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Will James Crawford of Fleming County Kentucky

James Crawford’s 1835 will found on pages 435-436 of Book E in Fleming County, Kentucky


  • daughter Mary Kennerey
  • son Crawford
  • late son Henry Crawford
  • son Josiah Crawford
  • daughter Margery Blankenship (Maargary Kenney)
  • late daughter Sarah Conran
  • son James Crawford
  • Son Samuel Crawford
  • Daughter Jane Hamlett
  • daughter Elizabeth Crawford
  • son Joshua Crawford
  • daughter Ann Barton
  • son John L Crawford

James Crawford Will

In the name of God Amen. I James Crawford(farmer) of Fleming County and Commonwealthof Kentucky in the seventy seventh year of my agebeing of sound mind and memory. And knowing theuncertainty of this life and the certainty of deathdo make and ordain this my last will andtestament in manner and form followingItem I will that my executors herein after to benamed pay all my just debts of what kind soever out ofany monies or property whatsoever that I may die possessinItem I give devise and bequeath unto my daughterMary Kennerey twenty five dollars unto my sonCrawford twenty five dollars unto the heirs of mylate son Henry Crawford deceased forty dollars (tendollars of the same being of debt due unto my saidson Henry from me unto my son Josiah Crawford. Thirty dollars my daughter Margery Blankenship
page 436

(one Margary Kenney Thirty Dollars unto the heirs of mylate daughter Sarah Conran deceased thirty dollars unto myson James Crawford thirty dollars unto my son SamuelCrawford thirty dollars unto my daughter Jane Hamlettthirty dollars unto my daughter Elizabeth Crawford thirtydollars unto my son Joshua Crawford and unto mydaughter Ann Barton thirty dollars. all of which to themand their heirs and assigns forever. I give the same unto my son John L Crawford I have give a sum equal to the abovemaking him in full equal to any of my heirs any divisionwhatsoever taken int considerationItem it is my will that the above legacees be paid withinone year after my decease except the heirs of my deceaseddaughter Sarah Crawford whos legacy I wish may be putat interest until shuch times as they may marry or comeat the age of twenty one yearsItem the remainder of my estate that may be left after payingmy debts and defraying and paying all contingencies I wishdivided equally amongst my children or rather among theseveral legatees above named and described to them andunto their heirs and assigns I give devise and bequeth thesame forever Lastly I nominate constitute and appoint my sons James and Josiah Crawford executorsof this my last will and testament hereby revokingall former wills by me made and confirming this aloneto be my last will which I seal publish and declare this27th day of September in the year of our Lord onethousand eight hundred and thirty fiveInterlined in the ninth line (the heirs of)and in the thirteenth line (at)Jame Crawford (seal)In presence ofDouglas [I Muin]Elias P. DavisThomas R main
At a court held for Fleming County on 23rd day of May 1836this writing purporting to be the last will and testament ofJames Crawford deceased was produced in courtand was proved by the oaths of Douglas [I Miur] and EliasP. Davis two of the subscribing witnesses thereto to be the willof said Crawford and the said will was ordered to recordwhich is duly doneA M Geo N Stockton Clerk

Fleming County KentuckyProbate RecordsVols. D-E 1829-1837FS Film 344040 DGS 4818899