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Sellers Deed

Have you ever encountered some random information in a Facebook post that led you to look for additional records? That was my experience recently when someone posted in the Families of Garrard County, Kentucky group about the Sellers-Kennedy riot.

Since my Crawford family left Garrard County before 1820, I haven’t paid much attention to the history of the county after that. One of the Crawford lines I’m tracking from the Garrard County area had two daughters marry into the Sellers family. (William Sellers married Sarah Crawford and James Sellers married Mary Crawford) These particular Sellers families also moved out of the county.

At this point, I don’t know how the Sellers of the 1873 riot connect to the Sellers family of the 1790s but I’m guessing they do connect.

One of the comments on the post mentioned the search for Sellers deeds. When I looked back at my research, I realized I did not have the deed for the sale of land. Since those records are easily accessible on FamilySearch, I located that deed today.

At first glance, this deed may be for land that belonged to James Sellers and Mary Crawford.

Garrard County, Kentucky
Land and Property

Deeds, Vols. R-S 1849-1859
Family Search Film 183249 DGS 8191827

Deed Book R page 480
image 245

No 3799 Isaac Marksbury Commissioner to James Anderson
This indenture made and entered into this day of September 1830 between Isaac
Marksbury Commissioner appointed under a decree of the Garrard Circuit Court
pronounced at the June Term 1830 wherein James Sellars heirs are complete and
James Sellar heirs are deft of one part and James Anderson of Garrard County
of the other part, witnesseth that whereas by a former decree of the Garrard Circuit
Court pronounced in the above suit, the said Isaac Marksbury as Commissi
oner was authorized and directed to sell a certain tract of land lying on the
waters of Sugar Creek, which descended to the said heirs from their ancestor James
Sellars, which sale was mad and Nathan Sellars became the purchaser
thereof, and it appearing that said Nathan has sold said land to the said 
James Anderson, and the said Garrard Circuit Court having appointed
& authorized the said Isaac Marksbury to make the conveyance, to said
Anderson now therefor in consideration thereof the said Isaac Marksbury
by these presents does sell alien en[seoss] and convey unto the said James
Anderson the following tract or parcel of land lying and being in the
County of Garrard and bounded as follows to wit Beginning at A
a stone corner to James Anderson running from thence N 80 degrees W 160 poles
to a stake another corner of said Anderson in Downings back line, thence
with said line N 10 degrees E 160 poles to a large poplar thence S 80 degrees E 160 poles to
an old stump on a washed hill side thence South 10 degrees W 26 poles to a
stake in a field thence East 28 poles to 3 beeches in the creek thence
up the creek with its meanders S 20 degrees W 28 poles S42 degrees W 10 poles to the mouth
of a branch at a sugar tree thence up the branch N 80 degrees W 21 1/2 poles
to an Elm in the old line thence with said line S 10 degrees W 102 poles to the
beginning containing 164 acres and 3 roods.

page 481

To have and to hold the afsd tract or parcel of land with all and
singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging to him the said James
Anderson his heirs [pd] in fee simple forever and the said Isaac
Marksbury as Commissions afsd does covenant that he will warr
ant and defend the title of said land to him the said Anderson
his heirs [fd] against the claim or claims of all persons claiming throu
gh or by the heirs of James Sellars, decd.
In Testimony whereof he has hereto set his hand and seal 
the day & year above
Isaac Marksbury
Garrard circuit Sct
It appears from the records of the Garrard Circuit Court
Clerks office of which court I am clerk that this deed was produced
in open County by Isaac Marksbury Comm on the 24th day of March
1831, and acknowledged by him to be his act and deed approved
and ordered to be recorded and handed over to the clerk of the Garr
ard County Court for record in his office.
I have therefor recorded the same in the deed Book
of the Garrard Circuit Court & have handed the same to the
Clerk of the Garrard County Court to be by him recorded
this 2nd April 1830.
Alex R McKee Clerk
Garrard Circuit Ct
This deed has a clue that hopefully will lead to more records:

decree of the Garrard Circuit Court pronounced at the June Term 1830
Now to locate the correct set of court records and find the Sellars case in those records!