DNA Haplogroup

Thanks to some updates to the yDNA test I manage, my Crawford line (James Crawford – born 1772, died 1854) has been assigned a new Haplogroup: R-A13336. Previously, we had been grouped in the larger R-M269 Haplogroup. According to a Crawford project administrator, I also share the Y30725 terminal SNP with another match. It is my understanding that work is still being done to determine which is older: the A13336 or the Y30725.

Thus, I can use the R-A13336 haplogroup to identify my closest Crawford yDNA matches. These matches have identified the following ‘earliest known yDNA ancestors’.

  • Robert Crawford II – born 1752
  • Richard Crawford – born 1777 Barbados, d 1850 Curacao
  • John Crawford – died early 1700s
  • James Craufurd – born 1641 Scotland, died 1683 Delaware
  • Hugh Crawford 

If I also look at the R-Y30725 match, then I can add another earliest known yDNA ancestor

  • Edward Crawford – born 1770 in PA or VA, died 1826 Overton County, TN

At this point, I am clueless as to how my Crawford line might connect to these other Crawford lines. However, I am going to expand my research into the following areas:

  • Overton County, TN
  • Orange County, NC
  • Nelson County, KY

As I look at Crawford records in these new areas, I’m also going to look for ties between the families of early Garrard, Lincoln and Madison counties in Kentucky and the Crawford families in these new areas. I’m also hoping to collaborate with descendants of each of these matches. Hopefully, we can figure out how we are related and in the process find more yDNA cousins.

Databases and Colors

Do you think of your genealogy research as a tree or a database? I realize many people fall into the ‘tree’ group, but I am in the ‘database’ group.

Because I think of my data as a database, I want computer software to manage that data versus only using an online tree. I use RootsMagic to manage my database. You might say, ‘but that’s family tree software’ and I would say you are correct. RootsMagic is great software to manage family tree based research.

However, I don’t just research my tree, I research their FAN club (Friends Associates and Neighbors) as well as potential lines. And all of this research ultimately ends up in my RootsMagic file. Since this is one fairly large database, I have to have a way to visually keep track of the various lines in my research.

That’s where the color coding feature in RootsMagic comes in handy. I started by assigning different colors to various lines of my research.

Besides assigning a color to ancestors along a line, I’ve also assigned that same color to the descendants on that line. (Note: Living descendants are colored LIME so that I can quickly identify living people.)

Not only do I use colors to identify my direct lines, I am using colors to identify some of the lines of my Crawford research. I am using BLUE for my Crawford line and MAROON for the set of lines found in Garrard County, Kentucky during the same time period as my Crawford Ancestor.

There is one Crawford line that seems to be popular in other CRAWFORD trees: the line of Alexander and Mary (McPheeters) Crawford. I have color coded that line GREEN. 

I have colored the James Crawford (Sarah Vansant) line YELLOW. This is the line in Fleming County, Kentucky that has been confused with the James Crawford who married Rebecca Anderson.

There is another James Crawford living in Fleming County, KY at the same time as James Crawford and Sarah Vansant. The line of this  James Crawford (married to Elizabeth Stockton) is color coded AQUA.

One of my close yDNA matches descends from William Nelson Crawford. There are autosomal DNA matches between this person and myself and between this person and descendants of James and Martha (Knight) Crawford. This line is shaded TEAL.

Another yDNA match descends from Edward Crawford. This line is color coded SILVER.

This color coding of the various CRAWFORD families in my research is helping me discover connections between the families.

Thus, when I found a Sellers wife as the daughter of John and Rebekah (Douglas) Crawford, I was able to color code those descendants maroon.

Since I use RootsMagic to create a website for my data, the colors also transfer to my online site.

To summarize, I have assigned the color coding as follows:

  • Red — BRILES
  • Lime — Living
  • Blue — my CRAWFORD line
  • Fuchsia — MENTZER
  • Yellow — James Crawford and Elizabeth Van Sandt of Fleming County, KY
  • Aqua – James Crawford and Elizabeth Stockton of Fleming County, KY
  • Silver – Edward Crawford (yDNA match)
  • Maroon – lines for Crawford James, William and Rebekah Douglas Crawford families of Garrard County, KY (the line I suspect I connect to)
  • Green – Alexander and Mary (McPheeters) line
  • Navy – HAMMOND
  • Purple – CURREY
  • Brown – Thompson ‘same name’ line
  • Teal – William Nelson Crawford line (DNA match)
  • Gray – not used (too close to silver to distinguish)

I find this feature of RootsMagic very useful when working with my various lines. However, I could use more colors!

