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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

It’s time for some more Randy Seavear’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun on Sunday afternoon.

This week’s challenge:1)  Do you recall what you were doing in 1985?  Family, school, work, hobbies, technology, genealogy, vacations, etc?Can I remember what I was doing in 1985? If it had been 1984, 1986, or most any other year, I would have to say ‘NO’ or ‘Not really’ and then perhaps figure it out with a little research of my own.However, with 1985, I do remember since that was a year of major change in my life.During the winter of 1985, my husband and I were teachers at Nemaha Valley High School in Seneca, Kansas. My husband taught chemistry and physics while I (with my chemistry degree) taught biology (and algebra during the 84-85 school year). 

The librarian, Mildred Meyer, announced her retirement that spring. Since I had obtained my Master’s of Library Science, I applied for the job. Thus, as I was doing spring grades and inventory, I was also planning for a new year as the high school librarian.That spring, my husband and I also purchased our first (and only) house. With this purchase, we moved out of the upstairs apartment we had rented from Chet and Madge Milne for 11 years. Chet and Madge welcomed us in to their home and into their family. Madge passed away in 1984. Thus, it was with heavy hearts that we moved across town from Chet that next spring.

The summer of 1985 was spent convincing our custodian, Lowell Elder, that it would be OK to cut a double-sided bookshelf in half so that it could be used to remodel the library while moving into our new home.As fall approached, we started another year at Nemaha Valley High School, with Mike still teaching science in Room 109 while I was starting my life as the school librarian.