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1785 Kentucky Court

Lincoln County Kentucky
Court Order Books 1781-1919

Vols. 2 1785-1786
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William Crawford served on a jury in the Lincoln County, Court during the February 1785 term.

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February Court 1785
John Seekright of the Demise of John Parks
[?ale] an Infant by his
Guardians John Cowan
and Joseph Davis Plt
John Kincaid
In Ejectment for one
[messuage] one tenement
and 1000 acres of land
Situate in the County
of Lincoln and Parish
of Kentucky

This day came the parties by their Attornies and there
upon came also a jury, to wit, James Davis, James Logan
James Thompson, James Knox, John Edmunson, Jo
seph Scott, Edward Worthington, John Patterson, John
Berry, George Davidson, Thomas Montgomery and
William Crawford who being elected tried and sworn well
and truly to try the Issue joined upon their oaths do say
that the Defendant is guilty of the Trespass and Ejecment
in the declaration mentioned, It is therefore considered
continued on next page

by the court that the Plaintiff recover against the said Defen
dant his [Tennyet] to come of and in the lands in the Declaration
mentioned, and his costs by him about his suit in this behalve
expended and the said defendant n Mercy.