Same Names – Identity Tag

While using The Master Genealogist software, I developed an ‘identity’ fact. By sharing this fact, I was able to connect two individuals whom I thought might be the same person. I used the notes field to add information about the possibility that these were the same person.

The fact type transferred to RootsMagic, but the sentence structure still needed work. As I’m encountering a lot of ‘same name’ issues in my current research, I want to use this fact type. Thus, I needed the sentences to work.

After some trial and error, I got the sentence structure to work for the Principal and Principal2.

I have two Hampton Crandalls in my database that I believe are the same person. Thus, I had added the Identity tag to one and shared it with the other.

In the past, this type of tag helped keep me from combining individuals before having sufficient proof that they are indeed the same person. Thus, I am going to start using it again!

Hijacked – Same Name Issues

In your genealogical research, have you researched people of the same name? Have you found it challenging to separate those individuals of the same name? I know that in my research, I have encountered a lot of ‘same names’.

This experience has helped me look at my current research and question whether I’m working with records for the same person. Yesterday while working Ancestry hints for William Crawford, son of the William Crawford who was in Madison County Kentucky prior to 1800,

Since I didn’t have much information on the son, William, I wasn’t sure the will was for the correct William. Thus, I wanted to see whether the family in the will matched what other researchers had for William Crawford. So, I turned to the tree on FamilySearch.

That’s when it got very confusing! The family for William Crawford matched the family in the will. The death date for William Crawford on the FamilySearch tree matched the death date I had in my file: 1855. However, there were a lot of sources attached that didn’t seem to match. This included a link to a William Crawford on Find a Grave with a death date in 1862 and several sources for Maryland records. Thus, it appears that the FamilySearch William Crawford, son of William Crawford of Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri, was ‘hijacked’ by someone researching a William Crawford of Maryland.

Why do I suspect that two different William Crawford men have been combined?

  • A preponderance of records put the father in Kentucky prior to his move to Missouri
  • No records have been found placing the father in Maryland
  • The date of the will supports a death date in 1855 and not in 1862
  • The will was found in Pope County, Arkansas and not in Maryland
  • The will identifies 5 daughters: Janes (Whitenburg), Nanch (Heneford), Matilda (Willis), Betsy (Logan) and Sally (Logan) which matches the family on FamilySearch
  • No sons are mentioned in the will

To correct the record for William Crawford on FamilySearch, I added the will as a source. I also ‘detached’ the Maryland records. A discussion was added to hopefully prevent future confusion between the William Crawford of Arkansas and the William Crawford of Maryland.
To help me avoid creating such confusion, I decided to review what lessons I could learn from others about researching people of the same name. Thus, I consulted the following articles.

My ‘same name’ battle is not over. Thus, I will have to remain aware that I, myself, might be mixing up records for different people of the same name.

William Crawford Will

Arkansas Wills and Probate Records, 1818-1998

Image 124
Page 103

William Crawford’s Will

Pope County State of Arkansas

Feb 8th 1855

In the name of God Amen
I William Crawford
of Pope county and state of Arkansas being in good
bodily health and of sound and disposing mind
and memory calling to mind the frailty and
uncertainty of human life, and being disposed
to settly my worldly affaird and directing how
the estate with which it has pleased God
to bless me whall be disposed of after my
death while I have strength and capacity so
to do do make an dpublish this my last
will and testament hereby revoking and ma-
king null and void all other last wills
and testaments by me heretofore made, And
first I commend my immortal being to him
who gave it, and my body to the earth
to be buried with little expense or [oster=]
[tation], by my eecutors hereinafter named
And as to my worldly estate, and all
the property real personal or mixed of which
I shall die seized and possessed, or to which
I shall die deized an dpossessed, or to which
I shall be entitled at the time of my death
I desire bequeathe and dispose of in the
manner following, to wit
[Inp4im3w[, my will is that all my just
debts and funeral charges shall by my exec=
utors herein after named be paid out of
my estate, as soon after my death as
shall by them be found convenient.
Item, I give devise and bequeath to my
daughter Sarah Logan Ten Dollars I also
give to my Daughter Betsy Logan Ten Dollars

