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Cowan vs Crawford

Lincoln County Kentucky
Court Order Books 1781-1919

Vols. 1-2 1781-1786
FS Film 192253 – DGS 7763893

Image 168

February Court 1784

John Cowan Pltf
William Crawford Deft
In Tx over
By consent of the parties, it is ordered that all
matters in difference between them relative to this
first be referred to the arbitration and determination
of James Speed and Joseph Davies and their award
or the award of such persons as they shall choose for
umpire in case they disagree to be made the
judgement of the court

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page 154
March Court 1784

John Cowan Plt
William Crawford Deft
In [Trover or Frover]
This day came the parties by their attor
nies and the arbitrators to whom all
matters in difference between the said
parties were referred, returned their report
in these words, to wit, 5th March 1784
“We the within refferees do award that
The plaintiff be cast in his suit and pay
costs. James Speed, Joseph Davis
It is therefore the opinion of the Court that
the defendant go hence without day and
recover against the plaintiff his costs by him
about his suit in this behalf incurred