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Deeds and Heirs

I love it when I find a deed listing heirs! Do you?

I thought I was going to learn the heirs of Alexander Crawford of Pulaski County, Kentucky when I found the following in the Pulaski County, Kentucky Grantor Index

1843 Crawford et al Alex C — Martha Crawford — Book 13, page 330

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a deed for the Alexander Crawford I found in the Pulaski County, Kentucky tax lists.

However, this deed does identify the HEIRS of John Crawford. If you have a Crawford family in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, then this deed might break down some walls.

Pulaski County Kentucky
Deeds, 1799-1901; index to deeds 1799-1934

Deeds, V. 13 1846-1850
FS Film 804601 DGS 8193855

Page 330, 331

Image 176

This Indenture of bargain and sale made and entered into this 27th
Day of December 1843 between William H.C Crawford John Q A Crawford
James Crawford Alex C Crawford [Timelean] Crawford and Jones Crawford
heirs & legal representative of John Crawford Decd of the one part
and Martha Crawford (called in the suit Matty) of the other part
witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of $70 the
said John Crawford decd in his lifetime sold to the said Martha
Crawford a tract of land containing one hundred acres in the
in the county of Pulaski and the waters of the Sinking Vally
and bounded as followeth (to wit) Beginning at a poplar supposed
to stand on Saml Evans old line thence N 41 W 90 poles to two black oaks &
chestnut oak in the gap of a ridge thence N 9 W 53 poles to the Chestnuts thence
N 31 W 52 poles to a poplar and Spanish Oak thence N 41 E 35 poles to
a black oak in a pint thence S 69 E 70 poles to a post oak on the side of
a rocky ridge thence S 40 E 40 poles to a black oak Hickory and chestnut
on the east side of a spring thence S 14 E 70 poles to a mulberry standing
at the edge of a large limestone rock thence N 84 E 40 poles to a large
post Oak and small post Oak bush and two small black oak bushes
thence S 59 E 10 poles to a stake on Saml Evans line thence with his
line S 48 W 114 poles to the beginning
To have and to hold the said tract of land until the said Martha
Crawford I James Tervill by virtue of a decree of the Rockastle circuit
court in a suit pending wherein the said Martha (cc) Matty Crawford is
complainant and the heirs of John Crawford Decd as are defts do confirm
unto the said Martha Crawford the tract of land described agreeable
to said decree [Waranting] and defending the title thereof against the heirs
of John Crawford decd aforesaid and against the claim or claims of all
persons whatsoever in testimonty of which I hereunto set my hand and
seal as commissioner of said court

James Terrill

Commonwealth of Kentucky
Rockastle Circuit Sct
I James Terrill Clerk of the Rockastle
Circuit Court do certify that this deed of conveyance from William H Crawford
John Q A Crawford, James Crawford Alexander C Crawford Timolean
Crawford and Jones Crawford heirs and legal Representatives of John
Crawford Decd by James Terrill Commissioner under a decree of the
Rockastle Circuit Court

page 331 (image 177)

To Martha Crawford was on the 2nd Day of Dec (call) term of the
Rockastle Circuit Court 1844 produced in open court and acknowledged
by the said James Terrill Commr as afsd to be his act and deed and
ordered to be Certified to the Clerks Office of the Pulaski Count Court
for record where the premises lie which is hereby done accordingly
given under my hand this 22nd day of June 1847.
James Terrill Clk
By I M Menefee DC