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ThruLines Missing

I’m in love with how ThruLines is helping me learn more about my DNA matches. I wanted to show my husband how helpful this tool is.

Unfortunately, when I went to his DNA test to look at his ThruLines, the screen indated he didn’t have any.

When I check the DNA test for his mother, there are ThruLines.

I found this odd since both tests are attached to the same tree. Since the message indicated an issue with the tree, I started investigating the tree. A look at the pedigree view of his tree indicates that he has a fairly extensive tree.

Knowing that a lack of ‘Ancestry sources’ could cause issues with a tree, I checked one of his ancestors to see if he had any sources attached on his Ancestry tree.

I then checked his tree overview.

At this time, I can’t figure out why one DNA test has ThruLines while another test does not when they are attached to the same tree. 
I have called Ancestry about this issue. While working with the tech, I discovered that there are issues on the Matches screen. When the ‘Common Ancestor’ filter is selected, no matches are returned.

On the main DNA screen, it indicates that there are 76 Shared Ancestor Hints.

If I go back to circles, I can verify that there were at least 16 DNA circles prior to the switch to ThruLines.

Unfortunately, Ancestry wasn’t able to figure out the issue. At this point, their suggestion was to ‘improve’ the tree. 

I have used the ‘Provide Feedback’ link to add a comment about the issues on the matches pages. Since all of this is just rolling out, I’m going to be patient and see if the issue gets resolved.