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William Crawford Will

Arkansas Wills and Probate Records, 1818-1998

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Page 103

William Crawford’s Will

Pope County State of Arkansas

Feb 8th 1855

In the name of God Amen
I William Crawford
of Pope county and state of Arkansas being in good
bodily health and of sound and disposing mind
and memory calling to mind the frailty and
uncertainty of human life, and being disposed
to settly my worldly affaird and directing how
the estate with which it has pleased God
to bless me whall be disposed of after my
death while I have strength and capacity so
to do do make an dpublish this my last
will and testament hereby revoking and ma-
king null and void all other last wills
and testaments by me heretofore made, And
first I commend my immortal being to him
who gave it, and my body to the earth
to be buried with little expense or [oster=]
[tation], by my eecutors hereinafter named
And as to my worldly estate, and all
the property real personal or mixed of which
I shall die seized and possessed, or to which
I shall die deized an dpossessed, or to which
I shall be entitled at the time of my death
I desire bequeathe and dispose of in the
manner following, to wit
[Inp4im3w[, my will is that all my just
debts and funeral charges shall by my exec=
utors herein after named be paid out of
my estate, as soon after my death as
shall by them be found convenient.
Item, I give devise and bequeath to my
daughter Sarah Logan Ten Dollars I also
give to my Daughter Betsy Logan Ten Dollars

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Page 104

I also give my daughter Jane Whitenburg
Ten Dollars, I also give my grandaughter
Carline May Minerva Sincler & Matilda
Willis’es too childen Joseph T Willis &
William Willis Ten dollars I also give
my daughter Nancy Henefords three
children William Polly & Sally five dollars
each & after my just debts is all paid
an funeral expenses if there should be any
thin left of my estate it is to be equally
divided between the above named heirs
I now from motives of benevolence
and humanity have manumeted and
emancipated and hereby do monumit
emancipate and set free from slavery
my My negroes, Green aged thirty nine
Druclla I have already emancipated she
is to be free and is not free I also Emanci-
pate and set free Drucila’s six children
Eliza aged eleven years Rolan aged nne
years Mary aged seven years Martha
aged five years Allis aged two years Lucin-
da aged two months
Green Druscilla and the six above
named children is to serve me during my life
and them is to be free it is my wish  for
them not to serve any of my heirs
I now constitute and appoint col Seth
Howell of Pittsburg John I Cunningham & Wm
W Rankins my executors
Witness my hand and seal the day
and date above written
William (his mark) Crawford (seal)
Signed sealed published and declared

page 105

by the said William Crawford as and for his
last will and testament in presence of us
who at his request and in his presence
and n the presence of each other have sub-
scribed our names as witnesses hereunto
attested the day and date above written
James M Edwards
W M Rankins
Thos (his mark) Dison
Isaac (his mark) Chandler
Wms Booker

State of Arkansas
County of Pope

I, Roof H Howell Clerk of the Circuit
Cour tand Exofficio Recorder for said county, do
hereby certify, that the annexed and foregoing
instrument of writing was filed in my office
for Record on the 10th day of February AD 1855 and
the same is now duly recorded in the ‘Record
of Wills” Paes 103, 104 & 105, and that the inter-
lineation of the word “during”, in the 22d line on
the 2d page of said will and the “& Wm W Ranking”
which is marked out in the 25th line on said
page were interlined, and marked out before filed.
In testimony whereof I have here=
unto set my hand and affixed the
seal fo my office this 15th day of Febru=
ary AD 185.
Roof H Howell Clerk
and Ex Officio Recorder