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ThruLines Issue – Can I Resolve It?

While trying to figure out why I can’t find 4th cousin matches for descendants of Nelson G. Crawford, I ran across my first obviously incorrect ThruLines screen. One of my known third cousin once removed showed up on the ThruLines for my 4th great-grandfather, James Crawford thru the Walter Beggs and the Monroe line.

Instead of matching thru Walter Beggs and the Monroe line, our common ancestor is thru Ethel Anita Lighter and the Lida A Crawford line.

I found this odd since other close relatives of this match show up on the ThruLines for my 2nd Great Grandfather Washington Marion Crawford.

When I looked at my match’s tree, it was obvious why ThruLines was confused

  • we are a close DNA match 
  • shared matches suggest a match on my Crawford line
  • my match’s tree doesn’t contain any names lining up with Crawford ancestry

Thus, the computer guessed. Unfortunately, the computer needs some more information so it can ‘guess’ correctly. Thus, I’m going to message my match and see if she would be willing to add a mother for Eugene Beggs to her tree. Then it will become a waiting game to see if  the ThruLines change.