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Maybe Brothers

Have  you ever found people of the same surname in a census record and later wondered whether they were an unknown sibling? If so, then you understand when I wonder whether Alexander Crawford could be a sibling to the other Crawfords who married in Lincoln County, Kentucky prior to 1800?

Alexander Crofford is listed on the 1789 tax list for Lincoln County, Kentucky. Even though I have been researching other Crawford families in this area, I had ignored Alexander Crofford because other researchers have identified Alexander Crawford as a descendant of Alexander Crawford and Mary McPheeters.

However, when I found Alexander Crawford on the Pulaski County, Kentucky tax lists along with William Crawford, I began to research Alexander Crawford.

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The will of Thomas Adams identified the wife of Alexander Crawford as Margaret McElwee, niece of Thomas Adams. Since Alexander Crawford married Margaret McElwee in Lincoln County, Kentucky in 1788, I believe the Alexander Crawford of Pulaski County, Kentucky is the same Alexander Crawford found in the Pulaski County records.

The Find a Grave entry for Alexander Crawford uses family relationships in Augusta County, Virginia to make the case that the Alexander Crawford of Pulaski County, Kentucky is likely descended from Alexander and Mary McPheeters Crawford — or a relative of this Alexander Crawford.

I would like to argue that Alexander Crawford is related to one or more of the Crawford families in early Lincoln and Madison Counties.

First, most of the connected families identified on the Find a Grave site are found in Lincoln County. William McElwee appears on court records for 1783. Several Logan family members are on the 1787 tax list for Lincoln County, Kentucky. 

Also located in Lincoln County, Kentucky are several Crawford family members: James Crawford, John Crawford, John Crawford, William Crawford, Rebekah Crawford and Mary Crawford.

William Crawford and James Crawford lived along the Paint Lick Creek. Tax records indicate that both owned land surveyed by the Kennedys. This William Crawford is the same William Crawford found on the Pulaski County Kentucky tax records along with Alexander Crawford.

Besides Alexander Crawford, three other Crawfords were married in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Mary Crawford marriage James Sellers in 1791. James Crawford married Martha Knight in 1793. Sarah Crawford married William Sellers in 1795. Rebekah Crawford gave permission for the marriage of Mary and Sarah. It is believed that Rebekah Crawford’s maiden name was Douglas. Nathan Douglas and James Crawford provided the bond for the marriage of James and Martha. Thus, Mary, James and Sarah are believed to be children of Rebekah and thus siblings.

Alexander Crawford and Margaret McElwee were married in 1788 in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Unfortunately, none of the names listed on the marriage bond connect Alexander Crawford to the other Crawfords. However, the date and place support the theory that Alexander Crawford is a sibling of Mary, James and Sarah Crawford.

At this time, all I have is circumstantial evidence tying Alexander Crawford to the other Crawford families in Lincoln County, Kentucky. I invite all Alexander Crawford researchers to join me in trying to locate documentation of Alexander’s parents.