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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

For this week’s mission (should you decide to accept it), answer the question:
1)  It’s story time – tell us how you met your spouse or significant other.  If you don’t have one, tell us about how your parents met each other.

It’s the spring of 1971 and I’m a freshman at Kansas State Teachers College in Emporia. I’ve just started my new job as an assistant in the chemistry department. I worked two afternoons a week – Tuesdays and Thursday – in the storeroom. It was my job to check out and then check in glassware, thermometers and other supplies to the chemistry students. Most of my ‘customers’ were in Chemistry I or II students. Since dress codes for my sorority were still enforce, I was not only one of the few females working in the department, but I was the only one in a skirt. 

Even though my husband and I met that semester, I don’t remember him. He was just another student at the storeroom door requesting equipment. It was during our sophomore year that Mike and I ‘met’ again as we were in Quantitative Chemical Analysis together. Not only did we study together, but we were both working as lab assistants in the chemistry department. 

During our junior year, we were again in class together. This time, it was Modern Physics. Not only were we study partners, but we were seriously dating, becoming engaged in February of that year.

We were married the day after graduation. We started our married life as chemistry and physics teachers. Mike was hired by USD 442 to teach science at Nemaha Valley High School in April of  our senior year — a month before our wedding. In June, I was hired by USD 380 to teach science for Centralia and Frankfort High Schools. Two years later, I resigned my job with USD 380 and began teaching biology at Nemaha Valley High School. 

In 2016, we both retired from teaching after 42 years in the profession. For Mike, all of those years were spent at 214 N. 11th St, Seneca (Nemaha Valley and then Nemaha Central High Schools). The 2015-2016 school year was my 40th year in the building. 

Later this month, we will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary.