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Did I Find a Marriage Record

Have you ever looked at a court document trying to figure out who all of the people are and suddenly realize you may have stumbled across something totally different?

Well, that was my situation yesterday. I found additional documentation for the 1779 will of John Crawford in Montgomery County, Virginia (Order Book 2, image 292),

At a court c/ and held for Montgomery County April 7th 1779

Last will and testament of John Crawford deceased proven by oath of George
[D]ouglas James Crawford and Bazewell Maxwell and ordered to be recorded

Administration of the Estate of Jno Crawford deceased with  the will annexed
[?]granted Rebecca Maxwell and James Crawford who entered into bond
[?] [a]nd security according to law

Ordered that Patrick Campbell James Campbell Robert Black and Archbald
Reaugh or any three of them being first sworn appraise the personal estate
and slaves if any of John Crawford Decd and make return thereof to the next

Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of John Maxwell decd returned
[?] Court and Ordered to be recorded

When I first looked at this entry, I was trying to link this record to my Kentucky research. One of the Crawfords I’m researching in Kentucky is Rebekah Crawford. Rebekah Crawford appears on the 1787 tax list in Lincoln County, Kentucky.

It is believed that Rebekah’s husband was John Crawford — the same John Crawford mentioned in the Montgomery County court record. I had previously located John Crawford’s will in the Montgomery County Virginia Wills Book B on image 474. 

I leave to my true and loving wife, Rebecah her thirds during her life and if she merys the estate is to be sold the land into be equally divided between my two sons James & Nathan Craford and a equal devid mong all the chidren of the stock and housal plenishingJohn Crawford

Since Rebekah Crawford of Lincoln County, Virginia is believed to be the mother of the James Crawford who married Martha Knight, this will could be for Rebakah’s husband. However, I don’t have any mention of a Nathan Crawford in my research. Thus, I needed more proof. 

I believe that yesterday I found the support to tie the will of John Crawford in Montgomery County, Virginia to Rebekah Crawford in Lincoln, County, Kentucky. The names of the witnesses to the Montgomery County will are also found in the area of Kentucky where Rebekah lived.

Rebekah may have been listed on the tax roles in Lincoln County, Kentucky, but the land she purchased lies in what is now Garrard County, Kentucky. Rebekah purchased that land from George Douglass. George Douglass is believed to be the brother of Rebekah Crawford. 

Other Crawfords living in Garrard County include James and William Crawford. James’ wife was Rebecca Anderson Maxwell. James and his wife Rebecca, along with Bazewell Maxwell and his wife and others are the grantors on a deed for land from the John Anderson estate. Thus, James Crawford and Bazewell Maxwell are brothers-in-law.

Thus, all three witnesses to the John Crawford will can be found in Garrard County, Kentucky.

As I re-read the court entries, I couldn’t figure out the reference to Rebecca Maxwell. None of the information I have suggested that Rebecca Crawford remarried. Then it dawned on me — Rebecca Anderson Maxwell married James Crawford. 

I think the marriage bond of Rebecca Maxwell and James Crawford is buried between entries regarding the will of John Crawford.

[?]granted Rebecca Maxwell and James Crawford who entered into bond
[?] [a]nd security according to law

Unfortunately, the left side of the page is missing, so I will never know for certain that this is a record for a marriage bond. However, the names, date and place fit.

So, what do you think?

Are the witnesses enough to tie the death of John Crawford in Montgomery County, Virginia to Rebecca Crawford of Lincoln/Garrard Counties, Kentucky?

Is that a record of a marriage bond for Rebecca Maxwell and James Crawford?