio Hammond, Ontario Illinois in the Direct Line from Thomas Hammond (Galesburg, Illlinois: Colville Printer, 1876).
  • History and Genealogies of the Hammond Families in America With an Account of the Early History of the Family in Normandy and Great Britain (Oneida, NY: Ryan & Burkhart, 1904).


General Affidavit
State of Indiana
County of Warren

In the matter of the original invalid pension claim of
Washington M. Crawford
Personally came before me, a Henry C. Johnson, Clerk WCC, in  and for
aforesaid County and State, Washington M. Crawford,
West Lebanon, Ind.
aged 41 years, well known to me to be a reputable and entitled to credit, and who, being duly
sworn, declare in relation to aforesaid case, as follows:

I was taken prisoner Sept. 22, 1863 and was
released Dec 10 1864 my term of service expired
August 3 1864 soon after my return to Anapolis
Md I was furloughed home and remained there
sixty days then I was sent to NY City
and discharged never having seen the regim
to which I belonged and never even
having any symptom of Bronchitus
before my imprisonment I was never
treated by my regimental Surgeon

Washington M. Crawford

John C Goodwine
Jacob G McClean

Crawford Discharge

To all whom it may concern

Know ye, That Washington M. Crawford a
Sergeant of Captain
Company (H) 2nd Regiment of New York Cav.
Volunteers who was enrolled on the third day of August
one thousand eight Hundred and sixty one to serve three years or
during the war, is hereby Discharged from the service of the United States
this eight day of April 1865, at New York
City by reason of Expiration of term of service.
No objection to his being re-enlisted is known to exist.
Said Washington M. Crawford was born in Warren County
in the State of Indiana, is twenty six years of age
five feet ten inches high fair complexion, grey eyes
sandy hair, and by occupation, when enrolled, a farmer.
Given at New York City, this Sixth day of
May 1865
Henry [Allen]
Capt 12/3 U.S. Infnt
[Must] Off