Image 125
Page 104

I also give my daughter Jane Whitenburg
Ten Dollars, I also give my grandaughter
Carline May Minerva Sincler & Matilda
Willis’es too childen Joseph T Willis &
William Willis Ten dollars I also give
my daughter Nancy Henefords three
children William Polly & Sally five dollars
each & after my just debts is all paid
an funeral expenses if there should be any
thin left of my estate it is to be equally
divided between the above named heirs
I now from motives of benevolence
and humanity have manumeted and
emancipated and hereby do monumit
emancipate and set free from slavery
my My negroes, Green aged thirty nine
Druclla I have already emancipated she
is to be free and is not free I also Emanci-
pate and set free Drucila’s six children
Eliza aged eleven years Rolan aged nne
years Mary aged seven years Martha
aged five years Allis aged two years Lucin-
da aged two months
Green Druscilla and the six above
named children is to serve me during my life
and them is to be free it is my wish  for
them not to serve any of my heirs
I now constitute and appoint col Seth
Howell of Pittsburg John I Cunningham & Wm
W Rankins my executors
Witness my hand and seal the day
and date above written
William (his mark) Crawford (seal)
Signed sealed published and declared

page 105

by the said William Crawford as and for his
last will and testament in presence of us
who at his request and in his presence
and n the presence of each other have sub-
scribed our names as witnesses hereunto
attested the day and date above written
James M Edwards
W M Rankins
Thos (his mark) Dison
Isaac (his mark) Chandler
Wms Booker

State of Arkansas
County of Pope

I, Roof H Howell Clerk of the Circuit
Cour tand Exofficio Recorder for said county, do
hereby certify, that the annexed and foregoing
instrument of writing was filed in my office
for Record on the 10th day of February AD 1855 and
the same is now duly recorded in the ‘Record
of Wills” Paes 103, 104 & 105, and that the inter-
lineation of the word “during”, in the 22d line on
the 2d page of said will and the “& Wm W Ranking”
which is marked out in the 25th line on said
page were interlined, and marked out before filed.
In testimony whereof I have here=
unto set my hand and affixed the
seal fo my office this 15th day of Febru=
ary AD 185.
Roof H Howell Clerk
and Ex Officio Recorder

Edward Crawford Deed

Is Edward Crawford of Overton, Tennessee a brother to James Crawford of Preble County, Ohio? Is he the same Edward Crawford shown in the 1896 tax list for Garrard County, KY. To answer either of these questions, I need to learn more about Edward Crawford of Overton County, Tennessee. Since I’m looking for a source tying two locations together, I’m starting with deeds.

Edward Crawford of Overton County, Tennessee purchased land in 1807 from Thomas Dillen.

Overton County, Tennessee

Deeds, V. A-C 1801-1813
FamilySearch Film 981131 DGS 7903546

Crawford Edward (grantee) from Thomas Dillon Book B page 13

In Column: Original Book B page 14 &c

Thomas Dillen
To Deed 300 acres on
waters of Obed’s river
Edward Crawford

This Indenture, made the fourteenth
day of November, in the year one
thousand eight hundred and
seven between Thomas Dillen
of the County of Davidson and
State of Tennessee of Te one part and Edward Craw-
ford of the County of Overton and State aforesaid of
the other part, Witnesseth: That the said Thomas
Dillen for and in consideration of the sum of four
hundred dollars, to him in hand paid, the receipt
whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath and by these
presents doth grant, bargain, sell, alien, enscoss
and confirm unto the said Edward Crawford, his
heirs and assigns forever, a certain tract of
parcel of land containing three hundred acres,
lying and being in the County of Overton, on the
waters of Obed’s river, one prong of Cumberland river,
on a north side of a creek called the Nettle Corner’s,
joining the north side of Jacob Beason’s line, beg-
inning on Jacob Beason’s northwest corner, on two
post oaks; thence east along said Beason’s line
926 poles to two black oaks; thence north, 65 1/2 E
100 poles to a white oak; thence north 160 poles to
a black oak and post oak; thence west 200 poles
to a black oak; thence south, 45 W, 43 poles to
a stake and from thence South 16 1/2 E 226 poles
to the beginning 300 acres more or less with all and
singular, the woods waters, water courses, profits,
commodities, hereditaments and appurtenances
whatsoever to the said tract of land belonging or
appertaining, and the reversion and reversions,
remainder and remainders, rents and issues
thereof, and all the estate, right, tittles, interest,
property, claims and demand of him the said
Thomas Dillen, his heirs and assigns forever,
of, in and to the same, and every part or parcel
thereof, either in law or equity, to have and to
hold the said 300 hundred acres of land, with
the appurtenances, unto the said Edward Crawford

page 14

his heirs and assigns forever, against the lawful title,
claim and demand of all and every person or
persons whatsoever will warrant and forever
defend by these presents.
In witness whereof, the said Thomas Dillen hath
hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year
above written.
Thomas Dillen (seal)
Signed sealed and delivered
in the presence of
Early Allison
John McDonald

