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Don’t Miss the Code — Read / Photocopy Preface

Do you ever get in such a hurry doing research that you miss something important? That is usually my issue. I am trying to make myself slow down and record all of the information needed for a citation. However, during a recent research trip, I didn’t follow one of Michael John Neill’s tips: Read the Preface.

Because I didn’t read the preface or truly study one of the sources I used, I did not realize that the entries incorporated a code for the bibliography citations. As a result, I didn’t photocopy the introductory pages that decoded the citations.

Early Settlers of Gentry County, Missouri
Biographical Data
Researched Material Relative to Early Settlers of Gentry County, Missouri
1876 to early 1888

Researched by Carmeta Pierce obertson
Ancestor Lore
Ozark MO

Carmeta (Pierce) Robertson
Ozark, Mo 65721-7518

Page 50

Crawford, Benjamin, young man
B: Gentry Co, MO, ca1858 D: Gentry CO, MO, 1880
PAS: George W. and Elizabeth (Wheeler) Crawford
Int: Cem, Gentry CO, MO
SUR: PAS: Mr. and Mrs. George Whitley Crawford, Gentry CO, MO
Siblings: Sophia Crawford (M. Mr. ? Pryor), Gentry CO, MO
Martha Crawford (M Mr. ? Shultz) Gentry CO, MO
James A. Crawford, to Oklahoma
Isaac N. Crawford, Gentry CO, MO
Ulysses S. Crawford (M Olive Sarah Trower), Gentry CO, MO
Anna Crawford (M Mr. ? Groomer), Gentry CO, MO
Miriam Crawford (M F. D. Gist), Gentry CO, MO
Margaret “Ceni” Crawford (M A. W. Gartin), Gentry CO, MO
Lueva “Lou” Crawford (M Wm. A. Patton), Gentry CO MO
Alverda \ Alberta Crawford (died at age 8 months)
Elsie Crawford (M 1) George Washington Gist 2) Joseph Baldock), Gentry CO, MO
GCMO Census 1870 & 1880, Miller Twp (Benjamin not listed in 1880);
McCammon, pp. 842-43; Goble, p 61

page 72

Crawford, William, husband of Julia A. (Williams) Crawford
B: KY, about 1836 D: ?Howard CO, MO, Mar 21, 1881
PAS: ? William and Nancy (?) Crawford
Sur: Widow: Mrs. Julia A. (Williams) Crawford
Ch: John Crawford, Vandalia, MO
G. T. Crawford, Fayette, MO
Dr William E. Crawford, Council Grove, KS
Jefferson D. Crawford (M Avis Clark, daughter of Joseph Silas and Martha Jane (Robertson) Clark)
Mrs. Enoch (Cleora) Brewer, McFall, MO
Mr. Crawford was a farmer and stockman and came to Howard CO, MO in
1880. Other children listed are: Margaret, Jaems, Chester, Dr.
Charles L. and Pauline Abigail Crawford, all deceased by 1922 when
McCammon was published.
GCMO Census, 1850, household #154; McCammon, pp 645-46

Page 98 – continued on page 99

Pryor, Sophia, wife of William Milton Pryor (M Gentry Co, MO, 1871)
B: Gentry CO, MO, sep 10, 1853 D: Gentry CO, MO, Apr 19, 1882/1883
PAS: George W. and Elizabeth (Wheeler) Crawford
Int: Old Friendship Cem. Gentryville, MO
p. 99
Sur: Husband: William Milton Pror, Gentry CO, MO
PAS: Mr. and Mrs. George W. Crawford, Gentryville, MO
Siblings: Martha Crawford
Benjamin Crawford
James A Crawford
I. N. Crawford
Miriam Crawford (M F. D. Gist), Gentry CO, MO
Cenia Crawford (M A. W. Garton\Gartin), Gentry CO, MO
Lou E. Crawford (M Wm. Alexander Patton), Gentry CO, MO
Ulysses S. Crawford (M. Olive Trower), Gentry CO, MO
William Milton’s parents were John and Miriam (?) Pryor.
McCammon, p 842; AL, Oct 1936; Old Friendship Cem Record

Since the above information was pulled from other sources, I need to find those sources. This is where that photocopy of the ‘code’ would have come in handy!

