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Left Turn

Have you ever come across a new piece of information that sends your genealogy research in a totally different direction? I’m sure you have as most of us encounter this from time to time.

Yesterday, I received such a piece of information. This wasn’t a document but a DNA result – a yDNA result. Apparently, my Crawford line is its own branch with my closest Crawford match being a descendant of Edward Crawford of Overton, Tennessee.

So, one of my new goals is to try and determine how this Edward Crawford might fit in with all of my James Crawford research. With only five Edwards in my database it is a relatively unusual name. Unfortunately, Alexander and Mary (McPheeters) Crawford had a son named Edward. Thus, there will be confusion in online trees as to the parents of Edward.

In looking back thru my Kentucky research notes, I do have some data placing an Edward Crawford in Madison County, Kentucky during the time period of my James Crawford research.

In 1795, Edward Crawford was listed on the tax records for Madison County, Kentucky as a male over 21 with 2 horses and 3 cattle. 

He is also listed in 1796. There are no other Crawford families listed in this group of tax records. Since the names are grouped by the first letter of the surname, it is difficult to determine neighbors. At this time, I have no idea whether this Edward Crawford is a relative of any of the other Crawford families in the region in the 1790s.

In hopes of finding a document that would link Edward Crawford of Tennessee to my research of Crawford Kentucky families, I decided to start with deeds. Thus, I did a search of Overton County, Tennessee deeds for the mention of any Crawford. 

Overton County TennesseeDeed, 1801-1903

Index to Deeds 1806-1904FamilySearch

Film 981130 DGS 7897658

Image 6

Deed Index (Direct and Reverse)1806-1859 Grantor on left / Grantee on right – starts with Book E

Image 20 – start of C

Image 23 – start of book I (goes from E to I – nothing n between)

Image 26

  • Crawford Thomas (grantor) to James Boyd Book K page 396 – skips book L and book M
  • Crawford Charles (grantor) to Isaiah Warthan Book N page 145
  • Crawford David (grantee) from James Haytee Book K page 228
  • Crawford W K from Garinhew et al book K page 347 or 547Crawford W K from W H Harrison Book K page probably 542

Image 27

  • Crawford Alex (grantor) to Arch Qualls Book N page 262
  • Crawford Alex from John Barksdale Book K page 407Image 29 – Book O
  • Crawford Alex (grantor) to Robt Allread Book O page 51
  • Crawford Alex (grantor) to Thompson Miller Book O page 107
  • Crawford Thomas (grantor) to James Boyd Book O page 154
  • Crawford Alex (grantor) to L W Hoover Book O page 404
  • Crawford Alex (Grantee) from  Hasely Wm Book O page 205Image 30 – Books a and B
  • Crawford Joseph (grantor) to Jesse Crawford Book B page 219
  • Crawford Joseph (grantor) to Anthony Flowers book B page 221
  • Crawford Edward (grantee) from Thomas Dillon Book B page 13D starts on image 31

Image 129

Deed Index (Direct and Reverse)1812-1865

Image 146 – start of C

Book C

  • Crawford Jesse (grantor) to Joseph Crawford Book C page 41
  • Crawford Joseph (grantor) to William Lee Book C page 42
  • Crawford Joseph (grantor) to Evin Toilhunter Book C page 94
  • Crawford John Sr (grantor) to James McDonnel – sale of negro Book C page 131
  • Crawford Joseph (grantor0) to Isaac Deuton book C page 298Book D
  • Crawford John (Grantor) to Isaac Gore) Book D pge 75
  • Crawford Edward (grantor) to John McDonald Book D page 104
  • Crawford Edward (grantor) to John McIver book D page 205
  • Crawford Joseph (Grantee) from Jesse Crawford Book ? 41
  • Crawford Joseph (grantee) from William Path Book D page 83
  • Crawford Edward (grantee) from John McDonald Book D page 110

Image 147

  • Crawford John Sen (grantor) to Simon Hinels Book D page 319

Image 153

  • Crawford Alexander Administrator (grantor) to Oliver P H Harris Book M page 252

Image 155

  • Crawford Alexander (grantee) from Madison Richardson Book P page 160

Image 156

  • Crawford A (grantee) from Thomas Maxwell Book P page 227

I found quite a few Crawford deeds prior to 1865. Now my task is to figure out whether any of them are related to each other or to my Kentucky Crawfords.