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Edward Crawford Deed

Is Edward Crawford of Overton, Tennessee a brother to James Crawford of Preble County, Ohio? Is he the same Edward Crawford shown in the 1896 tax list for Garrard County, KY. To answer either of these questions, I need to learn more about Edward Crawford of Overton County, Tennessee. Since I’m looking for a source tying two locations together, I’m starting with deeds.

Edward Crawford of Overton County, Tennessee purchased land in 1807 from Thomas Dillen.

Overton County, Tennessee

Deeds, V. A-C 1801-1813
FamilySearch Film 981131 DGS 7903546

Crawford Edward (grantee) from Thomas Dillon Book B page 13

In Column: Original Book B page 14 &c

Thomas Dillen
To Deed 300 acres on
waters of Obed’s river
Edward Crawford

This Indenture, made the fourteenth
day of November, in the year one
thousand eight hundred and
seven between Thomas Dillen
of the County of Davidson and
State of Tennessee of Te one part and Edward Craw-
ford of the County of Overton and State aforesaid of
the other part, Witnesseth: That the said Thomas
Dillen for and in consideration of the sum of four
hundred dollars, to him in hand paid, the receipt
whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath and by these
presents doth grant, bargain, sell, alien, enscoss
and confirm unto the said Edward Crawford, his
heirs and assigns forever, a certain tract of
parcel of land containing three hundred acres,
lying and being in the County of Overton, on the
waters of Obed’s river, one prong of Cumberland river,
on a north side of a creek called the Nettle Corner’s,
joining the north side of Jacob Beason’s line, beg-
inning on Jacob Beason’s northwest corner, on two
post oaks; thence east along said Beason’s line
926 poles to two black oaks; thence north, 65 1/2 E
100 poles to a white oak; thence north 160 poles to
a black oak and post oak; thence west 200 poles
to a black oak; thence south, 45 W, 43 poles to
a stake and from thence South 16 1/2 E 226 poles
to the beginning 300 acres more or less with all and
singular, the woods waters, water courses, profits,
commodities, hereditaments and appurtenances
whatsoever to the said tract of land belonging or
appertaining, and the reversion and reversions,
remainder and remainders, rents and issues
thereof, and all the estate, right, tittles, interest,
property, claims and demand of him the said
Thomas Dillen, his heirs and assigns forever,
of, in and to the same, and every part or parcel
thereof, either in law or equity, to have and to
hold the said 300 hundred acres of land, with
the appurtenances, unto the said Edward Crawford

page 14

his heirs and assigns forever, against the lawful title,
claim and demand of all and every person or
persons whatsoever will warrant and forever
defend by these presents.
In witness whereof, the said Thomas Dillen hath
hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year
above written.
Thomas Dillen (seal)
Signed sealed and delivered
in the presence of
Early Allison
John McDonald

State of Tennessee
Winchester District
October Term 1808
I Archibald W. Overton, clerk of the
Superior Court of law for the district aforsaid, do
hereby certify that Thomas Dillen appeared in open
court and acknowledged the due execution of
the within deed, and was ordered to be registered.
Let it be registered. Ar. W. Overton Clk.

Registered &c 29th May, 1809.

Curious as to what this parcel of land looked like, I entered the description into Deed Mapper.

And I got an open plot. I’ve double-checked the text in Deed Mapper against the image of the deed and don’t believe I’ve made a mistake in the transfer of the information. However, the resulting plot is not for 300 acres and is still open.

To figure out this deed, I will need to locate other deeds or maps showing various deed from the time period. Maybe I’ll even be lucky enough to find someone entering Overton County TN deeds into Deed Mapper’s online collection.