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Bad Citations

Do you have older source citations in your tree that your high school English teacher would yell at you about? Do you have source citations in your tree that even you can’t use to locate the information?

I don’t know about you, but I have such sources in my tree. As I’m reviewing my Crawford research, I’m finding those source citations.

Most of these HORRIBLE citations came from my early days of research when citation standards were just being developed. 

If I look at one of those ’email message’ citations, I find it attached to a residence fact.

If I go back to my genealogy file from The Master Genealogist and look at the event, I find that, although incomplete, I had a source that was NOT based on an email message.

My only explanation is that the source was somehow corrupted in the transfer to RootsMagic.

Unfortunately, I’ve deleted those ‘bad’ sources from events in the  James Crawford (1758-1836) timeline on RootsMagic. Thankfully, I haven’t deleted those bad sources from everyone in my database. I can use the RootsMagic and the event to which it is attached to find my way back to the same source in The Master Genealogist.

Roots Magic Source
Same Source in The Master Genealogist

Since those sources were in my Roots Magic database when I used TreeShare to upload my data to Ancestry, those BAD sources are in my Heartland Genealogy tree on Ancestry.

Unfortunately, at this time, I don’t know how to find all of those sources. Basically, I need a report in RootsMagic that will print all sources using a specific source template and the person and event to which that source is attached.

I’ve learned my lesson! My poorly cited data hinders my own research as well as keeping others from following my line of thinking.

Wish me luck as I try to clean up this mess!