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1835 Vawter to Vawter Deed

Jefferson County, Indiana
Deed Records, 1812-1891

Deed record v. H, cont. July 1833-Nov 1833 / Deed Record v. I Nov 1833 – Jan 1835 / Deed record v. J Jan. 1835 – Oct 1835 / Deed Record v. K Oct 1835 – Jan 1836
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Vol. J page 275

vol. I starts on image 74
vol. J starts on image 346

Image 487
page numbers hard to read
may be page 275 for the start of first deed
second deed would then start on page 276 and end on page 277

Image 487 – right side of image – likely page 276

This Indenture made the twenty fourth day of
July in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and
thirty five between Beverly Vawter and Elizabeth Vawter
his wife of Jefferson County Indiana of the first part
and David Vawter of the same County of the second part
Witnesseth that the said Beverly Vawter and wife for and
in consideration of the sum of six hundred dollars lawful
money of the United States to them in hand well and
truly paid by the said David Vawter, the receipt whereof
is hereby acknowledged have granted, bargained sold
aliened released conveyed and confirmed and by these
presents do grant bargain sell alien release convey and
confirm unto the said David Vawter his heirs and
assigns forever A part of the south East quarter of
section numbered thirty four (34) township no (4) north
of range ten (10) East containing thirty two (32) acres
taken off of the Eastern sides of said quarter section and
lying and being int he County of Jefferson and State of
Indiana and all the estate right title interest claim
and demand of them the said Beverly Vawtor & wife
of in and to the said premises, and every part thereof
together with all and singular the priveleges and
appurtenances to the same belonging or in any

image 488 – page 277

wise appertaining and the rents issues and profits therein
to have and to hold the premises hereby bargained and sold or
meant or intended so to be with the appurtenances to
the only proper use and behoof of the said David Vawter
& wife their heirs and assigns forever And the said
Beverly Vawter and Elizabeth, his wife their heirs & executors
and administrators do covenant promise and agree to and
with the said David Vawter their heirs executors admin-
istrators and assigns that they are the true and lawful
owner of the premises hereby granted and have good right
full power and lawful authority to sell and convey the
same in manner and form aforesaid and further that
they the said Beverly Vawter and Elizabeth his wife their
heirs executors and administrators will warrant and
forever defend the aforesaid premises with their appur-
tenances and every part and parcel thereof unto
the said David Vawter his heir and assigns against
all persons claiming and to claim by from or under
them or any of them or by from or under any other
person or persons whomsoever.
In witness whereof the said Beverly Vawter
together with Elizabeth Vawter – wife of the said
Beverly Vawter who hereby freely relinquishes
all her right and claim of dower in and to the premises
have hereunto set their hands and seals the day
and year first above written.
Beverly Vawter (seal)
Elizabeth Vawter(Seal)
Signed sealed and delivered
in the presence of
William Hendricks Jr
State of Indiana
Jefferson County SS – Before me Wm Hendricks Jr Notary
public within and for said County personally appeared
Beverly Vawter the above named grantor together with
Elizabeth Vawter the wife of the said Beverly Vawter
and acknowledges the above deed of conveyance to be
their voluntary act and deed for the uses and pur
poses therein mentioned and the said Elizabeth
Vawter wife of the said Beverly being by me examined
separate and apart from her husband the content
of said deed being by me fully read and explained
to her she did declare to me that she did voluntarily
and of her own free will and accord and as her act
and deed sign seal and deliver the said deed of
conveyance to the said David Vawter without any coercion
hand and seal this twenty fourth day of July in
the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and
thirty five.
Wm Hendricks Jr Notary Public
Recorded and Examined July 30 1835