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Same Names – Identity Tag

While using The Master Genealogist software, I developed an ‘identity’ fact. By sharing this fact, I was able to connect two individuals whom I thought might be the same person. I used the notes field to add information about the possibility that these were the same person.

The fact type transferred to RootsMagic, but the sentence structure still needed work. As I’m encountering a lot of ‘same name’ issues in my current research, I want to use this fact type. Thus, I needed the sentences to work.

After some trial and error, I got the sentence structure to work for the Principal and Principal2.

I have two Hampton Crandalls in my database that I believe are the same person. Thus, I had added the Identity tag to one and shared it with the other.

In the past, this type of tag helped keep me from combining individuals before having sufficient proof that they are indeed the same person. Thus, I am going to start using it again!