State of Tennessee
Winchester District
October Term 1808
I Archibald W. Overton, clerk of the
Superior Court of law for the district aforsaid, do
hereby certify that Thomas Dillen appeared in open
court and acknowledged the due execution of
the within deed, and was ordered to be registered.
Let it be registered. Ar. W. Overton Clk.

Registered &c 29th May, 1809.

Curious as to what this parcel of land looked like, I entered the description into Deed Mapper.

And I got an open plot. I’ve double-checked the text in Deed Mapper against the image of the deed and don’t believe I’ve made a mistake in the transfer of the information. However, the resulting plot is not for 300 acres and is still open.

To figure out this deed, I will need to locate other deeds or maps showing various deed from the time period. Maybe I’ll even be lucky enough to find someone entering Overton County TN deeds into Deed Mapper’s online collection.

Re-Visiting Tax Lists

Do you ever find yourself retracing your research steps because you learn about a new family connection? Yep, that’s me. I’m going back thru the early tax lists for Madison County, KY.

I wrote about my journey with suspected CRAWFORD family members in my January 2019 post, Tax Man Cometh. At the time, I mentioned finding Edward Crawford in a different taxing district from the other Crawfords. I didn’t pursue Edward for several reasons. Since he wasn’t shown as a land owner, I wouldn’t find any deeds for him. I also didn’t have any information tying Edward to any of the other Crawfords in those early tax records.

Now, I have yDNA evidence showing a relationship to Edward Crawford of Overton, Tennessee. From what I’ve been able to learn about this Edward Crawford, his birthplace is thought to be Pennsylvania or Virginia.

I have NO evidence that the Edward Crawford in the Madison County tax lists is the same Edward Crawford who died in Overton County, Tennessee. I also currently have NO evidence that they are not the same person.

Thus, I’m going to revisit the tax lists to see if I can learn anything more about the Edward Crawford of Madison County, Kentucky.

As mentioned in my previous post, I found several Crawfords listed in these Madison County, KY tax lists.

  • Mary Crawford (found 1787-1792)
  • James Crawford (found 1787-1796)
  • William Crawford (found (1787-1796)
  • James Crawford – appears in 1792
  • Alexander Crawford – appears in 1792
  • John Crawford – appears in 1795
  • William Crawford Jr – appears in 1795
  • Edward Crawford — appears in 1795 –  under a different commissioner’s list

Edward is the only Crawford who appears on the 1797 tax list. Edward is also listed on the 1799 tax list but has not been found after that date.
Since the first wife of Edward Crawford of Overton, TN was named Mary Gentry, I also looked for any GENTRY families on these Madison County, KY tax lists. I found several GENTRY families with most owning land. 

Madison County, Kentucky Tax Books, 1787-1874 Tax books 1787-1797, 1799-1807 Film 8126DGS 7834478
Image 206

Madison County 1795

Image 210 

  • Crawford James – 1 male >21; 5 horses; 17 cattle; 146 acres

Image 211

  • Crawford John – 1 male > 21, 2 horses, 6 cattle
  • Crawford William Jr – 1 male > 21; 2 horses; 6 cattle
  • Crawford William Sr – 1 male > 21; 1 male 16-21; 12 horses; 28 cattle; 180 acres

Image 212

  • Duggins, William – 1 male > 21; 2 horses; 8 cattle
  • Duggins, Daniel – 1 male >21

Image 218

  • Moore Alexander – 1 male >21; 3 horses; 3 cattle

Image 218, 219, 220 – No William McClure, George Miller or Nancy Miller

Image 257

  • Crawford Edward – 1 male >21, 2 horses; 3 cattle

Image 258 – 1795

  • May 13 Gentry, Richard – 1 male > 21 – 0 male > 16 – 6 total blacks – 2 blacks under 16 – 5 horses – 40 cattle
  • Gentry, Robert – 1 male > 21, 2 total blacks – 1 black > 16 – 3 horses – 35 cattle
  • Gentry, David – 1 male > 21, 4 horses – 14 cattle

