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Samuel Anderson Will

Madison County, Kentucky
Family Search
Mixed Probate Records, Vols. A-B 1787-1819
FS Film 183266 DGS 007553082

Vol. A
page 351 (Image 184)

In the name of God Amen
I Samuel Anderson being a low state of
health and knowing the uncertainty of Humane existence although in
my propoer sence and memory for which I bless God do make [co?]
and appoint this to be my last will and testament [?]
dis[cumuling] all other to wit, Impres[?] my [w?]
just debts to be first paid out of my personal estate [?]
hereafter [? – blurred ink]
and to my niece Betsy Campbell my stock of horse Creator, to be
equally divided between them Item I give all my [?ing]

page 352

wearing apparel to my brother William Anderson
Item I give to my brother Isaac my stock of hogs
Item I give to my sister Margaret Maxwell, Rebecah Crawford
Mary Campbell and Anne Gass and my brother John
Anderson each twenty five cents Item I give to my
Brother James Anderson my plantation and land adjoining
my brother Isaac, Joseph Kennedy and William Morrison
together with all my farming tools and all other property
not herein mentioned and I do appoint my said brother James
Anderson my sole executor of this my last will and Testament
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal
this 10th day of December 1804
Samuel Anderson
Signed and Acknowledged
In presence of
William Briscoe
David Maxwell
At a Court held for Madison County on Monday the 7th day of
April 1806 this will was proved to be the last will and
testament of Samuel Anderson deceased by the oath of William
Briscoe and on another day to wit on the 5th day of May 1806
The said will was fully proved by the oath of David Maxewell
another witness thereto an ordered to be recorded

Albert Will Irvine CMC