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Since the deed for Adams Crawford’s purchase of land was from the estate of Thomas Adams, I decided to try and locate a probate record or will for Thomas Adams. I was able to locate an 1808 will for Thomas Adams in Pulaski County.

Pulaski County, Kentucky

Wills 1801-1838
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Pulaski County Kentucky

Adam Thomas

I Thomass Addams being of a sound mind and good
memory do make and ordain this my last will
and testament after recommending my soul to
God hoping for a glourious resurrection there the
interpresilion of the Lord Jesus Christ; as to my
wourldly concerns my will is that they shall
be disposed of n the following manner to wit
[Item] the my will is that my sister Jane
McIlewee have all the rents of my land during
her life but to have no power to make a tresfer of
said land my will also that at the death of
my sister should she be  longer lives is
that all my lands should be sold and my
will is also that in [nesse] to wit Marhtay
Gilman have a likely young Negro wentch
not to excede seventeen years of age

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The said negro to be n the position of my
self and sister during our lives then to be
disposed of as above and in case there should
be no negro goal in that case my will is
that my nese above mentioned shall have
three hundred dollars out of the money arising from the
sail of any of my lands, I will to Jane
Gilmore sew a large Vallom of [Jasefus]
Ritins now in posstion of said Gilman
I will also to my nese above to wit Martha
Gilmore my bed and fernuture my will
is also that after my just debts and being
charges are paid the hole the ballence of
my estate to be disposed of in the following
manner, to wit, they nefew William McK[?]
and my nese as before mentioned to wit
Marthy Gilmore with all the heirs of the
said Marthey and Jane Gilmore
that shaul be livint at the [t?]
this my will should be executed and all
the heirs my nese Margret Crofford wife of
Alexander Crofford that shall be living as a[?]

page 48

The estate as before mentioned to be equally
decided amon the above mentioned legetees
my will is also that my trusty friends John
James, William Hamilton see that the
into fully and justly executed signed and
delivered in presents of us Sept the 23 1[?]

Thomas Addams

John James
Joseph McAllaster
John Presston

At a Court held for Pulaski County on Monday
27th day of June 1808 This will was proven
the true last will and testament of Thomas
Adams decd by the oath of John James [J?]
Preston two of the witnesses thereto and [?]
another court held for the said county
Monday the 22d day of August in the said
year the said will was fully proven to be [?]
act and deed, of the said Thomas Adams [?]
the oath of Joseph McAllaster, another wit[ness]
thereto, and the same has been duly recorded in
my office as per order of said court
Test Will [Fox]