Image 266 1796

Image 271

  • Crawford Edwd – no land given – 2 males > 16, 2 horses, 4 cattle

Image 276

  • Gentry, Richard 100 acres Silver C Madison – entered Wm Dolton – survey Sam’l Davis – 1 male > 21, 5 blacks > 16, 7 total balcks, 6 horses, 52 cattle
  • Gentry, David – 100 acres Silver C Madison – entered Wm Hix – survey DO  – 1 male > 21, 3 horses, 14 cattle

Image 333

  • Crawford James – 1216 acres Paint Lick Madison County
  • Thos L Kennedy Grant; 1 male >21; 1 male 16-21; 6 horses; 25 cattle [200 Acres – James/Rebecca]
  • Crawford William – 1 male >21; 2 horses; 6 cattle
  • Crawford, William – 180 acres paint Lick, Madison county; John Kennedy grant; 1 male >21; 1 male 16-21; 7 horses; 25 cattle
  • Crawford, John – 1 male >21; 1 horse; 13 cattle

Image 334

  • Duggins, Alexander – 1 male >21; 1 horse
  • Duggins, David- 1 male > 21; 1 horse; 2 cattle
  • Duggins Benjamin – 1 male > 21; 1 horse
  • Duggins Daniel 45 acres Sugar Creek Madison County – 1 male > 21; 1 horse; 1 cattle
  • Duggins William 50 acres Sugar Creek Madison County – 1 male > 21; 2 horses; 6 cattle

Image 340

  • Moore Alexander – 50 acres Paint Lick Madison County ; 1 male >21; 2 horses; 7 cattle

Image 343

  • Nancy Miller — 100 acres on Paint Lick – obtained from John Kennedy

IMAGE 353 – 1797

Image 356 – C — No Crawford

Image 359

  • Gentry, Bartlett – 64 acres Ottr Cr Madison County – entered by Richd Henderson – surveyed RH – 1 male > 16, 1 black > 16, 2 horses, 6 cattle
  • Gentry, Josiah – 100 acres Otter Cr – Madison County entered by C Irvine R Clark – I & C – I & C – 1 male > 16, 2 blacks, 4 horses, 2 cattleImage 360
  • Gentry, David – 200 acres Taylor’s fork – Madison County entered by Will Hix – WH – WH – 2 males > 16, 4 cattle
  • Gentry, G. Bartin – 150 acres Otter Cr – Madison County – entered by Richd Henderson – RH – RH – 2 males > 16, 3 blacks – 7 horses – 5 cattle 

Image 375 – C — NIL Crawford

Image 406 – C

  • Crawford Edwd – 1 male > 21 – 3 cattle

Image 409

  • Gentry, Ricd – 100 acres – Silver Cr – Madison Co – entered by Wm Dolton – Surveyed Saml Bill = 1 mal > 21, 0 white > 16 – 6 total blacks – 7 blacks > 16 – 8 horses

Image 410 – David Gass

Image 415 – Thomas Maxwell – David Maxwell

Image 424 1799

Image 427 – C

image 428 – blurry – No Crawford

Image 435

  • Crawford, Edward – 1 male > 21 – 3 horses

Image 437

  • Gentry, Richard – 1 male > 21 – 0 male > 16, 7  blacks > 16, 14 total blacks, – 13 horses

Image 439

  • Maxwell Bazel

Image 448

  • Gentry Josiah – 1 male > 21, 1 male > 16, 3 blacks > 16, 6 total blacks, 4 horses
  • Gentry Bartlett – 1 male > 21, 1 male > 16, 3 blacks > 16, 7 total blacks, 4 horses
  • Gentry John – 1 male > 16, 2 horses
  • Gentry David – 1 male > 21, 1 male > 16, 5 horses
  • Gentry, James 1 male > 16, 2 horses

Image 458 — 1800

Image 464 – C — No Crawford

Image 470

  • Gentry, Josiah – 100 acres Madison County, Otter Crk, entered by Chris Irvine, surveyed same – 1 w above 21, 3 blacks > 16, 8 total blacks, 3 horses
  • Gentry, Martin – 150 acres Madison County, Otter Crk, entered by Rich Henderson , same, 1 w male abve 21, 2 blacks > 16, 7 total blacks, 4 horses
  • Gentry, Bartlett – 123 acres – Otter Crk, Madison County, 1 male > 21, 1 black > 16, 2 total blacks, 2 horses
  • Gentry, David – 100 acres – Madison County, Taylor’s Fork Sc – entered by W Hicks, surveyed by same – 1 male > 21, 6 horses
  • Gentry, James – 1 male > 21, 3 horses —

