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Harris – Pickett Society Marriage

The World of Society

Mrs. Harris and Mr. Pickett
To Be Married Today

Other Weddings of the “Best Day of
All” — A Debutante Lunch-
eon – Notes

Mrs. Sallie Vawter Harris and Mr. Theo-
dore J. Pickett are to be married at 4
o’clock this afternoon at the residence of 
the brother-in-law and sister of the former, 
Judge and Mrs. William A.Milliken, 2017
Massachusetts avenue. The Rev. Frederick
D. Power of the Vermont Avenue Christian
Church will officiate. There will be no at-
tendants, and Judge Milliken will give the
bride away. As both the bride and her sis-
ter are in mourning, only the immediate
members of the family are to be present.
The bride has been engaged for several
years in journalistic work, and has a wide
acquaintance in society, to whom the an-
nouncement of her marriage will have a 
great interest. She is a native of Kentucky,
the daughter of the late Rev. Philemon
and Mrs. Martha Humphreys Vawter. She
belongs to the Beverley, Humphreys, Jamie-
son and Vawter families of Virginia and
Kentucky. Mr. Pickett is the son of the
late Col. John T Pickett, who was in the 
consular service of the United States, served
in a military and diplomatic capacity under 
the confederacy and accompanied Lopez
to Cuba, where he took command at the
battle of Carenas. His grandfather was
the late Col. James C. Pickett, an officer
of the war of 1812, later served as judge
advocate of the United States army, and
was minister to Peru and Colombia. Mr.
Pickett’s grandmother was the daughter of
Gov. Desha of Kentucky. He is a well-
known lawyer and clubman of this city, be-
longing to the Metropolitan, Century, Wash-
ington, Golf and other clubs. After De-
cember 1 Mr. and Mrs. Pickett will be at
home at 1943 Biltmore street.

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