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Finding the Daughters

Have you ever tried to piece a family together without the aide of a document identifying children. That’s what I’m trying to do with William E. Crawford, son of James and Rebecca (Anderson) Crawford.

I’m using public member trees on Ancestry and the family on the FamilySearch tree as clues. Then I’m trying to find records to support the relationships.

Based on these trees, I think William E. and Elizabeth (Davis) Crawford had three daughters: Milly Crawford, Ann B. Crawford and Elizabeth Jane Crawford.

I believe I have found marriage records that may be for these three daughters.

Milly Crawford married John Douglas on 23 April 1830 in Decatur County, Indiana.

Film #004170593 (Decatur County, Indiana Marriage Records vol. B 1829-1834)
image 138
page 26

I do certify that I joined together n the holy
state of matrimony John Douglas and Milly
Crawford given under my hand this 23 of April
David Douglas Elder Church of Christ

Ann Crawford married James Cartee on 2 Dec 1841 in St. Francois County, Missouri.

Image 48 of 343 (Film 914393  St. Francois County Missouri Marriage Record Vol. 1 1836-1852)
page 46

State of Missouri – County of St Francois
This is to certify that I solemnized the wrights of
matrimony between James Cartee and Ann Crawford
on the 2nd day of December 1841 both of this county.
Givenunder my hand this 2nd day of July 1842
C T Welborn Justice of the peace
Filed and Recorded August 5th 1842
John Coble Recorder

Eliza Jane Crawford married Moses Cartee on 4 Jan 1843 in St. Francois County, Missouri.

Image 51 of 343 – page 52  (Film 914393  St. Francois County Missouri Marriage Record Vol. 1 1836-1852)

I hereby certify that I joined together inthe holy state of matrimony Moses Cartee andEliza Jane Crawford on the fourth day of Januaryin the year 1843 both of St Francois County andState of Missouri. Given under my hand March 1st1843

William E Crawford

Justice of Peace

Filed for record March 29th 1843

John Coble Recorder

The 1850 census for St. Francois County, Missouri suggests that Milly Crawford Douglas died prior to 1850. Page 194 in District 80 shows the following families: James and Ann Cartee, William E Crawford, John W Douglas, John M Crawford, and William Crawford. The birthplaces of the children provide hints that the family migrated from Indiana to Missouri around 1841. 

I found a second marriage for Moses Cartee and Ellen Cochran on 29 May 1848 in St. Francois County, Missouri. This marriage was performed by William E. Crawford, Justice of the Peace.

Image 78 – page 103  (Film 914393  St. Francois County Missouri Marriage Record Vol. 1 1836-1852)

State of Missouri

St Francois County

Joined together in marriage Moses Cartee and Mary Ellen Cochranboth of St. Francois County MO Given under my hand 29th May 1848 William E Crawford Justice of Peace

Recorded June 10th 1848

Jno Coble Recorder by Wm R Taylor DC

If the Moses Cartee is the same individual that married Ellen Cochran in 1848 as the one that married Eliza Jane Crawford in 1843, then either Moses and Eliza Jane were divorced prior to 1848 or Eliza Jane died prior to 1848.
Further research is needed to support my theories about these families. Since I have potential names for spouses, it will be easier to find documents about these women and hopefully tie them to the family of William E. Crawford.