Image 492 – C – NIL Crawford

Image 495 – G – NIL Gentry

Image 498

  • Maxwell, Bazaleel

Image 506 – 1800 No 3

Image 511 – C  – NIL Crawford

Image 516 – G – NIL Gentry

Image 538 – 1801

Image 544 – C – No Crawford

Image 550 

  • Gentry Josiah – 100 acres Madison County, Otter Cr – entered by Christ Irvine – same – same – 1 male > 21, 1 white male > 16, 3 black> 16, 8 total black, 4 horses
  • Gentry, John – 1 male > 21, 1 black, 3 horses
  • Gentry, Martin – 150 acres – madison County, Otter Cr – entered by Richd Henderson – same, same – 1 male > 21, 2 black > 16, 5 total blacks, 4 horses
  • Gentry, Bartlet – 64 acres, Madison County, Otter Cr – entered by Richd Henderson – 1 male > 21, 1 black > 16, 2 total blacks, 5 horses
  • Gentry, Bartlet – 123 acres, Madison County, Otter Cr – entered by Richd Henderson
  • Gentry, David – 100 acres, Madison County, Taylors Fork, entered by Wm Hicks – 1 male > 21 – 5 horses

Image 573 – C – NIL Crawford

Image 579

  • Gentry James – 1 male > 21, 1 horse

Image 603 – C – NIL Crawford

Image 606

Gentry Rich – 100 acres Silver Cr – Madison COunty – entered by Saml Davis – 1 male > 21, 8 blacks > 16, 17 total blacks, 18 horses

Image 618 – 1802

Image 624 – C – NIL Crawford

Image 635 – G – NIL Gentry

Image 661 – C – 

Image 662 

  • Crafford Joseph – 1 male > 21, 2 horses

Image 667

  • Gentry Josiah – 100 acres – Madison County, Otter Cr – entered by Christ Irvine – 1 male > 21, 1 male > 16, 3 blacks > 16, 8 total blacks, 4 horses
  • Gentry, John – 1 male > 21, 4 horsesImage 668
  • Gentry Bartlett – 183 acres – Madison County, Otter Cr – 1 male > 21, 1 black > 16, 2 total blacks, 7 horses
  • Gentry David – 1 male > 21, 1 male > 16, 7 horses
  • Gentry, Martin 150 acres, Madison County, Otter Cr, entered by Richd Henderson – same – same – 1 male > 21, 2 blacks > 16, 5 total blacks, 5 horses
  • Gentry, David Jun – 1 male > 21, 1 horses
  • Gentry, Enoch – 1 male > 21, 1 horse
  • Gentry, Isam – 1 male > 21

Image 691 – C – NIL Crawford

Image 694 –

  • Gentry Richard – 175 acres Madison County – David ?[unweather] – 1 male > 21, 1 male > 16, 8 Blacks > 16, 18 total blacks, 16 horses

Left Turn

Have you ever come across a new piece of information that sends your genealogy research in a totally different direction? I’m sure you have as most of us encounter this from time to time.

Yesterday, I received such a piece of information. This wasn’t a document but a DNA result – a yDNA result. Apparently, my Crawford line is its own branch with my closest Crawford match being a descendant of Edward Crawford of Overton, Tennessee.

So, one of my new goals is to try and determine how this Edward Crawford might fit in with all of my James Crawford research. With only five Edwards in my database it is a relatively unusual name. Unfortunately, Alexander and Mary (McPheeters) Crawford had a son named Edward. Thus, there will be confusion in online trees as to the parents of Edward.

In looking back thru my Kentucky research notes, I do have some data placing an Edward Crawford in Madison County, Kentucky during the time period of my James Crawford research.

In 1795, Edward Crawford was listed on the tax records for Madison County, Kentucky as a male over 21 with 2 horses and 3 cattle. 

He is also listed in 1796. There are no other Crawford families listed in this group of tax records. Since the names are grouped by the first letter of the surname, it is difficult to determine neighbors. At this time, I have no idea whether this Edward Crawford is a relative of any of the other Crawford families in the region in the 1790s.

