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Crawford Genealogy Collaboration

My Crawford line is a brick wall! I’m fairly certain my line goes back to Virginia from Kentucky — but I can’t find any land records, court records or even family members to help me go back a generation. Many other Crawford researchers also have brick walls — maybe not in Kentucky, but somewhere in colonial America.

Not only are we struggling with our paper research, but it is difficult to break thru these brick walls by finding common ancestors from our DNA results. Since we are trying to go back 200 or more years, our autosomal DNA isn’t of much help. And, our yDNA matches are for names and places that aren’t familiar to us.

My earliest known Crawford ancestor is James Crawford born about 1772 in Virginia and died in 1854 in Preble County, Ohio. Our haplogroup is R-A13336. Our yDNA line and two others with the same haplogroup are in the R1b-01BArdmillan group. There are three with a haplogroup of R-A13336 in the group R1b-01FArdmillan Outliers. Also in this R1b-01FArdmillan Outliers group is a descendant of Alexander Crawford and Mary McPheeters.

In order to figure out how my Crawford line is related to these other Crawford lines, I am going to need the help of other Crawford researchers. Based on my Kentucky research, I think a lot of these lines may go back to early Augusta County, Virginia.

If you are a Crawford researcher, I need your help!

  • If you are on Facebook, ask to join the Clan Crawford Association and DNA Research Forum
  • If you manage a yDNA test for a Crawford descendant and are not part of the Crawford DNA project, please join it.
  • If you know of a Crawford male descendant, consider asking them to do a yDNA test for at least 37 markers so they can participate in the Crawford DNA project
  • If you have done an autosomal DNA test (such as those done by Ancestry), please consider uploading your DNA to GedMatch. 
  • If you have DNA on GedMatch please consider volunteering to be part of a Crawford Autosomal DNA project (see post about this in the Clan Crawford Association Facebook group)

Watch for more on ways we can work together to unravel our Crawford brick walls!