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Crawford Marriages – Fleming County Kentucky

The will of James Crawford in Fleming County, Kentucky lists his children, giving the married names of his daughters. This makes it possible to match up the marriage records with the legacees from the will.


  • daughter Mary Kennerey [married William Kenny  October 19th 1809 ]
  • son Crawford
  • late son Henry Crawford
  • son Josiah Crawford
  • daughter Margery Blankenship (Maargary Kenney) [married John Kenny September 18 1810]
  • late daughter Sarah Conran [married Jonathan Cochran April 7th —— (likely 1814)]
  • son James Crawford [married Fanny Mills February 15 1821]
  • Son Samuel Crawford
  • Daughter Jane Hamlett [married Joseph Hamlet March 22 1820]
  • daughter Elizabeth Crawford
  • son Joshua Crawford [married Mary Howard 1828 Feby 14]
  • daughter Ann Barton
  • son John L Crawford

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Image 17 

Alexander Crawford to Rebecca Alexander by Benjamin Northcut 24 June 1810

Image 18

Isaiah Crawford to Sarah Hillards by Rev. Benjamin Northcott January 27th 1814 Jonathan Cochran to Sarah Crawford by Rev. Benjamin Northcott April 7th —— (likely 1814)Jacob Crawford to Elizabeth Jackson by Daniel Moss March 19 1814 
Image 20

James Crawford to Fanny Mills by Benjm Northcott February 15 1821 
Image 61

William Kenny to Mary Crawford by Benjm Northcout October 19th 1809 John Kenny to Margery Crawford by Benj Northcott September 18 1810
Image 60

James Johnston to Nancy Crawford by A G Houston October 25th 1825 
Image 50 

Joseph Hamlet to Jane Crawford by Benj Northcott March 22 1820 
Image 133 – start of book B
Image 155 

1828 Feby 14 – Joshua Crawford and Mary Howard by Benjamin Northcott 
Image 156

1830 Oct 7 Adam C Crawford and Elizabeth James by William Wilson

Image 158

1837 Dec 26 John P Cochran and Mary Ann Crawford by Benjamin Northcott