In hopes of finding a document that would link Edward Crawford of Tennessee to my research of Crawford Kentucky families, I decided to start with deeds. Thus, I did a search of Overton County, Tennessee deeds for the mention of any Crawford. 

Overton County TennesseeDeed, 1801-1903

Index to Deeds 1806-1904FamilySearch

Film 981130 DGS 7897658

Image 6

Deed Index (Direct and Reverse)1806-1859 Grantor on left / Grantee on right – starts with Book E

Image 20 – start of C

Image 23 – start of book I (goes from E to I – nothing n between)

Image 26

  • Crawford Thomas (grantor) to James Boyd Book K page 396 – skips book L and book M
  • Crawford Charles (grantor) to Isaiah Warthan Book N page 145
  • Crawford David (grantee) from James Haytee Book K page 228
  • Crawford W K from Garinhew et al book K page 347 or 547Crawford W K from W H Harrison Book K page probably 542

Image 27

  • Crawford Alex (grantor) to Arch Qualls Book N page 262
  • Crawford Alex from John Barksdale Book K page 407Image 29 – Book O
  • Crawford Alex (grantor) to Robt Allread Book O page 51
  • Crawford Alex (grantor) to Thompson Miller Book O page 107
  • Crawford Thomas (grantor) to James Boyd Book O page 154
  • Crawford Alex (grantor) to L W Hoover Book O page 404
  • Crawford Alex (Grantee) from  Hasely Wm Book O page 205Image 30 – Books a and B
  • Crawford Joseph (grantor) to Jesse Crawford Book B page 219
  • Crawford Joseph (grantor) to Anthony Flowers book B page 221
  • Crawford Edward (grantee) from Thomas Dillon Book B page 13D starts on image 31

Image 129

Deed Index (Direct and Reverse)1812-1865

Image 146 – start of C

Book C

  • Crawford Jesse (grantor) to Joseph Crawford Book C page 41
  • Crawford Joseph (grantor) to William Lee Book C page 42
  • Crawford Joseph (grantor) to Evin Toilhunter Book C page 94
  • Crawford John Sr (grantor) to James McDonnel – sale of negro Book C page 131
  • Crawford Joseph (grantor0) to Isaac Deuton book C page 298Book D
  • Crawford John (Grantor) to Isaac Gore) Book D pge 75
  • Crawford Edward (grantor) to John McDonald Book D page 104
  • Crawford Edward (grantor) to John McIver book D page 205
  • Crawford Joseph (Grantee) from Jesse Crawford Book ? 41
  • Crawford Joseph (grantee) from William Path Book D page 83
  • Crawford Edward (grantee) from John McDonald Book D page 110

Image 147

  • Crawford John Sen (grantor) to Simon Hinels Book D page 319

Image 153

  • Crawford Alexander Administrator (grantor) to Oliver P H Harris Book M page 252

Image 155

  • Crawford Alexander (grantee) from Madison Richardson Book P page 160

Image 156

  • Crawford A (grantee) from Thomas Maxwell Book P page 227

I found quite a few Crawford deeds prior to 1865. Now my task is to figure out whether any of them are related to each other or to my Kentucky Crawfords.


I just watched Blaine Bettinger’s video, Sub-Clustering Shared Matches. As I was following the video, I was also trying to do this with my brother’s DNA matches.

The match I started with is listed on my match page as a second cousin. In reality, she is a first cousin once removed. Our common ancestors are Judson Crawford and Josie Hammond.

Her shared match list contained 157 matches. I marked them all with a yellow dot labeled: ICW EB.

When I got to the part about creating Sub-Group 1, I wasn’t sure how to proceed. Other than my brothers, the first match on the list was a first cousin to ICW EB. The next 4 matches are listed as 3rd cousins. They are all known descendants of my great-grandparents.

Unsure on how to proceed, I searched the Facebook group, Genetic Genealogy Tips & Tricks, for the term sub-group. That helped me find the original post on May 1 about the video and this technique. In the comments, I found the answer to my question about using these close cousins to create subgroup 1.

Thus, I skipped my second cousins who I know descend from Judson and Josie Crawford. To create sub-group 1, I started with the first match after these cousins. My brother shares 143 cM with this match and has 27 shared matches with her. These shared matches were marked with an Orange dot labeled, “ICW EB – Sub-group 1”.

