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Searchable Trees

Do you have a private tree on Ancestry? If so, I would like to convince you to make it searchable — especially if you have a DNA test attached to that tree. (See AncestryDNA ThruLines FAQ)

Ancestry’s new DNA ThruLines tool is helping me figure out how I connect with my multitude of DNA matches. The clues provided on my James Crawford ThruLines have helped me identify another granddaughter, Matilda Caroline Stoner.

The clues provided by ThruLines were just enough for me to begin locating records to document this relationship in my tree. The ThruLines tool uses the PRIVATE box to show the generations I am missing before connecting with my DNA match.

Based on the information from ThruLines, I’ve been able to begin filling in this family in my tree. Since I’ve just begun researching Matilda’s descendants, I still need to locate information on  the descendants so I can validate this DNA Connection.

I wouldn’t have any of this information without the hints provided by ThruLines. Thus, I would never have connected with the matches at the bottom of that private tree.

Please, help make ThuLines more powerful!If you have done a DNA test and have an unattached tree, attach the tree to your DNA test.If you have a private tree attached to your DNA, make that tree searchable.