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Help Needed!

As with many other genealogists, I’m struggling with the upcoming loss of small matches from my Ancestry DNA match list. I have no idea how many of these matches I have but I’m guessing it is in the thousands.

Since I will never have the time to work thru thousands upon thousands of matches to figure out how we connect, I’m hoping to use Ancestry’s computer technology to help me. Thus, I’m concentrating on my ThruLines matches, including the “potential ancestors”.

I have done a lot of descendancy research which I believe is helping Ancestry’s ThruLines technology connect me to DNA matches who have very small trees. Seeing the words ‘No Tree’ or ‘Unlinked Tree’ in my list of matches means I will scroll right past the match and will never take the time to figure out our relationship.

Thus, I need my over 100,000 matches to have a searchable tree attached to their DNA test(s).

PLEASE help me figure out our DNA connection by attaching a tree to your DNA results.

6 thoughts on “Help Needed!

  1. Good luck with your plea. I started going through those matches today, but only the ones that have a common ancestor hint. No way I’d have time to look at the thousands of others. Frankly, I don’t do much anymore with my DNA tests. I already found what I really needed and much more.

    • I started with ThruLInes and ‘Common Ancestors’ – but a script was posted on the AncestryDNA matching Facebook site. I’ve been running it in the background to pull matches whose trees have my surnames. The script adds the colored dot without my having to do anything.

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