For ‘sub-group 2’, I used the next match that does not descend from Judson and Josie Crawford. This match descends from Judson’s father, Washington Marion Crawford. These 32 shared matches were marked with a Green dot labeled, “ICW EB – Sub-group2.”

I skipped another match with Judson and Josie as common ancestors for ‘sub-group 3’. The next match was also a descendant of Washington Marion Crawford. I added these shared matches to Sub-group 2.

The next match is believed to be another descendant of Washington Marion Crawford. Since I haven’t been able to verify the ancestor of this match, I created another subgroup on this match.

I continued working thru these shared matches, creating 11 subgroups. The common ancestors of my ICW match are Judson Crawford and Josie Hammond. Thus, I expected to find subgroups for CRAWFORD, FOSTER, HAMMOND and RALSTON. The subgroups revealed CRAWFORD and FOSTER matches. However, the HAMMOND and/or RALSTON matches are not obvious in these 11 subgroups. 

This is an interesting method to study DNA matches.

Clues from a Letter

Do you ever re-look at a document and discover a new clue? That was my experience when a 4th cousin sent me a copy of a letter – a letter that I think I’ve seen before.

Dodge City, Kansas, March 29, 1907
Dear nephew (William Clay Crawford)
Your ????? to hand. I am glad to hear from you. Your Grandfather
Crawford lived to be 56. Died with colic. Your Grandmother died
about the same age with typhoid. From your Great Grandfather
Crawford lived until the age of 72 and died with sunstroke. our
Great Grandmother Crawford lived 78-don’t remember what caused here
death. Your Grandparents were born in Ohio and died in Warren
County, Indiana (W. Lebanon?). Your Great Grandparents moved from
Kentucky and died in southern Ohio. Your Great Great grandparents
came from Scotland and are buried in Kentucky not far from
Lexington. You are of strong hearty people and ought to live to
be an old man with proper care of your health. I am in only
tolerable health myself. I am muscular paralysis. Will stop off
and see you and family and next time I am through if possible.
Kindly regards to your family
From you affectionate uncle.
J.. H. Crawford
(James H. Crawford)


  • Names in parentheses suggest this is a transcription and not a typed letter
  • nephew, William Clay Crawford, son of a brother of James H. Crawford
  • Grandfather – Nelson G. Crawford – died at age 56 of colic
    • Born Oct 1808, died March 1864 – age 55 / cause of death unknown
  • Grandmother – Martha Smith Crawford – died of typhoid
    • Cause of death unknown
  • Great Grandfather – James Crawford – lived until 72 and died of sunstroke
    • According to tombstone, James Crawford was born April 1772 and died July 1854 at age 82
    • Cause of death unknown
  • Great Grandmother – Sally Smith Duggins Crawford – lived until 78
    • According to tombstone, Sally Crawford was born Feb 1770 and died May 1856 at age 86
    • Cause of death unknown 
  • Grandparents – Nelson G. Crawford and Martha Smith Crawford – born in Ohio
    • According to 1850 census – Nelson G. Crawford born in Ohio
    • According to 1850 census  – Martha Crawford born in Indiana
  • Grandparents – Nelson G. Crawford and Martha Smith Crawford – died in Warren County, Indiana (W. Lebanon)
    • Both Nelson G. Crawford and Martha Crawford are buried in the West Lebanon (Warren County) Indiana cemetery
  • Great grandparents  – James Crawford and Sally Smith Duggins Crawford – moved from Kentucky and died in southern Ohio
    • James Crawford and Sally Duggins were married in 1799 in Garrard County, Kentucky
    • James Crawford and Sally Crawford are buried in the cemetery in Eaton (Preble County), Ohio
  • Great Great Grandparents – ? unknown – came from Scotland
    • yDNA evidence supports tie to Crawford family in Scotland
  • Great Great Grandparents – ? unknown – buried near Lexington
    • Parents of James Crawford have not been identified
    • This statement could be about either SMITH family (Martha’s line or Sally’s line)
    • Current records for James Crawford are from Garrard County, Kentucky
    • No evidence of a relationship between Rev. James Crawford of Lexington, Kentucky and James Crawford who married Sally Duggins
    • DAR records from this time period (1907) have records for two different James Crawfords mixed up. Thus, it is possible that this statement is a result of similar confusion about several different James Crawford families.

This letter supports a lot of my current findings. It also reminded me that my research isn’t done – that I need to continue seeking records. In reviewing this letter, I discovered that I need to review my documentation and bring it up to today’s standards.