Old Friendship Cem Record
GCMO Census

GCMO likely stands for Gentry County Missouri census records, which I’ve already used. I was able to use Google to figure out that McCammon was a reference to the History of Davies County (Missouri) which I was able to find on Archives.org. I’m guessing that AL might refer to a periodical or journal since the note includes a month and year. Unfortunately, I don’t know what periodical or journal. And the ‘Goble’ citation is a complete mystery.

Since I was able to figure out the McCammon citations, I was able to locate the information in that source.

McCammon – History of Davies County
on archive.org – https://archive.org/details/historyofdaviess00leop/page/842

page 842

William A. Patton was married April 10, 1890, to Lou E. Crawford,
a daughter of George W. and Elizabeth (Wheeler) Crawford. Mrs.
Crawford was born in Kentucky in 1833, the daughter of Benjamin
Wheeler, a Baptist minister of the pioneer days who would never accept
a state salary for preaching. He was a well known man of his time.
Mrs. Crawford is now living in Miller Township at the age of 88 years.
George W. Crawford, an early settler of Miller Township, owned 260
acres of land at the time of his death in 1889. His remains are buried in
Old Friendship Cemetery. To the union of George W. and Elizabeth
(Wheeler) Crawford the following children were born: Sophia, married
William Pryor and died in 1882; Martha, deceased was married to

page 843

Lewis Shultz; Benjamin, died at the age of 24 years; James A., now liv-
in in Oklahoma; I. N., living in California; Miriam, deceased, was the
wife of F. D. Gist; Elsie, the widow of G. W. Gist of Miller Township
Cenia, married to A. W. Garton of Miller Township; Pou E., now Mrs.
Patton; and U.S., living in Miller Township.
Mr. and Mrs. Patton have 11 children as follows: Edith I, the wife
of V. C. Humphrey of Defiance, Okla.; Walter V., mentioned later: Jen-
nie, lives in Columbia where she is married to Paul E. Turner, a World
War veteran who served overseas and was wounded while in service;
Anna C., the wife of Marion Christie of Harrison County; Homer C., now
living in Montana; W. A., at home; Ruth, a teacher at McFall; Rose,
was a student in the King City High School for three years, graduated at
Palmer College, and is now at home; Hugh, a student in the McFall
High School; Louise, at home; and Charles, at home. Walter V. Patton
enlisted for service in the World War in September, 1917, and was com-
missioned second lieutenant at Camp Taylor, Aug. 1, 1918. He helped
train the rcruits at Fort Sill and remained there until he was mustered
out of service, Dec. 20, 1918. He is now living in Montana.

McCammon – History of Davies County

page 645

Mr. (Enoch) Brewer was married to Cleora Crawford, a native
of Fayette, Howard County, Missouri. She was educated in high school
and the Stanberry Normal school and was successfully engaged in teach-
ing for 13 years before her marriage, having taught in Kansas and Gen-
tryville and McFall. Mrs. Brewer is a daughter of William and Julia A.
(Williams) Crawford both natives of Kentucky. William Crawford
came to Missouri in 1880 and settled in Howard County where he was
engaged in farming and stock raising and was an extensive land owner.

page 646

He was a Democrat and a member of the Christian Church. He died
March 2, 1881, and his wife died June 1, 1891. There were the parents
of the following children: Margaret, James, Chester, Dr. Charles L.,
and Pauline Abigail, all of whom are deceased; G. T. a farmer and
stock raiser, Fayette, Mo.; Dr. William E., a physician and surgeon,
Council Grove, Kan.; John, a farmer and stockman, Vandalia, Mo.; and
Jefferson D., a salesman. To Mr. and Mrs. Brewer has been born one
child, Benjamin, born Nov. 12, 1907, a student in the public schools.

This isn’t the first time I’ve forgotten to copy key information from a source. Hopefully, I’ve learned my lesson.